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tell them. Several of my fellow-teachers visited her, and although she had not strength to speak, she was always glad to see them. Many of the scholars also went to see her, and some

of favourite school hymns. I thought on looking at her, she would die very quietly, but such was not the case. For four hours she had a fearful struggle, wrestling in convulsions, and quite insensible. She knew

thing that was said to her while in this state ; only when asked by an attendant, “ If Jesus was helping her through,” she said “O, yes; O, yes!” At three o'clock on the morning of May 3rd, 1872, her happy spirit took its flight, and is now for ever with the Lord. Many of the teachers and scholars attended the funeral, and around her coffin they sung of the Lambs of the upper fold. R. D.


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It argues

Excellence is never granted to man but as the reward of labour. no small strength of mind to persevere in habits of industry, without the pleasure of perceiving those advantages, which, like the hands of a clock, whilst they make hourly approaches to their point, yet proceed so slowly as to escape observation, Sir Joshua Reynolds.

A little girl, named Sarah, had been to church, and went home full of what she had heard. Sitting at the table with her family, she asked her father, who had been to church, but who was a very wicked man, whether he ever prayed. He did not like the question, and very angrily replied, “Was it your mother, or Aunt



Sally, who told you that, my preached in the school-house. little girl?"

A few people came, who did · No,, papa," said the not seem to care much about little thing; the preacher God his Word. He said, “All good people pray, preached a great many times; and those who don't pray

“and I had but one thing to are not going to the king- encourage me,” said thegendom of heaven.' Pa, do tleman. you pray?"

" What was it?" This was more than her " It was the attention of father could bear, and in a one little girl, who kept her rough way he said, “Well,


fixed on me, and seemyou and your mother, and ed to try to understand every your Aunt Sally, may go word I said,” answered the your own way, and I will go gentleman.

“She was mine.”

great help to me.” “ Pa," said the little crea

" What! can a little child ture with sweet simplicity, be a great help to a minis“ which way are you going?”

ter? Yes : oh yes. How? This question pierced his By paying attention. Think heart. It flashed upon him of that, my little ones; and that he was in the way of when you go to chapel, fix death. He started from his your eyes on the minister, Chair and burst into tears. and try to understand what He became a new man. he says, for he is speaking

to you as well as to grownHOW TO HELP THE MINIS

up people.

He is telling about the Lord Jesus, who

loves the little ones, and said A: MINISTER' once went to • Suffer them to come unto preach in a village where me, and forbid them not; there was no 'church.. He

for of such is the kingdom of heaven.''


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Je - sus, while our

hearts are bleed-ing,

O’er the spoils that death hath won, We would at this

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While in His holy temple

We meet to praise and pray,
With cheerful voice and grateful lay,

This summer Sabbath-day:
We thank Thee, Lord, for one day

To look heaven in the face!
The poor have only Sunday ;

The sweeter is the grace.
'Tis then they make the music

That sings their week away; Oh! there's a sweetness infinite

In the poor man's Sabbath day! 'Tis as a burst of sunshine, .

A tender fall of rain,
That sets the barest life abloom ;

Makes old hearts young again.
The dry and dusty roadside
With smiling flowers is

gay; 'Tis open heaven one day in seven,

The poor man's Sabbath-day! 'Tis here the weary pilgrim

Doth reach his house of ease !
That blessed house called “ Beautiful,”

And that soft chamber“ Peace.”
The River of Life runs through his dream,

And the leaves of Heaven are at play! He sees the Golden City gleam,

This shining Sabbath-day !
Take heart, ye faint and fearful,

Your cross with courage bear :
So many a face now tearful

Shall shine in glory there;
Where all the sorrow is banished,

The tears are wiped away, And all eternity shall be

An endless Sabbath-day. Ah! there are empty places

Since last we mingled here; There will be missing faces

When we meet another year!
But heart to heart before we part,

Now altogether pray
That we may meet in Heaven to spend

The eternal Sabbath-day!

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