From the Projects to the Pentagon

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - 136 pagini

It started in 1979. And what is it? "It" is the passion to write this book about the wonders of life with a focus on age 60 and beyond.

Life was good for the two sisters who authored this book. In 1979, Charlotte was a successful businesswoman who was employed as a Graphic Arts Manager by a major real estate consulting firm while freelancing as a graphic artist. Her photographs and layouts appeared in a number of publications that were widely read by individuals interested in emerging trends in real estate. She had traveled extensively and had developed an interest in capturing the facial features of people from different climates and different cultures in her photographs. Her black and white photographs of buildings and landscapes appeared in publications and were framed for display in special showings. After settling in California, she had a dream of someday writing a book and including some of her artwork in the publication.

Geneva was an administrator who had succeeded in what had been called a "man's profession" of Deputy State Director of Vocational and Technical Education in the State of Indiana. Few women occupied this position in the United States at that time. Her achievements were featured in national publications under titles including "Women Take Leadership Role in Vocational Education"; "To Be an Administrator, and A Woman"; and "Strengthening the Role of Women in Vocational Education Leadership Positions". Her work on State and National Boards and Commissions resulted in numerous articles and papers being published in professional journals. She was eager to be published in a national magazine outside of her chosen profession.

As the two women approached 40 years of age, Geneva wrote an article and Charlotte edited it for possible publication in a well-known national fashion magazine. The manuscript, on "Becoming Forty", was about the joys and anxieties of approaching age forty. This educational and entertaining article ended by stating that "Age probably has never been any good as an index to people, but a lot of emphasis has certainly been placed on it."

The manuscript was mailed to the magazine in New York City on March 27, 1980. The sisters celebrated. A response was received less than two weeks later. What a disappointment! The five-paragraph form letter dated April 9, 1980 stated "I'm sorry I cannot answer your letter personally, but I do hope this letter helps you understand why we were unable to accept your Viewpoint. Again, thank you for your interest…" in

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