Life Source: A Five-Session Course on Prayer for Lent

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Church House Publishing, 1 oct. 2006 - 80 pagini
At times prayer can seem like hard work or a bit of a mystery. At other times, it's an encounter with the Living God. Wherever you are on the journey of faith, Life Source will encourage a discovery of new-found joy and delight in prayer for novices and old hands alike. Ideal for Lent, cell or house groups, the course combines Bible study and discussion with a creative, hands-on exploration of five prayer patterns drawn from Christianity's rich heritage. The interactive sessions explore: Source of life - prayer as relationship Source of joy - prayer as enjoying God Source of light - prayer as listening Source of wholeness - prayer as honesty Source of love - prayer as care Each session contains enough material for 90 minutes and includes: Guidelines for group study, with full background notes for leaders Interactive activities Questions for discussion Multi-media ideas e.g. film and music Resources for worship Each group member will need a copy of the book.

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prayer as enjoying God
prayer as listening
prayer as honesty
prayer as careBeforehand
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