Speed Cleaning

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Random House Publishing Group, 12 dec. 2012 - 208 pagini
Clean your entire house in 42 minutes with the Clean Team's unbeatable system that makes every move count.

NOTE: This edition does not include illustrations.

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Despre autor (2012)

Jeff Campbell is a freelance writer and book editor. For twelve years he was a travel writer for Lonely Planet, coauthoring guidebooks on Hawaii, Florida, the Southwest, and other US destinations. As an editor for the past twenty years, he has specialized in animal intelligence and emotions, among other topics. In particularly he has worked with Dr. Marc Bekoff on several books, such as the highly regarded The Emotional Lives of Animals. He also teaches creative writing to grade-school students. He lives with his wife, Deanna, and his children, Jackson and Miranda, in Morristown, New Jersey.

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