Just for Today

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 220 pagini
JUST FOR TODAY Have you been trying to live each day carrying yesterday's burdens and tomorrow's worries? Does your life as a Christian seem more like an obstacle course than a walk with Jesus? God doesn't ask us to live all our life at once, that's why he gave us life in 24 hour pieces. There are things we could not possibly do if we thought we had to do them for a life-time, but we are more than able to do them - with God's help - just for today. In JUST FOR TODAY you are invited to take a walk with the Master - Jesus, and find out how you can live for him - one day at a time. Come, discover a different way to live, and life may never be the same again. Shirley Templeman Twells has been involved in Prayer Ministry and in leading a women's Bible study group for many years. She is active in her local church, and her greatest joy is to encourage people to 'delight themselves in the LORD' (Psalm 37:4) and to apply God's Word in their everyday life. Shirley and her husband Andy, live in a small country town in Western Australia. They have three grown children.

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Chapter One Who He Is
Just For Today I Will PRAY
Chapter Six Without Ceasing
Chapter Nine His Son
Chapter Ten In My Thoughts
Just For Today I Will SERVE
Chapter Fifteen With A Joyful Attitude
Chapter Seventeen For All That I Am
Just For Today I Will GIVE
Chapter Twenty One My Self
Chapter Twenty Three His Mercy
Chapter Twenty Five Because He Is Willing
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