Successfully Choosing Your EMR: 15 Crucial Decisions

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Wiley, 26 mar. 2010 - 480 pagini
The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - is the essential underpinning of any significant healthcare reform and is the more comprehensive record than the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This book clarifies the Crucial Decisions that result in successful EMR adoption and avoidance of expensive EMR mistakes. It provides timely insight in leveraging ARRA/HiTech, Meaningful Use, Stark Safe Harbor, CPOE and PQRI incentives and understanding current HITSP, HL7, ASTM, ELINCS and other interoperability standards.

This book provides practical guidance on:

  • Evaluating EMR ease-of-use
  • Determining In-office vs. Web-based vs. Blended EMR deployment
  • Deciding which user-interface approach to adopt
  • Understanding structured vs. unstructured charting approaches
  • Assessing EMR developer stability
  • Obtaining legal advice about RFIs, RFPs and contract negotiations

"The federal government has set aside significant incentives for physicians to adopt and implement electronic medical record systems. As providers across the country seek out various health IT tools and capabilities, this book serves as a remarkably useful, step-by-step guide for successfully deploying an EMR system. This kind of information will be imperative as we bring our health system into the 21st century."
—Newt Gingrich, Founder of The Center for Health Transformation, Former Speaker of the House, USA

Also endorsed by: Rep. Rush Holt (D NJ), Richard Dick, Ph.D. & Radu Kramer, M.D.

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Despre autor (2010)

Arthur Gasch is the CEO and founder of Medical Strategic Planning (MSP), established in 1992 to provide the North American healthcare device and information systems markets with reliable, verifiable business intelligence data and services based upon census-level market surveys. MSP is now the largest database of market information of its type.
MSP offers the MSP EHR Selector, developed in 2002 by Dr. Caroline Samuels, MD, a Web-based tool that empowers physicians, practice managers, CIOs, and EHR consultants to find systems that match their user requirements and budget, based on 375 user-selectable, independently-vetted criteria. Available by subscription, the Selector covers 29 practice specialties and is applicable to 512,800 office-based physicians in the U.S.
The Selector's data, however, is based on a more limited subset of information than the proposed book, which is based on 12 years of annual surveys. The tool can be used as an adjunct to the book, but it is not necessary to use the Selector to understand nor to benefit from the book.
Mr. Gasch's interest in computerized patient records dates to 1975 when he conducted the first medical computer applications seminars for hospital personnel while employed by Hewlett-Packard.
Before founding MSP, Mr. Gasch was Manager of Market Research with Siemens Electromedical Group in Danvers, MA. He now edits the Industry Alert newsletter (with a circulation of 10,000) and was a Contributing Editor to American Health Consultant's popular BBT (Biomedical Business & Technology) newsletter for 14 years.
He was also one of several contributors to the book, ICU 2010 - ICU Design for the Future, edited by D. Kirk Hamilton and underwritten by the Center for Innovation in Health Facilities.

Betty Gasch is the President and Chief Operating Officer and previously held positions with the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey. Mrs. Gasch has worked as an ICU nurse and nurse educator, and was CCRN certified. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Nursing from the University of Michigan.
Mrs. Gasch is a publisher of MSP Industry Alert and also was a contributing writer to the BBT Newsletter, and her articles have also appeared in Medical Device Daily and Assisted Living newsletters. She co-authored several MSP market reports, and developed and presented "Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring" and other nursing seminar materials.

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