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The applicant for a limb may select any one of the following manufacturers from whom to receive it: DOUGLAS BLY,

New York, Rochester, and Cincinnati.

New York.

New York and Philadelphia.

Washington, D. C.

Chicago, IU.

Philadelphia, Pa.

The application may be made by the soldier in person, or by forwarding proper proof to the medical director."

In either case proof must be submitted that the applicant was an enlisted man at the time of losing the limb, and that it was lost in the line of duty. This proof, if he is still in the service, will consist of certificates from his commanding officer, surgeon in charge, or any commissioned officer personally cognizant of the facts of the case.

If the applicant be discharged from the service, his discharge papers must be submitted with his application, together with his own affidavit of the time, place, and manner of losing the limb, and, if possible, the certificate to the same effect of his former commanding officer, or surgeon in charge. His discharge so submitted for examination will be returned to him.

Instructions as to the measurements of the limb will be furnished to the applicant, on application to one of the manufacturers before named.

Soldiers will not be allowed to receive the commutation value of the limb and purchase one themselves. They may, however, arrange with the manufacturer to pay out of their own pockets the difference between the price of the limb furnished by the Governinent and one they may select.

Commissioned officers are not entitled to the benefits of these provisions.

We give below forms of application where the applicant is in the service, and where he has been discharged therefrom.

FORM No. 1.

Form of Application for an Artificial Limb by Soldier in


HOSPITAL, November 22, 1863.
To the Medical Director,

Baltimore. Sir: I respectfully apply for an artificial leg, to be fur nished by B. W. Jewett, Washington, and I submit here with proof that I am entitled to the same. Respectfully, your servant,

JOHN DOE, Private 137th New York Vol.


I do hereby certify that John Doe, private in Company C, 137th New York Volunteers, was present in the line of his duty as a soldier, under my command, at the battle of Gettysburg, on the 3d of July, 1863, and was there severely wounded in the leg, and suffered amputation thereof on the field.

JOHN SMITH, Captain Company C, 137th N. Y. V.


FORM No. 2.
Form of Application for an Artificial Limb by a discharged

State of New York,
City and County of New York,

On the 2d day of November, 1863, before me personally appeared Edward Nivens, of 123 Lagrange street, in said city, who, being by me duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the identical Edward Nivens who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Todd in the 75th Rhode Island Regiment; that he was discharged from said service on the 16th day of August, 1863, at Newark, N. J. That while in the service, to wit, on the 3d day of July, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pa., he was engaged with the enemy, in the line of his duty, and then and there received a gunshot wound in his right leg, just below the knee. That he lay for some time insensible, and that his leg was amputated while on the field by surgeons to him unknown. He further swears that he has not received an artificial leg from the United States, and that it is impossible for him to get a certificate of the above facts from his commanding officer, Captain Todd, as he was killed at said battle.

EDWARD NIVENS. Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 2d day of November, 1863. [L. s.]


Notary Public.


Soldiers requiring the same, are entitled to receive trusses. From the nature of the case, these will be furnished only on personal application.

The following circular relates to this subject :

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[Circular No. 20.]

September 29th, 1863.
Medical directors, in cities where there are several gen-
eral hospitals, will designate one in each city, at which en-
listed men, requiring trusses, will report themselves to the
surgeon in charge, to be measured for and fitted with the
proper instruments. Medical purveyors will cause to be
made, and furnish, trusses corresponding in measure and
description with the requisition to be made in each case,
lieu of the usual issue, which will be discontinued to all
general hospitals where this arrangement can be carried
into effect.
By order.

Surgeon, U. S. Army.



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Claims for horses and equipage lost or destroyed in the military service of the United States, are audited and paid by the Third Auditor of the Treasury.

The following circular and general order gives full instructions for the preparation and presentation of such claims:


May 16th, SIR : I append a copy of the rules governing the preparation and adjustment of claims under the first section of the act of March 3d, 1849, for horses and equipage lost or destroyed in the military service of the United States.

Claimants should carefully examine the various classes of cases provided for, and assure themselves that their losses have occurred in one of the modes pointed out by the statute, as it is only for such losses as come clearly within the specified cases that indemnity can be made. For losses occurring otherwise than as specified, indemnity can only be obtained through a special act of Congress.

Each claimant, in transmitting his claim, should give the name of the paymaster, or other disbursing officer, by whom he was paid for his services, or for those of his horse. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Third Auditor.

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