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Jesus loves our pilgrim band, He will lead us by the hand,

Lead us to the better land, Happy home on high.

Mine's a better country,

Where there is no sin;
Where the tones of sorrow
Never enter in.

ChorusJesus loves, &c.
But a little pilgrim

Must have garments clean,
Ere he'd wear the white robe,
And with Christ be seen.

Chorus-Jesus loves, &o.
Jesus, hear and save me ;

Teach me to obey ;
Holy Spirit, guide me
In the heavenly way.

Chorus—Jesus loves, &c.
I'm a little pilgrim,

And a stranger here,
But my home in heaven
Cometh ever near.

Chorus-Jesus loves, &o.




When the young mother first kneels down

With the child that God hath given, In silence angels bow their heads

To catch the words in heaven. “Now I lay me down to sleep,”

Is all the prayer they hear; Then silently they lift their heads,

And earthward drop a tear. 'Tis all the little one can learn,

All she can teach it now: 'Twill cling to it in after years

When shadows mark its brow.

'Twas the very first I ever learned,

And I shall not forget : Although I am a woman now,

That prayer I'm saying yet.
My mother's voice ! I hear it still

Repeating word for word,
Perhaps she hears me from on high,

As in those days she heard.
Perhaps, when I kneel down to pray,

As an angel she is there, Waiting to see if I will think

To say that little prayer.
Our Father » was too hard at first,

For infant lips to learn,
But just as soon as she thought best

That prayer came next in turn.

I am very sure, while here on earth,

That angels come each day,
And carry up to the great white throne

All that we think and say.
Aud when the day is past and gone,

And they return to heaven,
I'm sure our loved ones meet them there

To ask what we have given.
Then don't forget to say your prayers,

The first with all the rest :
Perhaps the one who taught you that

Now dwells among the blest.

WHAT IS EARTH? What is earth, sexton ? A place to dig graves. What is earth, rich man? A place to work slaves. What is earth, graybeard? A place to grow old. What is earth, miser? A place to dig gold. What is earth, school-boy? A place for my play. What is earth, maiden? A place to be gay. What is earth, seamstress? A place where I weep. What is earth, sluggard ? A good place to sleep. What is earth, soldier? A place for a battle. What is earth, herdsman? A place to raise cattle. What is earth, widow ? A place of true sorrow. What is earth, tradesman ? I'll tell you to-morrow. What is earth, sick man ? 'Tis nothing to me. What is earth, sailor? My home is the sea. What is earth, statesman? A place to win fame. What is earth, author ? I'll write there my name. What is earth, monarch? For my realm it is given. What is earth, Christian ? The passage to heaven.

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Canterbury Cathedral.
SHE city of Canterbury is a very ancient

one, and it is often mentioned in the his-
tory of our country. It was a place of
importance even before the Roman In-
vasion. It was early occupied by the
Saxons, by whom it was named “Cant-
wara-byrig," or, Town of the Kentish
Men. At this time the Cathedral was

founded by the Roman missionary St: Augustine. Canterbury was then made the seat of the Metropolitan See, and Augustine the first Archbishop. The Cathedral was commenced, but not completed, during his life. In 1170, it was the scene of the murder of Thomas a Beckett, then Archbishop, who was afterwards canonized, or made a saint to be worshipped. He had a splendid shrine erected to his honour. From that time Canterbury attracted pilgrims in large numbers from all parts of Christendom, many of whom worshipped at a-Beckett's shrine; and their rich offerings contributed, greatly, both to the prosperity of the city, and the wealth of the church. This Cathedral is one of the largest and most magnificent in England. The whole structure is so finely proportioned, and its parts so exquisitely disposed and combined, that notwithstanding the great variety of styles exhibited, the impression produced is harmonious and grand. The building has the form of a double cross, with a high and massive, but elegant tower, with two smaller ones at the west end. In St. Andrew's chapel are kept the ancient charters and grants of lands, some of them signed with a cross by the Saxon kings, a thousand years ago, because they could not write their names. Here are no fewer than ten tombs of Archbishops, one of them the original tomb of St. Thomas, o which Henry II came barefoot to do penance, and where

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