History of the American Theatre, Volumul 1

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R. Bentley, 1833

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Pagina 229 - God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains!
Pagina 229 - Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty: For in my youth I never did apply Hot and rebellious liquors in my blood; Nor did not with unbashful forehead woo The means of weakness and debility; Therefore my age is as a lusty winter, Frosty, but kindly: let me go with you; I'll do the service of a younger man In all your business and necessities.
Pagina 113 - You have seen a Hamlet perhaps, who, on the first appearance of his father's spirit, has thrown himself into all the straining vociferation requisite to express Rage and Fury, and the house has thundered with applause, though the misguided actor was all the while (as Shakespeare terms it), tearing a passion into rags.
Pagina 229 - O thou invisible spirit of wine ! if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil.
Pagina 241 - And be it further enacted, that if at any time or times whatsoever from and after the publication of this act any person or persons shall be present as an actor in or spectator of any stage-play, interlude, or theatrical entertainment in any house, room or place where a greater number of persons than twenty shall be assembled together...
Pagina 172 - Here I could no longer defend our customs, for I could scarcely breathe while thus surrounded by a host of strapping fellows, standing with their dirty boots on the seats of the benches. The little Frenchman, who thus found a temporary shelter from the missive compliments of his gallery friends, was the only person benefited. At last the bell again rung, and the cry of " Down, down, — hats off," was the signal for the commencement of the play.
Pagina 114 - Ghost appears, thro' the violent and sudden Emotions of Amazement and Horror, turn instantly on the Sight of his Father's Spirit, as pale as his Neckcloth,* when every Article of his Body seem'd to be affected with a Tremor inexpressible ; so that, had his Father's Ghost actually risen before him ; he could not have been seized with more real Agonies; and this was felt so strongly by the Audience...
Pagina 279 - He was then a youth, but even then an artist. Of a small and light figure, well formed, with a singular physiognomy, a nose perfectly Grecian, and blue eyes full of laughter, he had the faculty of exciting mirth to as great a degree by power of feature, although handsome, as any ugly-featured low comedian ever seen.
Pagina 360 - But what is bred in the bone will never be out of the flesh, (as Lord M.
Pagina 2 - Dramatic poetry is one of the first of the fine arts. The histrionic art, not complete in itself, because dependent on the poet, is still so important as the handmaid of poetry, that its history, as a part of the history of any country, is positively necessary to the understanding of its literature and its manners. The rise, progress, and cultivation of the Drama mark the progress of refinement and the state of manners at any given period in any country.

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