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Section in INA referred to 245A(h)(2).



248(2).. 249.

Section (in INA unless otherwise specified) referring to provision on left 245A(h)(1/A), 245A(h)(1)(B), 245A(h)(3)(B)(ii); $204(a)(2XA) of

IRCA. 210(f) (2x), 245A(h)(1/A), 245A(h)(1)(B); $204(a)(2XA) of

IRCA. 245A(h)(3)(B)(i). 245A(h)(3)(A). 245A(h)(3)(B)(ii). $902(b) of DOCJSAA-88; 8902(b) of PL 100-204. 246(b). 247(b). 214(b); $6(a)(1) of MSSA (50A USC 456(a)(1)]. 214(a)(1), 214(h), 221(g) 2d proviso, 238(c), 241(a)(1)(C)(i),

242B(e)(5)(C), 244A(f)(4). 248(3). 201(b)(1)(E), 242B(e)(5XC), 246(a); $6(f)(2)(C) of FSA [7 USC

2015(f)(2XC)}; $214(a/2) of HCDA[42 USC 1436a(a)(2));

$203(c) of IRCA. 333(b)(1). 258(c)(2)(B), 280(a). 251(d). 251(d). 251(d). 243(c), 254(a)(2), 254(a)(3). 252(c), 253. 252(b). 214(f)(2)(B), 252(a). 252(a), 254(a)(2), 254(a)(3), 280(a). 280(a). 271(a). 253, 280(a). 280(a); 22 USC 450(c). 251(d). 101(a)(15)(D)(i), 258(c/1). 258(a). 258(b)(1). 258(a). 258(c)(2), 258(c)(4)(A) (2x), 258(c)(4)(B)(i), 258(c)(4)(B)(iii),

249(a)* 251. 251(a) 251(b) 251(c).. 252.. 252(a) 252(a)(1) 252(b) 253. 254.. 254(a) 255.. 256. 258. 258(a) 258(b). 258(b)(2) 258(c). 258(c)(1).......

258(c)(4)(C)(ii) (3x), 258(c)(4)(E)(ii) [2x], 258(c)(4)(F). 258(c)(1) end. 258(c)(1) end, 258(c)(4)(B)(i), 258(c)(4)(BXiii). 258(c)(2). 258(c)(4)(D). 258(c)(4)(E)(ii). 258(c)(4) Chi) [2x], 258(c(4) C(ii) [2x]. 258(c)(4)(D). 258(a). 258(2)(1). 263(a), 264(a). 263(a), 263(b), 264(a). 262(c). 262(c). 264(e). 241(a)(3)(A), 266(b) (2x). 241(a)(3)(B)(i). 280(a), 286(h)(1)(B). 271(c)(1), 271(c)(2XA), 271(c)(2)(B). 271(c)(2)(A), 271(c)(2)(B) (2x). 271(c)(2)(B). 280(a). 280(a), 286(h)(1)(B). 221(i). 235(b). 10 USC 374(b)(4)(A)(ii). 274(b)(1), 274(b)(2).

258(c)(1)(B). 258(c)(1)(B)(i). 258(c)(4)... 258(c)(4)(B). 258(c)(4)(B)(i) 258(c)(4)(D) 258(c)(4)(E). 258(d). 258(dX2) 261. 262. 262(a) 262(b) 264(d) 265... 266(c). 271.... 271(a) 271(c)(1).. 271(c)(2)(A) 272... 273.. 273(b) 273(d) 274.. 274(a)

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors]

276. 276(a) 276(b) 277. 278. 281.

Section in INA referred to

Section (in INA unless otherwise specified) referring to provision on left 274B(a)(1)..

274B(a)(2), 274B(a)(3) 274B(a)(6). 274B(a)(1)(A)

274B(b)(2). 274B(a/3)...

274B(a)(1XB). 274B(a)(6).

274B(gX2XBXivXIV). 274B(b)(2).

274B(b/1). 274B(c).

274B(b/1). 274B(d).

274B(aX5). 274B(d)(3)

274B(d)(1), 274B(d)(2). 274B(ex1).

274B(d(3). 274B(g).

274B(a/5). 274B(gX2XBXi).

274B(gX2XBXii). 274B(gX2XBXiii).

274B(gX2XC). 274B(gX2XBXivXII) 274B(gX2(BXivXI). 274B(gX2XBXiv)(III) 274B(g)(2)(B)(iv)(I) & (II). 274B(gX2XBXivXVI)

274BgX2XB)(iv)(I)-(III). 274B(i)..

274B(gX1), 274B4X4). 274B(X1)

274B6X1), 274B(X3). 274B(X1)

274B(C)(2). 274B(kX2XB)

274B(k)(2) end. 274C.

212(aX6XF), 241(a)(3XC). 274C(a).

274C(d)(2)(A), 274C(d)(3). 274C(d)(3).

274C(d)(2)(A), 274C(dX2XC). 275.

279; 10 USC 374(b)(4)AXii).
279; 10 USC 374(b)(4XAXii).
10 USC 374(bX4XAXii).
241(a)(2)(DXiv); 10 USC 374(b)(4)(A)(ii).

[$1353a of title 8, USC... 5 USC 5549(2)}.
{$1353b of title 8, USC... 5 USC 5549(2)).

286(e)(1), 286(eX2), 286(f)(1)(A), 286(f)(1)(B), 286(f/2)(B),

286(a) 286(b) 286(d)

286(f)(3), 286(g), 286(h)(1)(A).
286(hX2XB) [4x].
286(p), 344(c).
286(p), 344(c).
286(p), 344(c).
287(a) end (2x).


101(c), 101(cX1), 210A(d)(5/(B), 216(e), 216A(e),

245A(bX1XD)(iii), 405(b); $3 of A. of 10/24/68. 308; $506(b) of PL 94-241. 309(a), 341(a). 309(a), 341(a). 309(a), 341(a). 308(4)end, 309(a), 309(b), 341(a); A. of 3/16/56 [8 USC 1401a). $877(d), 2107(d), 2501(a)(3XA) of IRC. 341(a). 8506(b) of PL 94-241. 309(a). 309(c); $23(e) 4) (2x) of PL 100-525. 310(b)(3)(B); $506(c) of PL 94-241; $408(a)(1) of IA'90. 324(c)(2), 327(a), 337(a), 337(c). 310(b)(2XA). 310/b/1/A), 310(b2XA)(ii)(I), 310(b)(2XB) [2x), 3100bK3/(A).

286(f)(1). 286(f)(2). 286(h) 286(hX2X(A). 286(m). 286(n). 286(0). 286(p) 286(qX1) 287(a (3) 287(a)(5)B) 287(b) 287(f)(2) 292. Title III..

301.. 301(c). 301(d) 301(e). 301(g). 301(b)* 303, 308.. 308(2). 309(a) 310(a) 310(b) 310(5X1) 310/b/1/B)

Section in INA referred to 310(b)(2)(A)(ii) 310(b)(3)(A/i).. 310(b)(3)(B) 310(b)(3)(C) 310(b)(5) 312.

313.. 313(a) 313(a)(5) 313(c). 314. 315. 315(c). 316(a) 316(a)(1) 316(b) 318. 319(a) 319(b)(1)(A)-(C) 319(b)(1)(B) 319(c). 319(d). 320. 320(a) 321... 321(a) 321(a)(1) 321(a)(2). 321(a)(3) 322. 322(a) 324(a) 327 327(a) 327(b) 328. 328(a) 329.

Section (in INA unless otherwise specified) referring to provision on left 339(a)(1). 310(b)(1)(B), 310(b)(2)(B)(i), 310(b)3XC). 310(bX2XB)(ii). 310(b)(3)(B). 310(b)(1)(A), 310(b)(1)(B). 245A(b)(1)(DX(i)(I), 245A(b)(1)(DXiii); $7003(a/7) of Elementa

ry and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (PL 89-10) (20

USC 3283(a)(7)] 316(f)(1), 322(a), 324(c)(1), 340(c). 313(d). 313(a)(6). 313(d). 322(a). 322(a). 315(a). 316(c), 316(e), 317, 327(a), 328(d), 328(e), 330, 334(a). 319(a). 316(c) [2x] 322(a), 328(b)(2), 329(b)(1), 330(b). 334(a). 322(c)(2)(B). 322(c). 8506 of PL 101-193; 9506 of PL 101-193. 329A(e). 101(c)(1). 320(b). 101(c)(1). 321(b). 321(a)(5). 321(a)(5). 321(a)(5). 101(c)(1), 337(a). 322(b). 101(a)27)(B), 324(b), 338. 101(a)(27)(B). 327(b), 327(b)(1). 327(a). 318. 328(b), 328(c). 318; $4 of A. 6/30/50 [8 USC 1440 nt); $3 of A. 10/24/68;

$$405(a)(1)(C), 405(a)(2) of IA'90. 329(b), 329A(b)(1); $4 of A. 6/30/50 [8 USC 1440 nt). 329A(b)(3); $405(a)1) of IA'90. 329A(b)(3); $405(a)(1) of IA'90. 340(e). 329A(b). 329A(a), 329A(c). 329A(b) ls, 329A(c)(2). 329A(b) Is, 329A(c)(2). 329A(c)(3). 329A(a). 330 end. 330 end. 329(b)(1). 346. 312(1); $13(b)(3)(B) of PL 98-306 (20 USC 955b(b)(3)(B)); 42 Section in INA referred to Section (in INA unless otherwise specified) referring to provision on left 337(a)

USC 1881(c)(2)(A). § 2(c)(2)(A) of PL 86-209 (42 USC 1801(c)(2)(A)]. 334(d). 336(a), 336(b). 335(b). 310(c), 316(b), 334(c), 335(b). 336(d). 18 USC 1429. 324(c)(1), 327(a), 339(a).

329(a) 329(a)(1) 329(a)(2) 329(c).. 329A(a) 329A(b) 329A(b)(1) 329A(b)(2) 329A(b)(3) 329A(c).. 330(a) 330(b) 331 332(b) 334.

334(b) 334(e). 335. 336.. 336(a) 336(b) 336(d) 337.

310(b)(1/A), 310(bX1XB), 310(bX2)(A)Xii)(I), 310(bX2)(B)(i),

310(b)(3)(C), 316(f)(2), 336(e), 337(b), 339(a)(1). 337(a)(1)-(4).

337(a) (2x). 337(a)(1)-(5)

337(a). 337(a)(5/B).

337(a). 337(a)(5)(C)

337(a) (2x). 337(c)

310(b)(1). 340.

246(b), 329(c). 340(a)

340(b), 340(e). 340(c).

340(e). 340(d)

340(e); $405(b) of IA'90. 341(b)

$16(c) of PL 99-396. 341(c)(2).

341(c)(1) (2x). 344(aX1)

344(f)(1). 344(f)(1)..

344(f)(2). (Chapter 3 of Title III)... 358. 349(a)(2)

$144(a) of CFA/FSM-MI; 8144(a) of CFA/Palau. 349(aX3)

351(b). 349(a)(4)

8144(a) of CFA/FSM-MI; $144(a) of CFA/Palau. 349(a)(5)

351(b). 349(a)(6)

351(a). 349(aX7)

351(a). 350*

$877(d), 2107(d), 2501(a)(3)(A) of IRC. 355*

8877(d), 2107(d), 2501(a)(3XA) of IRC. 360(a)

106(aX5), 106(aX7). 360(b)

360(c). 401(k)

407. 404(b)(1)

404(6/2(A), 404(6X2XC). 404(b)(2)

404(b)(1). 404(b)(2(A).

404(b)(2XC), 404(b)(2XD). 4046X2)(A)(i).

404(b)(2XA) Is. 404(b)(2)(B)

404(b)(2XA). 405..

309(b). 405(b)

313(a), 315(a), 318. Chapter 2 of Title IV. 404(a); $204(e) of Ref.; 9501(a)(1) of REAA [8 USC 1522 nt.);

8584(c) of FORPAA-88. 412(aX1XBXii).

412(c/1XC). 412(a/7)

413(b)(3). 412(a)(8)

413(b)(8). 412(b)

412(aX7), 412(e)(2)(C)(i), 412(e)(6); $85(e)(1)(A), 5(f/2XA) of PL

99-605. 412(b)(1)......

412(a)2XA), 412(aX2(D), 412(a)(4)(B), 412(b)(6), 412(b)(7),

412(b)(7)(A), 412(b)(7)(E) (2x), 412(6/7)(E)(v), 412(b)(8) [2x],

412(e)(8). 412(b)(1)(A).

412(b)(1)(B). 412(b)(1)(B)

412(bX1X(A)(ii). 412(b)(4)(B).

412(b)(4)(D), 412(b)(7)(C). 412(b)(5)

412(a)(4)(B)(i). 412(b)(7)

412(b)(8XF); $5(d)(1) of PL 99-605. 412(b)(7)(B)(i).

412(b)(7)(EX(iv); $5(0/1) of PL 99-605. 412(b)(7)(C)

412(b)(7)(E)iv); $5(d)(1) of PL 99-605. 412(b)(7)(D)

$85(d)(1), 5(d)(2), 5(f)(1) of PL 99-605. 412(b)(7)(E)

412(b)(7) ls. 412(c)..

412(e)(2XA)(ii); $85(e)(1)(D), 7(b) of PL 99-605. 412(c)(1)...

412(a)(4)(B)(ii) 412(c)(1)(A)

412(c)(1)(B). 412(c)(1)(A)(i).

412(e)(2XAXi). 412(c)(2).

412(a/4)(B)(iii). 412(d)(2).

412(a)(4)(B)(iv). 412(d)(2)A)

412(d)(2)(B)(i). 412(d)(2)(B)

412(d)(2)(A). 412(d)(2)(B)(ii).

412(d)(2)(B)(iii). 412(e)........

412(a)(3), 412(b)(7)(E)(ii); $8 502(1)(C), 505(b)(1), 505(b)(2) of

PL 97-300 (29 USC 1791a(1)(C), 1791d(b)(1), 1791d(b)(2)]; $1611(c)(5)(C) of SSA (42 USC 1382(c)(5)(C)).

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