Enactments: American Modes and Psychohistorical Models

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Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 1996 - 356 pagini
Enactments addresses several needs. It introduces readers to the young field of psychohistory, examines the continuous interplay of psychoanalytic insights with the irrational forces that shape history, and systematizes a highly diverse field into six usable models.
These models begin with analogies to the theater as arena of accepted illusion and dramatic characters as types of imposters. Political processes then come into sharper focus as the leader serves as delegate for a host of popular wishes, fears, and agendas that extend into the unconscious and comprise a group-fantasy. Group-fantasy not only empowers the delegate, but also defines and occasionally destroys this chosen figure as well. From the classical stage to the modern political arena, the hero as leader and group-fantasy delegate becomes embroiled in sacrificial agendas as the heat for magical solutions is turned up.
The leader usually has three options: to find external enemies, to finger domestic scapegoats, or to submit himself as victim. Perceived in this psychohistorical light, history may be interpreted as various kinds of enactments; a key model overlapping the others. Other models include an evolution of childhood through changing modes of parenting, and a blending of Foucault and Freud, in which sexuality and aggression thrive culturally through the production of repression.

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Splitting and Fragmentation of GroupFantasy after Reagan
From Oily War to Holy War GroupFantasy and the Satanic Savior during the Persian Gulf War
Defining Moments in the Bush Presidency The Dynamics of the Delegate
Themd to Death The Politics of Projective Identification and Clintons Reparative Presidency
Watergate Figures of Speech Systems of Morality Types of Tragedy
Enactments Hearings Trials Conferences
Testimony of Silence The ThomasHill Hearings
Two Turns at Au Bar The Palm Beach Rape Trial
Foucaults Preemption of Freuds Sexual Discourse and a Return to the Repressed
American Fantasy Mt Shasta and the Other Shasta
A Crux in the FreudJung Letters
GroupFantasy in the Media
Utopia Out of Dystopia Patriarchy as Radical Feminisms PoisonContainer
Hitler Holocaust Feedback System
Relatively Whole Sense of Relating and Experiencing Oneself as Affected by Drives Defenses Parenting Modes
GroupFantasy During the Early Phases of the Clinton Administration

Enactments InBy Psychoanalysis
Parenting Modes and Childhood Traumas
Abandonment A Dominant Pattern in the Development of Creative Writers and Thinkers from the Seventeenth Century to the Present
Whos Afraid of Who Killed Virginia Woolf?
The RepressionProduction of Sexuality and Aggression
Glossary of Key Terms
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Pagina 108 - When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things." "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master — that's all.
Pagina 26 - The heavens themselves, the planets, and this centre, Observe degree, priority, and place, Insisture, course, proportion, season, form, Office, and custom, in all line of order...
Pagina 26 - And posts, like the commandment of a king, Sans check, to good and bad. But when the planets In evil mixture to disorder wander. What plagues and what portents, what mutiny, What raging of the sea, shaking of earth, Commotion in the winds! Frights, changes, horrors, Divert and crack, rend and deracinate, The unit)- and married calm of states Quite from their fixture!
Pagina 179 - Where am I, or what? From what causes do I derive my existence, and to what condition shall I return? Whose favour shall I court, and whose anger must I dread? What beings surround me? and on whom have I any influence, or who have any influence on me? I am confounded with all these questions, and begin to fancy myself in the most deplorable condition imaginable, inviron'd with the deepest darkness, and utterly depriv'd of the use of every member and faculty.
Pagina 230 - ... religious" crush. Though it does not really bother me, I still feel it is disgusting and ridiculous because of its undeniable erotic undertone. This abominable feeling comes from the fact that as a boy I was the victim of a sexual assault by a man I once worshipped.
Pagina 99 - Nothing that is admittedly and unmistakably horrible matters very much, because it frightens people into seeking a remedy: the serious horrors are those which seem entirely respectable and normal to respectable and normal men. Now the formula of tragedy had come down to the nineteenth century from days in which this was not recognized, and when life was so thoroughly accepted as a divine institution that in order to make it seem tragic, something dreadful had to happen and somebody had to die. But...
Pagina 26 - Which is the ladder to all high designs, The enterprise is sick! How could communities, Degrees in schools, and brotherhoods in cities, Peaceful commerce from dividable shores, The primogenitive and due of birth, Prerogative of age, crowns, sceptres, laurels, But by degree, stand in authentic place?
Pagina 32 - Leadership over human beings is exercised when persons with certain motives and purposes mobilize, in competition or conflict with others, institutional, political, psychological, and other resources so as to arouse, engage, and satisfy the motives of followers.
Pagina 228 - I was at last obliged to recognize that these scenes of seduction had never taken place, and that they were only fantasies which my patients had made up or which I myself had perhaps forced upon them, I was for some time completely at a loss.
Pagina 92 - The ideal of care is thus an activity of relationship, of seeing and responding to need, taking care of the world by sustaining the web of connection so that no one is left alone.

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