Subject Inversion in Romance and the Theory of Universal Grammar

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Aafke Hulk Professor of French Linguistics University of Amsterdam, Jean-Yves Pollock Professor of English Linguistics Universite de Picardie a Amiens
Oxford University Press, USA, 27 aug. 2001 - 224 pagini
The Romance Languages document remarkable variations in subject word order in different constructions, and have various restrictions in their occurrence. No consensus has emerged on what the paramaters are for such variations. This volume does not attempt to create a consensus, but tries to represent and bring into dialogue the different sides of the debate.

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On Inversion in Whquestions in Romance
Inversion as Focalization
Marked versus Unmarked Inversion and Optimality Theory
New Thoughts on Stylistic Inversion
Subject Extraction the Distribution of Expletives
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Pagina 45 - I wonder, the Nobel Prize, to whom they could give it.' b ?Mi domando a chi, il premio Nobel, lo potrebbero dare. 'I wonder to whom, the Nobel Prize, they could give it.
Pagina 34 - I wonder TO GIANNI what they said (, not to Piero).' b *A GIANNI che cosa hanno detto (, non a Piero)? 'TO GIANNI what did they say (, not to Piero)?
Pagina 25 - ... a Un uomo a cui, il premio Nobel, lo daranno senz'altro. 'A man to whom, the Nobel Prize, they will give it undoubtedly.
Pagina 104 - Morphosyntax: The Syntax of Verbal Inflection.
Pagina 22 - I believe, your book, that they would appreciate it a lot" (11) a.* Credo di il tuo libro, apprezzarlo molto "I believe 'of your book to appreciate it a lot
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