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[v] excellent Advice to all Christians Rom. xv. 2. which was the Practice of Christ, and his Apostles, verse 5. i Thef. ii. 3. to 14.

I have done my Utinoftin Endeavouring to make Use of such Rational cogent Arguments, which I thought might be a Means (with the Blessing of God) of Rooting up and Extricating the Stupidity and Absurdity of stiffnecked Incredulity. The Perverseness and Obstinacy of Deism, that such Deluded unhappy Creatures might be freed from the strong Chains, the heavy Fetters of Unbelief. That the Eyes of their Understandings might be unclos’d, that they might Think Justly, and A& Reasonably, as Accountable Creatures, that they may become Proper Objects of the Divine Complacency, that they may be desirous of Receiving Truth in the Love of it, and by the Assistance of God's Holy Spirit (which will never be wanting to those who apply for it in good earnest,) as Christ himself hath promised. Mat. vii. 7, 8. to be Happily


Converted, so as to become the Disciples Indeed of the blessed Jesus. I pray

God that my Epistle to the Deists may also be a Means of undeceiving Practical Atheistsand Deists, Our fashionable Free Thinkers (or rather corrupted vitiated enslav’d Thinkers) And for the furthering and promoting of Real Vital Christianity in all your Majesty's Subjects, being extremely sensible that if the Sublimity of the Religion of the Blessed Jesus was practised thoroughout the World. It would then become a Paradise in comparison of what it is at present.

Mankind would then make it their Aim and Ambition, their Study and Delight; Their earnest Desire and assiduous Endeayour to Devise Methods how and in what Manner they might become useful and Beneficial to each other. “Looking not " only on Their own Things, but also on " the Things of Others. Philipii

. 4.” Considering one another to provoke unto Love



and to good Works, Heb. X. 24. And would be mindful, in any wise to rebuke their Neighbour, and not fuffer Sin upon them, Levit. xix. 17. In the Spirit of meekness, Gal. vi. 1. That their Love


be without Dissimulation, abhorring all Sin, promoting all Good, Kind and affectionate to all, as Brethren in Honour, prefering each other, Rom. xii, 9, 10. No one would then be desirous of vain Glory, Pride would be then Banish'd, it being contrary to the Designand End of Christianity, Luke i. 51 to 54. ii Tim. iii. 2 to 6. James iv. 10. iPet. V. 5. If Mankind would be Governed by the Rules and Directions of the Gospel, then Love and Affection, Unity and Concord, Peace and Tranquillity, Harmony and Joy, would Universally Reign. Then Swords would be turn'd into Plowshares, and Spears into Pruneirg Hooks, Nation would not lift up Sword against Nation, neither would they have Occasion to learn War


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more, they would then walk in the Light of the Lord, Isaiah ii. 4. 5. Then Judgment would run down our Streets, as Water and Righteousness, as a mighty Stream, as Commanded by God, Amos v. 24.

That All Professors of Christianity, particularly in your Majesty's Dominions, where the Light and Liberty of the Gospel shines so conspicuously under your Majesty's Auspicious Government had not only the Form of Godliness, but the Power of it Influencing their Thoughts, Words, and Actions, that the Blessings of Heaven might shower down upon the whole World in General, and on your Majesty's Dominions in particular.

With the utmost Humility and Sincerity, Isubscribe My Self, Your Majesty's very Affectionate & Obedient Subject, always at your Majesty's Command, (or at any of Your Royal Iflues) in every Kind of Thing, that is not contrary to, or Inconsistent with the Precepts of the “ Blefjed and only Potentate, the King of

Kings, and Lord of Lords; who Only hath Immortality, dwelling in the Light which no Man can approach unto, whom no Man bath seen, or can see, to " whom be Honour and Power Everlasting,Amen. 1 Tim. vi. 15, 16.

Edward Goldney, Sen'.

London, Good-Friday,

April 13th, 1759


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