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Man reform

The Principle of Radical Reform is this, that every himself; and then, and not till


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The Responsibility of Man, his Fall, his Restoration; the Cherubims and Flaming
Sword at the East of Eden; the Errors of Modern Geologists; the Death of Abel;
the Curse and Mark upon Cain; the Deluge; the Rainbow; the Patriarch Abra-
ham; Jacob and Esau; the History of Joseph; Joshua commanding the Sun to
stand still; the Sun going back ten degrees on the Dial of Ahaz; Samson's ex-
traordinary Strength; the Evidence of Prophecy; the Excellency of Pure Chris-
tianity; the Spirit of Popery and Infidelity; and the Present Signs of the Times.

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THE author of this work having had frequent occasion to combat the absurd and blasphemous objections of infidels and atheists to the philosophical portion of the Bible, has at last determined upon committing his thoughts to paper, hoping, through the blessing of God, they may prove a benefit to his fellow creatures. And, having invariably found that the major portion of those books which have been written on the same subject, are published at such an extravagant price, and are likewise so abstruse and prolix in their composition, that common readers can neither procure them, nor find time or patience to read them, he was further induced to simplify the subject, by giving his own ideas, as they have occurred to him while pondering over the Mosaic account of the creation; and, if the deductions he has drawn therefrom, perfectly unbiased by any preconceived opinion, be in accordance with those of any other author, it will be a gratification to him to know that others think alike with him. But he can aver, that the matter contained in this book is not borrowed from any

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