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lowed the second egg.


snakeship thus found himself A SNAKE IN A FIX.

unable to advance or retreat, A Texas correspondent of a and, in floundering about to New York paper gives the

escape from this novel stock, following snake story :

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which had aroused us. 1, myself were awakened by a of course, proceeded at once noise from the shelf which to execute summary justice contained our small store of upon the interloper, but the crockery,followed by a crash, eggs which he had swallowed which showed that a great

were a dead loss."




fox-es have holes and the birds have nests,

But Jesus my Saviour had not where to lay his head.

But Jesus my Saviour had not where to lay his head.



Saviour, thou wast once a child,
Loving, gentle, meek, and mild ;
We, thy little ones, like thee,
Holy Jesus, wish to be,-

Bless and make us thine.
Mothers once did round thee press,
Asking thee their babes to bless :
Our own mothers ask thee, too,
Holy Jesus; hear them, do !

Bless and make us thine.
Bless us now, this festal day,
Lord, thy hands upon us lay,
Let us hear and know thy voice,
Bid our little hearts rejoice;-

Bless and make us thine.

We are weak, but thou art strong,
Keep us, Lord, from doing wrong ;
Wash us in thy precious blood,
Cleanse us in that holy flood;

Bless and make us thine.
Thou didst for our sins atone;
Take us, Jesus, for thine own,
Let us little pilgrims be,
Journeying to heaven-to thee:

Bless and make us thine.
When our race on earth is o'er,
May we meet to part no more,
Where the holy angels sing
Ceaseless praise to thee our King :

Bless and make us thine,
Then our feeble tongues shall raise
To thee, Jesus, perfect praise,
Oh! how happy shall we be,
When at home in heaven with thee !

Bless and make us thine,

“ Lord, I will follow thee,
Wherever thou wilt go.”
“ Young man, dost thou speak truth !
Wilt thou, indeed, do so?
The foxes have their holes,
Each flying bird its nest.
The Son of man no place
His weary head to rest.
Art thou prepared the ties,
That bind the heart, to rend
Art thou prepared to meet
The scorn of foe and friend
Art thou prepared to die,
If that required should be?
If so, take up thy cross,
And meekly follow me.”
“ I take it, Lord but ask
For strength till death to bear.
No cross, no crown;

I wish
The crown of life to wear.”







The three Hebrew Childreır.

The Three Hebrew Children.


NE of the grandest stories to be found in

the Bible is that which tells us of the brave doings of the three Hebrew young men called Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego, and which is recorded in the book of Daniel. As our young friends will recollect reading, they had when boys been carried away from their own coun

try as captives to Babylon. In company with their friend Daniel they were sent to school to become acquainted with all the knowledge of that time. And it is clear that they diligently set themselves to the tasks before them. They knew, as well as we, that where there are no pains there will be no gains, and that he who would eat the kernel must crack the nut. They lived plain, studied hard, and in course of time they were promoted to posts of honour and distinction. After some years had passed away, King Nebuchadnezzar, who was a great man in his way, took it into his head to make a new god for the people to worship. Mechanics and smiths of all sorts were set to work, and, after a deal of chiselling, and hammering, and filing, and fitting up, the god was finished, and was then carted away to a great plain, and put upon a pillar Co cubits high. And it was appointed on a certain day that all the great men of the land should meet together, and, at the sound of music, they should fall down and worship this god. At length the day arrived, the crowd had assembled, and amongst them were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. We can fancy them standing in deep silence, now looking at their haughty monarch, then at the golden image, then at the fiery furnace. Presently the music struck up and the multitude fell down upon their knees in adoration. But these three young men stood with unbent knee. The King was at once in.

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