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when the patient is much prostrated or laboring under severe bodily illness, and care should be taken that the excitement

attending acute mental disease be not mistaken for physical • strength.

Every patient should be supplied with at least two suits of clothing, and several changes of under garments. The outfit should be liberal when circumstances permit. As nearly all of the patients will be taken out for drives and walks, it is desirable that they be furnished with clothing of a character to enable them to do so, and also to appear at little social gatherings. When desired, articles of clothing, etc., will be furnished at the Institution.

All letters concerning patients, from individuals having the right to make inquiry, will be answered at once, and friends are promptly advised of any severe illness, accident, or event of moment or interest. The post-office and telegraphic address of one correspondent in each case is recorded, to whom such communications are sent. Letters are frequently received to which replies cannot be mailed, for the reason that the post-office address is not clearly given. A little care on the part of friends will often save them disappointment, and the Asylum unmerited censure. Information concerning inmates wiil not be given to casual visitors, except at the written request of friends.

Application for admission should invariably be made before the patient is brought to the Asylum, in reply to which any desired information will be cheerfully furnished. All correspondence in reference to patients may be addressed to Dr. Van Deusen, Michigan Asylum, Kalamazoo.

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"Institutions for the benefit of those inhabitants who are deaf, dumb, blind or insano, shall always be fostered and supported.”—CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN.



The form of the present report was suggested by one of the State officers and several members of the last Legislature. A difficulty bad been expe. rienced in securing a correct idea of the size and relations of the various divisions of the Asylum referred to, the extent and character of the accomodations provided, the nature of the organization of the Institution, and the amount and purpose of previous appropriations. This very desirable Information could not well be presented in each report; it is hoped that this may fully meet the necessity. To render the descriptions and references persectly intelligible, three lithographs are presented, with the aid of which po difficulty will be experienced even by those entirely unsamiliar with such institutions.

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