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misrepresentation cut off relevant inquiry;

burden on alien to establish true facts;

#1168 purchase of entry document from private

individual; #1148


Hungary; #1183 Italy; acknowledgment



psychopathic personality, etc., afflicted with;

sec. 212(a)(4), 1952 Act: exhibitionist; #1161

Expatriation; See Citizenship-loss Extension of stay; See Nonimmigrant

F Fair hearing:

defects in original hearing, cure of; #1129

False testimony; See Good moral character: false

Massachusetts; #1132, p. 4

Michigan; #1137
Portugal; #1132
Spain; #1201
Surinam; #1128

contracted (in Belgium) prior to annulment

of preexisting marriage; validity of; #1139

minors, of; Illinois; voidable, not void; #1106

testimony Fine: deportation expenses, failure or refusal to

comply with order to pay; sec. 243(e),

1952 Act: alien crewman, of: owner of vessel solely

liable; #1153 contemporaneous association with vessel, as

factor; #1153 detention or deportation of seamen:

absoluteness of duty; #1192

New Hampshire; contracted before divorce

decree nisi (Mass.) became final; validity;

presumption of validity:

New York; #1181

justice court, jurisdiction of; #1170

Misrepresentation; See Exclusion grounds: fraud

or misrepresentation

crewman drowned in attempt to land; lia

bility; #1099 multiple violations by same crewman, single

trip; #1089
paying off or discharging crewman:
crewman, without termination of services

and with intent to return to vessel, de-
parted U.S. temporarily; liability; #1138

deportation proceedings; termination of, to

permit filing petition for naturalization;

#1111 Nonimmigrant:

extension of stay; authority to revoke; #1131
failure to maintain status; See Deportation

grounds: status, failure to maintain
Nonquota immigrant:
cligible orphan:

limitation of two to family; #1187

visa, bringing alien without (1952 Act): admission on parole; as defense to liability;


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retention of parent-child relationship; age

or marital status of child, as factor;

#1107, #1172 "status", as used in proviso, construed; #1172


transfer to nonquota status; See Nonquota

immigrant: secs. 4 and 6, Act of Sept. 22, 1959


“Outlying possession"; construed; #1191

Recommendation against deportation:

effect upon excludability; #1114

P Pardon: expungement of conviction record, Calif.;

#1119 U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, by;

made at time of new trial and resentencing;

effect; #1206 timeliness; sec. 241(b), 1952 Act; #1142,

#1206 Returning lawful permanent resident alien: alien who departed U.S. intending to let fu

ture events determine his course; classifica

tion as; #1126, p. 7 sec. 212(c), 1952 Act, relief under: not available to sec. 249 applicant lacking

lawful U.S. domicile; #1110


conviction of alien during; effect on admis-

sibility; #1118
legislation enacted during parole of alien;

effect on admissibility; #1120

Revocation of approval of visa petition; See

Visa: petition for: revocation of approval, sec. 206


termination of, sec. 212(d)(5); does not

change status as applicant for admission;

#1102 Perjury: belief or knowledge of falsity of statement,

as factor; #1127 Petty offenses, Act of Sept. 3, 1954; See Exclu

sion grounds: crime, admission or conviction Place of deportation: Formosa, as country of nationality, scc. 243(a);

birth on mainland of China; #1195

Sentenced to confinement:
retrial after prison term partly served, fol-

lowed by sentence to probation; #1159

removal jurisdiction where stowaway ordered

detained on board escaped vessel & re-
mained in U.S.; #1154

Possession of U.S., outlying; See "Outlying pos


Quota preference:
sec. 203(a)(1), 1952 Act:

orthopedic shoemaker; #1171
statutory standards:

urgent need; #1171

status, violation of; See Deportation grounds:

status, failure to maintain
affiliation with Communist Party:

Finnish Workers Federation; #1091

force and violence:

advocacy of, personal; materiality; #1158

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application; substitution of sec, 6 (Refugee

Relief Act of 1953) application in lieu of;

#1125 application, timeliness of; #1145 behavior reflecting undesirability as permanent

resident, effect; #1157

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Warrants of arrest: validity; unaffected by withdrawal of deporta

tion order; #1129


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