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and if it did not do well then, I would cut it down; and if it bore well it should be henceforth dedicated to the Missionaries in Tripoli; and now you see how God has blessed it for you.”

There was not another tree around so loaded with fruit, and “my jars,” says the missionary, “have been full of the delicious olives of which I am eating every day. And, better still, it is bearing again this year, though of course not so bountifully."

No Que Prays for Me.


and effort were made by a pious young man for a young lawyer, who. scoffed at religion. Not long after, he was found at the prayer-meeting, but even the pastor hesitated to speak to him, supposing he had come merely for amusement. The young man continued faithful to his friend, and soon rejoiced in see

ing him a humble believer in Jesus. The lawyer was riding with another companion of his own not long after. “ Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh ;" so the conversation quite naturally turned to the subject of personal salvation. The new convert spoke freely, and told of the faithfulness of his kind friend S-, but for whom he might have been left to perish.

“I had friends once who prayed for me,” said the other, thoughtfully, “ but I have been so careless they have all given me up. I don't suppose there is one person on earth who prays

for me now.” "You are mistaken,” said the other, “S-- prays for you very earnestly."

“Is it possible?” said the youth, pausing in great aston


" for

ishment. It was like a lightning-flash to his soul-and, not long after, he, too, was rejoicing in Jesus.

Are we offering such “effectual, fervent prayer any soul? Should the Christian ever suffer himself to be without the burden of some immortal spirit upon his heart? Such

prayer does avail much. God's Word declares it, and the experience of ten thousand souls verifies the declaralion. Whom will you take this week, of all your impenitent acquaintances, as a subject of earnest prayer and labour ?

Try to be of use.
OME people go to the sea-side, or to the

country, in the summer and autumn
months, for change of air to themselves
and their families. What excellent op-
portunities often occur in this way for
doing good to others ! God never sends
His children to any place where he has
not some work for them to do. To in-

struct the ignorant-to visit the sick and aged—to comfort the sorrowful—to speak a word or give a tract to the careless—to get children to come to the Sabbath-school,—it is wonderful what opportunities there will be for such work, both for young and old, if we will only watch for them.

If a little boy were to put an acorn into the ground, in some quiet corner in the country, and to go back twenty years after, most likely he would find a young oak-tree. So if, in faith and prayer, we speak a word for God, who can tell but that we may find, long years after that, God has made it the means of saving a soul ?


Both Blind and Jcaf.


HERE was a young woman, who was com

pletely blindand deaf, and she was brought before a number of eminent surgeons, to see if anything could be done for her. Her sad condition had been produced by violent pain in the head. The only method of communicating with her was by tapping her hand, which signified no, and

by squeezing it, which signified yes. The Surgeons concluded that her case was incurable, and, in reply to her earnest inquiries, she received the unwelcome tap.

She immediately burst into tears, in all the bitterness of anguish. What !” said she, “shall I never see the light of day, or hear a human voice? Must I remain shut up in darkness and silence as long as I live?"

A friend who was present took up a Bible and placed it to her breast. She put her hands on it, and asked, “Is this the Bible ?” Her hand was squeezed in reply. She immediately clasped it in her hands, and held it to her bosom, and exclaimed, “ This is the only comfort I have left; I shall never more be able to look upon its blessed pages, but I can think of the promises I have learned from it;" and she then began to repeat some of its promises : “ Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he will sustain thee,” Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee, "My grace is sufficient for thee," &c. She dried her tears, and became peacefully submissive to the will of God.-Children's Friend.



had risen to wealth and reA Western minister, stay- nown, was once asked by an

intimate friend to what, uning at a house over the Sabbath, won the heart of a

der God, he attributed his child, and promised that she

success in life. should hear him preach next

To prompt and steady day. Sunday morning

obedience to my parents," came, and when the hour was his reply. “In the of service arrived, the little

midst of many bad examone was not yet awake. Lea- ples of youths of my own ving her asleep, the whole age,

I was always able to family repaired to the churchi. yield a ready submission to In the middle of the sermon the will of my father and they were greatly surprised

mother, and I firmly believe to see her toddle down the that a blessing has, in conaisle in her white night- sequence, rested upon me dress. Stopping before the

and all


efforts."-Chris. pulpit, and looking up into

tian Weekly. the face of the minister, she said in a grieved voice: “I guess you forgot me.”

But the greatest of these It would be a fortunate state

is Charity.of things if all our boys and "For whether there be progirls were acquainted with phecies, they shall their pastors.

None of whether there be tongues, them would be willing to be they shall cease ; whether forgotten from the Sunday

there be knowledge, it shall services. Christian vanish away.” But Charity Work,

remains, unchanged by

years, unimpaired in vigour, secret OF SUCCESS. undiminished in brightness. A CHRISTIAN merchant who, She shall outlive her sister from being a very poor boy,

graces. Faith will yield her


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fail ;




evidence to demonstration; Hope will be resolved in the stronger bliss of fruition ; but Charity has then her perfect work. Love abideth forever. Whoso abideth in love, dwelleth in God, and God dwelleth in him.

“ But the greatest of these is charity”—the greatest, as it is the crown of all ; the greatest, as it is the survivor of all; the greatest, as it is the consummation of all; and the greatest, as it is the recompense of all.

These last words set me thinking: “I wonder if there is any water at the bottom?” I thought how much this old well was like some Christians. The Lord. Jesus spoke of the life he gives to the believer as well of water

unto him (John iv. 14), but are there not many, who are supposed to be Christians, in whom we do not see any water, and of whom we can say, as of this old well, “I wo er if there is any water at the bottom?"




THE OLD WELL. "THERE was a well near here,” said a bystander, “and very good water used to come from it; but it has been filled up for a long time.

“ Indeed! I never knew there was a well here, much less tasted the water. How did it get filled up?"

“Neglect, sir. Some rubbish got in, then part of the surrounding soil; and as it was not cleared out at once it got worse and worse, till it is, as you see it, quite

I wonder if there is any water at the bottom?"

A heathen king, who had been for years confirmed in the sin of drunkenness by the evil practices of white

the Sandwich Islands, had been led to forsake this dreadful habit. He said to a missionary: Suppose you put

four thousand dollars in one hand, and a glass of rum in the other; you say, you drink this rum, and I give you this money. I no drink it. You say, you kill me. I no drink it.

choked up.

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