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could she acknowledge so naughty an act? She had not courage ; she could not do that. She tried to sleep, but no pleasant dreams came to her relief. The sun had crept far in upon her pillow when she awoke; her head was aching ; and the first thought that rushed over her mind was the broken fruit dish. “ All this suffering for one wrong act ! thought Hettie: and the unhappy little girl buried her face in her hands and wept.

By-and-bye her face and hair were put in order, and with a faltering step she went down to the breakfast-room. The moment she opened the door, she saw from her mamma's countenance that the unfortunate affair of the peaches was discovered. Nothing was said for the time, and Hettie tried to eat her breakfast; but she had no relish for food. As they were leaving the breakfast-room, Mrs. Williams said to her little girl, Come up stairs, Hettie; I wish to talk with you a little while." Hettie well understood the subject of the conversation. She could bear it no longer. Bursting into tears, she followed her mamma to her room, and falling upon her knees confessed her fault. The folly as well as the wrong of such a proceeding was set before her as a mother only could do it. The lesson learned this time lasted the little girl through her life. She was never known afterwards to touch anything her mamma had put away. In after life she often referred to the broken china; and when she did, she was sure to mention what she suffered from trying to take one peach which did not belong to her.-Jamily Treasury.


why you





and hold on, you are lost

lost for ever. You used to pray as a little boy ; is there any reason

should leave off praying, now you are a big · MAMMA, I little, and I boy? No, no.

Only the

want a little verse big as I,” to pray-to

said the youngest, seeing pray heartily, earnestly, his older sisters and brodaily--to pray off swearing. thers studying their Sabbath to pray off lying and cheat- lessons. ing, to pray off drinking Mamma called him by and smoking, to pray off her side, and she taught him Sabbath-breaking, and the this,—" Jesus, Master, have neglect of God's word and

mercy on me.” It is a precious God's house of worship. Do little prayer for every child, not leave off prayer.

Pray both small and great. for the forgiveness of your sins; pray for a spirit obedient to God's holy law; pray for tenderness of heart; Moses had a new trowel. pray for a live conscience ; and wanted to try it. Mary pray to hate every evil way wanted to try it also. Mary and to love holiness; pray

sometimes bothered her to speak the truth, to live a brother by following him useful life, to be kind and whem he had rather go humble, and to do good as alone, and asking questions you have opportunity. You which he did not wish to cannot afford to live without

Mary did not prayer. It is th

mean to be in his way, only down from God in heaven. she was occasionally, and If



you do not lay hold of it, then he was apt to speak in

rope let


one which hurt her feelings.

“ Moses, Moses," cried Mary. He did not directly

“Moses," she cried, “Why don't you speak?"

I was counting ten,” he answered gently.

“ What for?" she asked ; “ have you dug up ten worms, I wonder.”

“ Because some good man says,- Count ten if you are in danger of speaking an angry or hasty word, and that will give you time to think. I am often hasty to you, Mary, and I want to correct myself.”

“ I know a better way," said the little girl humbly. “I go and tell Jesus, and he helps me.”

picked up the cutting of a grape vine, thrown into the road, in order to drive her mule with. She carried it home, and though it was wilted and worn, and appeared good for nothing, she stuck it into the ground. “ It has a little life left," she said, “I will try and save it.” So she watered it, and watched it, and trained it, and took as much care of it as if it were the most promising shoot in the world.

Well, how did it reward her? In one year, after it was six years old, it bore five thousand bunches of

each bunch weighed one pound; these on being sold, brought her nearly a thousand pounds.

You see, it is not so much having large means to do with, as it is in doing the

with small

grapes, and


best you


A poor girl in California


"Ve have need of Patience."



X. 36.

[blocks in formation]

Duties every hour betide us,

Bearing burdens in the way,

those who walk beside us,
Bringing sheaves at close of day.
Nightly blessings come enfolding!

Those who smile and those who weep;
God, His weary earth beholding,

Folds it in the robe of sleep.
Daily by all waters sowing,

If the world shall stand or fall,
Neither questioning nor knowing,

For the Lord will care for all.
Nightly comes the Master walking

In the vineyards of His love,
With His weary brethren talking

Of the harvest home above.

Daily toiling up the mountain,

Bowed with crosses, bruised and beat, Scarce is found one cooling fountain

Where to bathe our burning feet. Nightly in the valleys lowly,

Where the tents gleam out like snow, As of old, with counsel holy,

Angel guests may come and go. Daily careless feet are speeding

Where the snares and pitfalls lie"; Happy if, the danger heeding,

They may learn to pass them by. Nightly may our praises never

Cease to Him-the Lord of allThat in Him we stand for ever;

Near to Him we need not fall.
Daily are two angels writing

What we do for good or ill;
One, with smiles, the good inditing,

One the evil, sad and still.
Where repentance boweth lowly

Long they wait at close of day, Blotting out the deed unholy,

Ere they bear the book away. Every day may have some morrow

When our love will greet the dawn,
Waking but to weep in sorrow

For the faces that are gone.
When the twilight veils the meadows,

All the holy stars that rise
Seem to tell us, through the shadows

Of the loves of Paradise.
When the longest day is ended,

And the heaviest task is done, Faith shall be with vision blended,

Cross and crown will be as one. And in promise of that morning,

Life's last sunset shall be bright; Earth will bloom in Heaven's adorning,

And “at eve it shall be light.”

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