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For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington 25, D.C. - Price $3.25 (Buckram)

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(November 1955 to July 1960)

Chairman, Thomas G. Finucane


Leigh L. Nettleton 8
Robert M. Charles
Robert E. Ludwig
Louisa Wilson
Thomas J. Griffin 10
Allen R. Cozier 11

1 Appointed Jan. 18, 1940.
: Appointed Sept. 5, 1941.
" Appointed June 15, 1945.
* Appointed Aug. 19, 1949; resigned April 7, 1952.
• Appointed May 21, 1952; resigned Jan. 19, 1953.
• Appointed Jan. 22, 1953.
Appointed Jan, 27, 1958.
Resigned Oct. 31, 1957.
• Deceased Nov. 6, 1955.
19 Appointed Oct. 1, 1956.
11 Appointed Nov, 16, 1959.
13 Appointed Jan. 21, 1961.



Volume VIII of selected administrative decisions under the immigration and nationality laws covers the period from January 1958 to July 1960, with the exception of three decisions, one rendered in November 1955, one in September 1956, and one in December 1957.

The decisions are arranged in chronological order according to the date of the first decision of a given case reported herein. The "Notice" regarding decisions in Volumes I to VII, inclusive, has been extended to include the decisions in Volume VIII; in addition, a "Notice" regarding Interim Decisions not included in bound volumes of administrative decisions has been added. The feature of a cumulative index incorporating the decisions of prior volumes has been retained. An appendix and the various types of tables contained in preceding volumes are continued; however, the appendix has now been made cumulative to cover the material in all eight volumes of the administrative decisions.

The Service has made and will continue to make its selected decisions and those of the Attorney General and the Board of Immigration Appeals available at its principal field offices where the public may examine them in advance of publication. Persons who wish to receive copies of the decisions as they become available may arrange to do so with the Government Printing Office.

J. M. SWING, Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization.

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