Outlooks: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities and Visual Cultures

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Peter Horne, Reina Lewis
Routledge, 9 sept. 2002 - 208 pagini
Outlook explores the relationship of lesbian and gay sexualities to visual representation. It reflects the richness of lesbian and gay ways of producing and reading visual cultures, at the same time as it tackles such burning issues as the advantage of adopting a queer perspective on past art, the responses of lesbian and gay artists to the AIDS crisis, and society's attempts to censor homosexual art.
This volume provides a space for lesbian and gay artists to exhibit their work and discuss its relationship to sexuality. It allows for a wide ranging theoretical and historical discussion of the place of lesbian and gay men within visual cultures and shows how much has been missed by a heterosexist approach to art history and the study of culture.
Richly illustrated, this book includes statements by contemporary lesbian and gay artists, photographers and performers as well as articles by art historians, cultural theorists and lesbians and gay activists.

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ReFramedInscribing Lesbian Gay and Queer Presences in Visual Culture
Queering Art History
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