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6 If I ask him to receive me,

Will he say me nay?
“Not till earth, and not till heaven

Pass away.”
7 Finding, following, keeping, struggling,

Is he sure to bless ?
“ Saints, apostles, prophets, martyrs,

Answer, Yes."


[6s. 5a.

I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail

not.-Luke xxii. 32.
1 In the hour of trial,

Jesu, pray for me;
Lest by base denial

I depart from thee :
When thou see'st me waver,

With a look recall,
Nor for fear or favour

Suffer me to fall.

2 With its witching pleasures

Would this vain world charm,
Or its sordid treasures

Spread to work me harm,
Bring to my remembrance

Sad Gethsemane,
Or in darker semblance

Cross-crown'd Calvary.
3 If with sore affliction

Thou in love chastise,
Pour thy benediction

On the sacrifice:
Then, upon thine altar

Freely offer'd up,
Though the flesh may falter,

Faith shall drink the cup.

4 When in dust and ashes

To the grave I sink,
While heaven's glory flashes

O'er the shelving brink,
On thy truth relying

Through that mortal strife,
Lord, receive me dying
To eternal life.


[75. 6s.

144 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are

heavy laden. —Matt. xi. 28.
1 I Lay my sins on Jesus,

The spotless Lamb of God;
He bears them all, and frees us

From the accursèd load.
I bring my guilt to Jesus
To wash


crimson stains White in his blood most precious,

Till not a spot remains.
2 I lay my wants on Jesus;

All fulness dwells in him :
He heals all my diseases;

He doth my soul redeem.
I lay my grief's on Jesus,

My burdens and my cares :
He from them all releases;

He all my sorrows shares.
3 I rest my soul on Jesus,

soul of mine;
His right hand me embraces ;

I on his breast recline.
I love the name of Jesus,

Emmanuel, Christ the Lord;
Like fragrance on the breezes

His name abroad is pour'd.

4 I long to be like Jesus,

Meek, loving, lowly, mild;
I long to be like Jesus,

The Father's Holy Child.
I long to be with Jesus,

Amid the heavenly throng,
To sing, with saints, his praises,

To learn the angels' song."


He hath filled the hungry with good things.

Luke i. 53.

[73. 6s.

1 I NEED thee, precious Jesu,

For I am full of sin;
My soul is dark and guilty,

My heart is dead within.
I need the cleansing fountain

Where I can always flee,
The blood of Christ most precibus,

The sinner's perfect plea .
2 I need thee, precious Jesu,

For I am very poor ;
A stranger and a pilgrim,

I have no earthly store.
I need the love of Jesus

To cheer me on my way,
To guide my doubting footsteps,

To be my strength and stay.
3 I need thee, precious Jesu,

I need a friend like thee,
A friend to soothe and pity,

A friend to care for me.
I need the heart of Jesus

To feel each anxious care,
To tell my every trouble,

And all my sorrow share

4 I need thee, precious Jesu,

And hope to see thee soon,
Encircled with the rainbow,

And seated on thy throne ;
There, with thy blood-bought children

My joy shall ever be,
To sing thy praises, Jesu,

To gaze, my Lord, on thee. 146 How shall I give thee up ?-Hos. xi. 8. [D. 7s.

1 DEPTH of mercy! can there be

Mercy still reserved for me?
Can my God his wrath forbear,
Me, the chief of sinners, spare ?
I have long withstood his grace,
Long provoked him to his face ;
Would not hearken to his calls :

Grieved him by a thousand falls.
2 Kindled his relentings are ;

Me he still delights to spare ;
Cries,-how shall I give thee up?
Lets the lifted thunder drop.
There for me the Saviour stands;
Shows his wounds, and spreads his hands.
God is love, I know, I feel;

Jesus weeps, and loves me still.
3 Jesus, answer from above :

Is not all thy nature love?
Wilt thou not the wrong forget ;-
Suffer me to kiss thy feet ?
If I rightly read thy heart,
If thou all compassion art,
Bow thine ear, in mercy bow,

Pardon and accept me now.
4. Pity from thine eye let fall;

By a look my soul recall ;
Now the stone to flesh convert,
Cast a look, and break my



Now incline me to repent:
Let me now my fall lament;
Now my foul revolt deplore;
Weep, believe, and sin no more.

147 Enoch walked with God.-Gen. v. 24. [C.M. 1 O FOR a closer walk with God,

A calm and heavenly frame;
A light to shine upon the road

That leads me to the Lamb !
2 Where is the blessedness I knew

When first I saw the Lord ?
Where is the soul-refreshing view

Of Jesus and his word ?
3 What peaceful hours I once enjoy'd,

How sweet their memory still!
But they have left an aching void,

The world can never fill.
4 Return, O holy Dove, return,

Sweet messenger of rest:
I hate the sins that made thee mourn,

And drove thee from my breast.
5 The dearest idol I have known,

Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from thy throne,

And worship only thee.
6 So shall my walk be close with God,

Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road

That leads me to the Lamb.


God be merciful to me a sinner.-Luke xviii. 13. [7s.
1 Sinful, sighing to be blest;

Bound, and longing to be free;
Weary, waiting for my rest;

God be merciful to me.

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