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The following Poems were found among some old papers, and are supposed to be original-they were written in the Island of Antigua shortly after Doctor Graham's death.

Hail thou state of widowhood,
State of those that mourn to God;

*These circumstances took place, as here described, although surviving friends had not then any knowledge of this poem.

Who from all our comforts torn,
Only live to pray and mourn.
Meanest of the number, I
For my dear companion sigh,
Patiently my loss deplore,
Mourn for one, that mourns no more.

Me my consort hath outrun,
Out of sight he quite is gone;
He his course has finish'd here,
First come to the sepulchre.
Following on with earnest haste,
'Till my mourning days are past,
I my partner's steps pursue,
I shall soon be happy too;
Find the ease for which I pant,
Gain the only good I want;
Quietly lay down my head,
Sink into my earthly hed.

There my flesh shall rest in hope,
'Till the quicken'd dust mount up;
When to glorious life I'll rise,
To meet my husband in the skies.

Happy they who trust in Jesus,

Jesus turns our loss to gain; Still his baliny mercies ease us,

Sweeten all our grief and pain. When he calls our friends t' inherit

All the glories of the blest; He assures the widow'd spirit,


"Thou shalt quickly be at rest.' Tho' my flesh and spirit languish,

Let me not too much complain;
Sure at last t' outlive my anguish ;
Sure to find my friend again.
Ransom'd from a world of sorrow,

He to-day is taken home;
I shall be releas'd to-morrow;

Come, my dear Redeemer, come.
From my sanctified distresses,

Now, or when thou wilt, receive, Grant with him in thine embraces, After all my deaths, to live. PART III.

Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord!
Mysterious three in one;
For ever be thy name ador'd,
Thy will for ever done.

For this alone on earth I wait,
To glorify my God;

And suffer since thou will'st the state
Of sacred widowhood.

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"How shall I lift my guilty eyes,
Or dare appear before thy face,
When deaf to mercy's loudest cries,

I long have wearied out thy grace?
"Loos'd from my God, and far remov'd,
Long have I wander'd to and fro;
O'er earth in endless circles rov'd,

And sought a place of rest below. "In darkness willingly I stray'd,

I sought thee, yet from thee I rov'd;
For wide my wand'ring thoughts were spread;
Thy creatures more than thee I lov'd.
"Corrupt my will, nor half subdu'd; .

Can I thy purer presence bear?
Unchang'd, unhallow'd, unrenew'd,
Dare I before thy face appear?
"Father of mercies! hear my call,

Ere yet arrive the fatal hour;
Repair my loss, retrieve my fall,

And raise me by thy quick'ning power. "My nature re-exchange for thine,

Be thou my life, my hope, my gain; Clothe me with righteousness divine,

And death shall shake his dart in vain. "When I thy promis'd Christ have seen,

And clasp'd him in my soul's embrace;
Possess'd of my salvation then,

Then let me, Lord, depart in peace.
"I nothing have, wherein to trust,
I nothing have, I nothing am;
Excluded is my ev'ry boast,

My glory swallow'd up in shame. "Guilty I stand before thy face,

I feel on me thy wrath abide; 'Tis just, the sentence should take place, 'Tis just, but, Oh! thy Son has died! "Jesus, the Lamb of God, hath bled,

He bare our sins upon the tree; Beneath our curse, he bow'd his head, 'Tis finish'd! he hath died for me! "Lo! now before the throne he stands,

And pours the all prevailing prayer; Points to his side, and lifts his hands,

And shows that I am graven there. "He ever lives for me to pray;

He prays that I, with him, may reign; Amen, to what my Lord doth say;

Jesus, thou canst not pray in vain. "A stranger long to thee, and rest;

Behold the prodigal is come;
O! open wide thine arms and breast,
And take the weary wanderer home!

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"O draw me, Saviour, after thee!
So shall I run, and never tire;
With gracious words still comfort me :
My life, my hope, my sole desire !
"Fain would I leave this earth below,

Of pain, and sin, the dark abode;
Where shadowy joy, or solid wo,

Allure, or tear me from my God. "Whither should now my soul aspire,

But heav'nward, to my Saviour's breast;
Wafted on wings of warm desire,

To gain her everlasting rest?
"Where thou, and only thou, art love;
Far from the world's insidious art;
Beyond the rage of fiends remov'd,

And safe from my deceitful heart.
"There let me rest, and sin no more:
Come quickly, Lord, and end the strife;
Hasten my last, my mortal hour,
Swallow me up in endless life.

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