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As the Maries—“ holy women of Syria, mediumistic and intuitive—were first at the Nazarenean tomb to triumphantly announce—he is not here, but risen ;” so women in the initiatory hour of the spiritual dispensation, were the first to construct the key, and devise the method, for understand. ingly interpreting the fact, that a blissful converse in harmony with natural law, had been established between the two worlds of conscious existence.

“Tongues broke out in unknown strains

And sung surprising grace"The gates of heavenly courts ajar, angels, white-robed, and baptized in the silvery dews of paradise, re-appeared, opening again the song that anciently thrilled the watching shepherd-souls of Syria—“Peace on earth and good will to men."



Sunlight through the ether of space-electricity through the telegraphic wire-steamers through the waves of myriad waters-rivers through valleys—blood through veins and arteries—mind through brain! All principles, indeed, all forces, are mediative. Our organs, our senses, our faculties, are media of life, of love, of thought. Mediumship interpermeates and interlines all phases, all attributes, all motions of being. It is universal. What nature is to spirit, what body is to its soul, phenomenon is to Spiritualism the sign and seal, the portal and initiation of this new religion. As substance precedes forms, so spirit, in the divine order, precedes these “ modern manifestations." Phenomena, therefore, are necessary to discoveries of spiritual truth, as facts are to inductive science. All objective knowledge of a future existence is obtained through the gradations of spiritual mediumship.

Some writers on the Spiritual Philosophy enumerates seven, others twenty-four phases of mediumship; as well

* Aside from book references, we are indebted for many of the ideas in this volume, to ancient spirits, or inspiring influences. These, frequently entrance ing Dr. E. C. Dunn, our traveling companion for several years, in the capacity of a healer, gave us valuable suggestions and precious truths, coined from the mint of supernal life. The spirit teacher to whom this book is dedicated, though a member of our circle, is the spirit-guide of Bro. Dunn, phases of whose mediumsbip we have never seen excelled. In the field of progress, ho is a successful healer and eloquent speaker.

specify seven hundred and twenty-four thousand. Truth is a unit; but its manifestations are as diverse as the organizations through which it is revealed. Mediumship, therefore, must be as multiform as the diversities of conditions and relations.

Mediumship, like inspiration, is both general and special. As spirits en rapport with the surrounding spiritual atmosphere, breathe and envelop themselves with its aura, they are influenced by the aggregated magnetic force of the age, thus comprehending our needs in faithful ministrations by pouring down upon us love-waves of heavenly inspiration, leveling up humanity at large, the same as the sun attracts and unfolds the floral beauties of all landscapes. But spirits in sympathy of purpose may band together, as do earthly corporations, to accomplish special objects through the best adapted media.

Vibrate one chord of a musical instrument, and all the rest of the same tension will vibrate in harmony with it. So the human spirit, sensitive to the gentlest influence from the spiritual spheres, sustains similar relations with spirits that musical chords do to each other. Thus spirit undulates to spirit. The greater the harmony, the more perfect the responsive undulation. As if comprehending this beautiful law, Jesus prayed that his “ disciples might be one with him as he was one with the Father."

The manifestations of mediumship are graded really according to the constituent structure of the organism. The outer electric sphere surrounding media, and others, also, is composed of emanations, not only from the body, but from each of its organs. Indeed, each brain faculty has its distinctive radiation. By this both spirits and clairvoyants measure our mental states. Man's spiritual sphere, being interior, emanates from the more ethereal and vitalized substances. The predominance of man's electric sphere from the more gross or material—under control of corresponding spirits-is specially adapted to physical manifestations; while the predominance of his spiritual sphere, allies him more intimately

with the “inner life,” in harmony with the spiritual of the spirit world.

As a general division of mediumship, the following is warrantable:

I. Physical.
II. Psychological.
III. Inspirational.

Under the physical 18 comprehended the rappings, tippings, mechanical writing, spasmodic motions, movements of extraneous bodies, etc. To inductionists, and the masses generally, these are, like letters of the alphabet, important in arresting attention and giving tests of spirit identity and the transfer of intelligence, leading to the more interior and substantial.

Under the second heading may be classed psychological presentations, trance, vision, dream, dependent clairvoyance, spirit painting, discovery of mineral and oil treasures, and poetical musical improvisations, etc.

Under the third may be enumerated impressions, symbolic pictures, inventions, prophecies, illumined perceptions, exalted inspirations, independent seership, communion with superior intelligences from the heavens, etc.

Spiritual circles should be formed upon scientific principles. The voltaic pile, constructed of copper and zinc plates, in alternation, to evolve the galvanic fluid, is highly suggestive of the best method. It is well to seat in these circles male and female, alternately, as positive and negative, with a discriminating eye to temperament and adaptation. Man is not necessarily positive nor woman negative. In the harmonial man or woman, the attractive and repellant are equally balanced. Joining the hands induces a more unitive intermingling of the magnetic forces. Honest skepticism is no hindrance to success, but angularities and jealousies are. The circle once formed in order, there should be no intrusion-no change of conditions. Minds should be passive, the aspirations heavenly, the heart purely centered upon the elucidation of truth with a patient, devotional

spirit; and light will surely reveal what the candid soul is seeking—the demonstration of angel presence.

When the inquirers have advanced into the real inner life of spirituality, there is little or no need for the circle to center the magnetic forces. Through true development such have come into complete rapport with their spiritguides, rendering the circle no longer a necessity. They virtually become one of the circle, constituting its earthly polarity, receiving by sympathetic inspiration the enlightened unfoldment of angelic life.

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