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3 Pass me not, O gracious Saviour;

Let me love and cling to thee; I am longing for thy favour;

Whilst thou’rt calling, O call me-Even me. 4 Pass me not, O mighty Spirit;

Thou canst make the blind to see; Witnesser of Jesus' merit,

Speak the word of power to me-Even me. 5 Have I long in sin been sleeping

Long been slighting, grieving thee ? Has the world my heart been keeping ?

O forgive and rescue me—Even me. 6 Love of God, so pure and changeless ;

Blood of Christ, so rich and free; Grace of God, so strong and boundless,

Magnify it all in me-Even me. 7 Pass me not, but, pardon bringing,

Bind my heart, O Lord, to thee; Whilst the streams of life are springing,

Blessing others, O bless me-Even me.


When I passed by thee, and looked upon thee, (L.M.

behold, thy time was the time of love.-
Ezek. xvi. 8.

1 My God, my Father, dost thou call

Thy long-lost wandering child to thee?
And canst thou, wilt thou pardon all ?
I come;

I come; Lord, save thou me. 2 0 Jesus, art thou passing by

With all thy goodness, grace, and power ? And dost thou hear my broken cry?

? I come, I come, in mercy's hour.

3 O Holy Spirit, is it thou,

My tenderest Friend refused too long ?
And art thou pleading, striving now?

I come, I come: make weakness strong.

4 Yes, Lord, I come: thy heart of love

Is moving, kindling, drawing mine.
I cast me at thy feet to prove

The bliss, the heaven of being thine.b


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Behold, I stand at the door, and knock. [7s. Cs.

Rev. iii. 20.
1 O JESU, thou art standing

Outside the fast-closed door,
In lowly patience waiting

To pass the threshold o'er :
Shame on us, Christian brothers,
His name and sign who bear

O shame-thrice shame upon us,

To keep him standing there.
2 0 Jesu, thou art knocking;

And lo, that hand is scarr'd,
And thorns thy brow encircle,

And tears thy face have marr’d.
O love that passeth knowledge,

So patiently to wait !
O sin that hath no equal,

So fast to bar the gate !
3 O Jesu, thou art pleading,

In accents meek and low,
“I died for you, my children,

And will ye treat me so ?'
O Lord, with shame and sorrow

We open now the door:
Dear Saviour, enter, enter,

And leave us nevermore."

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157 Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep [P.M.

which was lost.-Luke xv. 6.
1 There were ninety and nine that safely lay

In the shelter of the fold;
But one was out on the hills away,

Far off from the gates of gold,

from me;

Away on the mountains wild and bare,

Away from the tender Shepherd's care. 2 “Lord, thou hast here thy ninety and nine,

Are they not enough for thee?" But the Shepherd made answer: "This of mine Has wander'd

away And although the road be rough and steep,

I go to the desert to find my sheep.” 3 But none of the ransom'd ever knew

How deep were the waters cross’d; Nor how dark was the night that the Lord

pass'd through Ere he found his sheep that was lost. Out in the desert he heard its

cry, Sick, and helpless, and ready to die. 4 "Lord, whence are those blood-drops all the

way, That mark out the mountain's track ?" “ They were shed for one who had gone astray

Ere the Shepherd could bring him back." “Lord, whence are thy hands so rent and torn ?”

“They are pierced to-night by many a thorn.' 5 And all through the mountains, thunder-riven,

And up from the rocky steep,
There rose a cry to the gate of heaven,

Rejoice, I have found my sheep.” And the angels echoed around the throne, “Rejoice, for the Lord brings back his own."

158 Every man that hath heard, and hath learned [&s. 7s.

of the Father, cometh unto me.-John vi. 45. 1 Souls of men, why will ye scatter,

Like a crowd of frighten'd sheep ?
Foolish hearts, why will ye wander

From a love so true and deep ?

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2 Was there ever kindest shepherd

Half so gentle, half so sweet,
As the Saviour, who would have us

Come and gather round his feet? 3 There is plentiful redemption

In the blood that has been shed :
There is joy for all the members

In the sorrows of the Head.
4 Pining souls, come nearer Jesus;

And oh come not doubting thus,
But with faith that trusts more bravely

His great tenderness for us. 5 For the love of God is broader

Than the measures of man's mind;
And the heart of the Eternal

Is most wonderfully kind.
6 If our love were but more simple

We should take him at his word ;
And our lives would be all sunshine

In the sweetness of our Lord.m

159 He is able to keep that which I have committed [11s.

unto him.-2 Tim. i. 12. 1 JESUS, I will trust thee, trust thee with my soul; Guilty, lost, and helpless, thou canst make me

whole. There is none in heaven or on earth like thee : Thou hast died for sinners—therefore, Lord, for

me. 2 Jesus, I may trust thee, name of matchless

worth, Spoken by the angel at thy wondrous birth ; Written, and for ever, on thy cross of shame,

Sinners read and worship, trusting in that name. 3 Jesus, I must trust thee, pondering thy ways,

Full of love and mercy all thine earthly days :


Sinners gather'd round thee, lepers sought thy

faceNone too vile or loathsome for a Saviour's grace. 4 Jesus, I can trust thee, trust thy written word,

Though thy voice of pity I have never heard. When thy Spirit teacheth, to my taste how

sweetOnly may I hearken, sitting at thy feet.

Ι 5 Jesus, I do trust thee, trust without a doubt:

Whosoever cometh, thou wilt not cast out; Faithful is thy promise, precious is thy blood ; These my soul's salvation, thou my Saviour God.





[7s. 6s.

160 Hosanna to the Son of David.-Matt. xxi. 9.
1 All glory, laud, and honour,

To thee, Redeemer, King,
To whom the lips of children

Made sweet Hosannas ring!
2 Thou art the King of Israel,

Thou David's Royal Son,
Who in the Lord's name comest,

The King and Blessed One.
3 The company of angels

Are praising thee on high ;
And mortal men, and all things

Created, make reply.
4 The people of the Hebrews

With palms before thee went:
Our praise and prayer and anthems

Before thee we present.

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