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Ann Griffin,
James Oliver Holdstock,
Florence Hunn,..
Norris Hubbard,
Elizabeth Jones,
Seth Roe Knapp,..
Frank Knapp,..
Emma J. Lake,...
William McClumpha,
Sarah E. McClumpha,
Evan J. Poor,
Mary Ann Reed,..
Oscar Rasin,....
Henry St. Lawrence,.
Mary Louisa Smith,..
John P. Smith,...
James Henry Sheppard,.
Ruthie S. Sprague,...
Lucy J. Wood,.....

Blind-28; whole number, 152,

. Wayne.


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1st. The Michigan Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, and the Blind, is free to all the deaf and dumb and blind in the State, between the ages of ten and twenty-five years, who possess a good natural intellect, a good moral character, and have no contagious disease. All such are entitled to an education without charge for board or tuition.

2d. Application for admission must be addressed to the Principal of the Institution, stating the name, age and residence of such pupils.

3d. The regular time of admission is at the close of the vacation, which extends from the last Wednesday in June to the second Wednesday in September. No pupils will be received at any other time, except in extraordinary cases.

4th. Parents and guardians must provide suitable clothing for pupils, and pay their traveling expenses.

5th. Pupils' clothing must have the name written in full, with durable ink.

6th. The Institution will not hold itself bound to receive any not embraced in the above rules, but may do so at discretion, Nor will any person of imbecile or unsound mind, or of confirmed immoral character, be knowingly received into the Institution; and in case any pupil shall, after a fair trial, prove incompetent for useful instruction, or disobedient to the wholosome regulations of the Institution, such pupil will thereupon be expelled.

7th. It is important that all of the pupils of each year should be present at the commencement of the school session, and remain until its close. This will therefore be required of them, unless prevented by sickness or other emergency.

8th. Should any question arise as to the admission of any individual, the Board of Trustees reserve to themselves a discretionary power to receive or reject the application.

In the case of each pupil entering the Institution, it is desirable to obtain written answers to the following questions. Particular attention to this subject is requested:

1st. What is the name of the individual? If he has a middle name, it should be given in full.

2d. When was he born? Give the year, month, and day of the month.

3d. Was he born deaf or blind? And if so, was there any cause which is supposed to have operated before his birth? If not, at what age did he lose his hearing or sight, and by what disease or accident?

4th. Is the deafness or blindness total or partial ? If the latter, what is the degree of hearing or seeing? Can he distinguish? If deaf, can he distinguish any spoken words? or hear the human voice at all? or what voices can be hear?

5th. Have any attempts been made to remove the deafness or blindness? and what are the results of such efforts ?

6th. Is there, if deaf, any ability to articulate, or read on the lips?

7th. Have any attempts been made to communicate instruction, and is he acquainted with any trade or art, or with the mode of forming letters with a pen ?

8th. Is he laboring under any bodily infirmity, such as palsy, nervous trembling, malformation of the limbs, defective vision, (if deaf and dumb,) or does he show any signs of mental imbecility or idiocy?

9th. Are there any cases of deafness or blindness in the same family, or among the collateral branches of kindred ? and how and when produced ?

10th. What are the names, occupation and residence, (nearest postoffice,) of the parents? Give the christian name of both father and mother.

11th. Is either of the parents dead? If so, has a second connection been formed by marriage ?

12th. Was there any relationship or consanguinity between the parents previous to marriage? Were they cousins ? 13th. What are the number and names of their children ?


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