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BREATHINGS. Jst. Full breathing. — Place the arms and hands as required in the first movement; slowly draw the breath until the chest is fully expanded; emit it with the utmost slowness,

2d. Audible breathing. Draw in the breath as in full breathing and expire it audibly in a prolonged sound of the letter H.

3d. Forcible breathing. — Fill the lungs, and then let out the breath suddenly and forcibly in the manner of an abrupt ani whispered cough.

4th. Sighing. — Fill suddenly the lungs with a full breath and emit it as quickly as possible.

5th. Gasping. — With a convulsive effort inflate the lungs; then send forth the breath more gently.

6th. Panting. — Breathe quickly and violently, making the emis sion of the breath loud and forcible.


For exercises of the voice, and especially in articulation, the table of elementary sounds and the preliminary exercises should be used daily and with a most assiduous practice.

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1st. In a distinct and moderate utterance of all the sounds. 2d. In an explosive and forcible manner of making each sound

3d. In the application of all the elements of Elocution, while producing the different sounds; as, Emphasis, Inflection, Pitch, Force, Tone, (especially the orotund,) Movement, &c.

A chart of these elementary sounds ought to be hung up in every school-room, and made the subject of diligent practice for some time.

I proceed now to give a brief exposition of the principles of Elocution. I have purposely dwelt but little on this part, because I designed this book more as a manual of exercises, than as an elaborate treatise on the subject; and experience has taught me that multiplying rules and technical directions in an art that depends w much upon instinct, and nature brcught into play by example, has the effect of " killing the spirit in the letter."


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