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The thoughtful habits of her soul
Had o'er her face prevail'd;
Her features wore the soft control
Of charity conceal'd.

From early youth, to good old age,
She liv'd a life of faith:
The comforts of the sacred page,
Upheld her soul in death."

And is that form to move no more,
That cloth'd a soul of love?
The wings of faith that spirit bore
To realms of bliss above.

She's gone! who fill'd th' admiring eye,
And gain'd the throbbing heart;
The daughter of philanthropy
Was summon'd to depart:

But she has left a light behind
To gild the waste of wo,
And lead the efforts of mankind
New blessings to bestow.


Occasioned by viewing the Portrait of the late Mrs. ISABELLA GRAHAM, which is prefixed to her life.

WHILST in this faded form I trace,

The features which I lov'd so well,
Remembrance brings each mental grace,
Within its hallow'd shrine to dwell.

For I have seen that darken'd eye,

In all the fire of genius roll,
With eagle-gaze explore the sky,
Or with a keener glance descry

The secret workings of the soul.

And I have seen this pallid cheek

Suffus'd with feeling's richest glow;
And virtue's brightest halo deck

With sacred charms these locks of snow.

And on these lips in silence clos'd,
With rapt attention oft I hung,
And heard those wondrous truths disclos'd
Which Sages taught or Seraphs sung.

And I have known this wither'd hand
Extended wide the poor to bless-
And this contracted breast expand

With generous schemes to aid distress.

And now, though far remov'd from earth,
And every scene of mortal pain,
This dear memorial of her worth,

Shall many a drooping neart sustain.

Still shall it dry the widow's tear*

The hapless orphan's want supply,
Guide to a blest asylum here-

And point to happier realms on high.

My Father's friend!-How poor the praise,
By his unworthy offspring given,
Who thus records in humble lays,
What Angels register'd in heav'n.
Frankfort, Kentucky, Aug. 1816.

* By the manner in which the funds arising from the sale of the work are to be appropriated.


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