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abroad, by naturalized citizen, as act of expatri-

ation; see Citizenship-loss: residence abroad

by naturalized citizen, through
abroad by dual national; see Dual national

(election of nationality)
abroad by foreign born child of U.S. citizen; loss

of V.8. citizenship through foreign residence;
see Citizenship-loss: retention requirements,

sec. 201 (g), (h), and (i), 1940 Act
commutar, as permanent resident of U.S., 1952

Act; Vol. V, p. 716
distinguished from domicile, as used in 7th pro-

viso to sec. 3, 1917 Act; Vol. I, pp. 631, 646;

Vol. II, p. 170
effect of statute of limitations barring deporta-

tion; Vol. VI, p. 540
Resident alien's horder-crossing card; constructive

possession; Vol. III, p. 136
Resident alien returning as seaman-workaway;

visa exemption; Vol. III, p. 887
Res judicata; drug addict, conviction under State

law; Vol. VI, p. 374
Res judicata, doctrine inapplicable to administra-

tive decisions; Vol. III, pp. 575, 866
Res judicata; expatriation, declaratory judgment

suit, sec. 503, 1940 Act; Vol. VII, P. 407
Restoration of civil rights; see Pardon: restoration

of civil rights
Retaining stolen goods; see Crimes involving moral

Returning lawful pornanent resident alien:
commuter classified as; Vol. V, p. 716 (see also

crewman; temporary employment ashore in

Saipan; waiver of documents; Vol. VII. p. 314
documents, waiver of; sec. 211(b); see Documen-

tary requirements: waiver of; sec. 211(b), 1952

nonquota immigrant; see Nonquota immigrant
reentry permit; see Renntry permit
seaman-workaway; Vol. III, p. 887
sec. 212(c), 1952 Act, relief under:

alien outside United States since 1933; Vol. V,

Salvation Army, as religious denomination, 1952

Act; Vol. V, p. 173
Samoa, American; see American Samoa
Savings Clauses (sec. 405, 1952 Act):
deportability under:

Act of 1917; Vol. VI, p. 410
Act of Oct. 16, 1918, of former member of Nazi

Party; Vol. V, p. 255
sec. 241(a) (1), 1952 Act:

arrival in 1922; Vol. VI, p. 540

entry in 1921; Vol. VI, P. 242
sec. 241(a)(2), 1952 Act:

entry in 1921; Vol. VI, p. 242
last entry 1922; Vol. VI, p. 540

last entry in 1931; Vol. V, p. 642
sec. 241(a) (2) and (9), 1952 Act, of student

admitted before 1952; Vol. VI, p. 458
sec. 241(a)(11), 1952 Act:

conviction in 1937; Vol. V, p. 261
recommendation against deportation before

1952; Vol. V, p. 343; Vol. VI, p. 579
loss of nationality under sec. 201(g), 1910 Act;

effect of sec. 301, 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 291
pardon, conditional, issued prior to Dec. 24,

1952; Vol. V, p. 630
pardon, legislative, issued prior to Dec. 24, 1952;

Vol. V, p. 612
private bill, intended to bestow status, enacted

prior to 1952 Act; Vol. VI, p. 287
reentry permit issued prior to Dec. 24, 1952, as

equivalent of immigrant visa; Vol. V, p. 183
sec. 13(c)(1), 1924 Act, prior"right" or "status"

under; reentry permit issued after Dec. 24,

1952; Vol. VII, p. 229
seventh proviso, sec, 3, 1917 Act, pending ap-

plication under; Vol. V, p. 101
statute of limitations, prior status under; Vol.

VI, p. 510
suspension of deportation, application filed after

June 27, 1952; Vol. V, p. 167
voluntary departure, application filed before

Dec. 24, 1952; Vol. V, p. 522
bona fide, not; lack of consent to reapply after

arrest and deportation; Vol. II, p. 12; Vol.

III, p. 83
crew list or manifest, offenses in connection

with; see Fine: crew lists, manifests
deportation procedure, 1917 Act; Vol. I, pp. 290,

689; Vol. II, p. 404
deportation procedure, 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 127
deportation proceedings, sec. 34, 1917 Act; Vol.

I, p. 290; Vol. II, p. 404
detention, appeal from order requiring; Vol. I,

[blocks in formation]

p. 365

lawful domicile of seven years, requirement;

Vol. V, p. 116; Vol. VI, p. 136
nunc pro tunc grant; Vol. V, p. 598; Vol. VI,

pp. 392, 405
Regional Commissioner, by; Vol. VII, p. 327

special inquiry officer, by; Vol. VI, p. 537
stowaway, right to hearing; Vol. V, p. 712
Revocation of naturalization; sce Citizenship-loss:

revocation of naturalization
Robbery; see Crimes involving moral turpitude

detention or deportation, failure of; see Fine
discretionary relief:

citizen wise and child; Vol. V, p. 736
no family ties in United States: Vol. I, p. 259;

Vol. III, p. 869
recently arrived; Vol. I, 278; Vol. III, p. 869
service in U.S. Merchant Marine during war

years; Vol. VI, p. 670
exclusion on criminal ground; Vol. I, p. 20; Vol.

II, p. 404

Sentenced to imprisonment-Continued
one year or more-Continued
sentence suspended; Vol. III, p. 580; Vol.

VI, p. 346
sentenced for three separate offenses, three

counts; Vol. III, p. 460
probation, confinement as incident to; where

verdict of guilty may later be set aside (Calif.);

Vol. I, p. 343
retrial after long term in prison, followed by

sentence to probation; Vol. III, p. 187
suspended, wholly; effect as to crime prior to

entry; Vol. III, p. 569
U.S. Public Health Service Hospital at Lexing-

ton, Ky., in; Vol. V, p. 52
Service records; confidential nature; Vol. VI, p. 573
Seventh proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act (see also Return.

ing lawful permanent resident alien):
applications for relief prior to application for

admission to the United States; Vol. I, p.

79; Vol. IV, p. 226
application pending on Dec. 24, 1952, preserved

by sec. 405(a), 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 101
bigamy charge; Vol. I, p. 525
conditional grant of relief; Vol. II, p. 486; Vol.

III, p. 571
conviction of crime; consideration of facts outside

record of conviction; Vol. I, p. 8
criminal cases, elements to be considered; Vol.

III, p. 767
documentary requirements, 1924 Act; Vol. IV,

p. 463


absence from United States of 23 years; Vol.

IV, p. 226
deportation does not necessarily terminate;

Vol. I, p. 646; Vol. II, p. 168
illegal entry, based on; Vol. I, p. 166; Vol. II,

pp. 168, 460
interruption of 7-year period by deportation

or exclusion; Vol. I, p. 376; Vol. IV, p. 82
minor's domicile followed that of parent's;

Vol. II, p. 87
seaman, accumulated 7 years of residence

thru failure to depart pursuant to voluntary

departure privilege; Vol. IV, p. 1
temporary absence of 8 months; Vol. I, p. 631
fra'dulent procurement of visa; excludable under
Seventh proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act-Continued
subsequent entries, effect of previous grant of

immigrant, brought without, or with improper,

visa; see Fine: Immigrant visa, bringing im-

migrant who lacked
resident alien, right to hearing; Vol. V, p. 712
shore leave, sole authority of primary inspector;

Vol. II, p. 512
status, elements creating; Vol. VI, p. 510
Secs. 5, 6, and 7, Act of Sept. 11, 1957; see Discre-

tionary relief
Section 211 (c) and (d), 1952 Act; see Discretionary

Section 212(a)(28)(I) exemption; see Subversive:

membership in proscribed organization: ex-

emption under sec. 212(a)(28)(I)
Section 212 (c), 1952 Act; see Returning lawful

premanent resident alien
Section 212(d)(3), 1952 Act; see Discretionary relief
Section 248, 1952 Act; sec Status: nonimmigrant,

change of, sec. 248
Section 249, 1952 Act; see Adjustment of status
Selective Training and Service Laws:
false statements to avoid service, moral tur.

pitude; Vol. III, p. 249; Vol. IV, p. 509; Vol. V,

p. 29

neutral alien claiming exemption; see Ineligi.

bility to citizenship
Sending threatening letter by mail; see Crimes

involving moral turpitude
Sentenced to imprisonment:
California; commitment to Youth Authority;

Vol. IV, p. 136; Vol. VIII, p. 660
commitment under Fed. Youth Corrections Act;

Vol. VIII, p. 360
commutation of sentence, effect of; Vol. VI, p. 562
Illinois State Reformatory at Pontiac, Illinois;

Vol. V, p. 370
more than once:
assorted cases; Vol. I, pp. 209, 440, 490; Vol.

II, p. 578; Vol. III, p. 605; Vol. IV, p. 73
Philippine Islands, native of, residing in U.S.

since before May 1, 1934, for crimes com-

mitted after that date; Vol. III, pp. 184, 396
sentences for separate offenses imposed at

same time; Vol. III, p. 575
Massachusetts Reformatory for Women; Vol.

II, p. 530
Massachusetts State farm, as defective delin.

quent; Vol. V, p. 538
narcotics offenses; see Deportation grounds:

narcotics, offenses relating to
New York State:
Defective Delinquents Institution at Na-

panoch, New York; Vol. III, p. 48
Vocational Institution at West Coxsackie,

New York; Vol. IV, p. 544
New Jersey; commitment to State hospital

under N.J. Sex Offenders Act; Vol. VIII, p. 256
new order imposing sentence 4 years after suspen-

sion of imposition of sentence with probation;

Vol. VIII, p. 504
one year or more:

commuted sentence; Vol. VI, p. 562
imposition of sentence suspended with pro-

bation for 5 years; Vol. VII, p. 577
indeterminate sentence, when deemed to be

for one year or more; Vol. I, pp. 209, 540
sentence of “twelve months", New Jersey;

Vol. II, p. 579

sec. 212(a)(19), 1952 Act; Vol. V, pp. 494, 502
good moral character; Vol. IV, p. 211
illiteracy; Vol. II, pp. 168, 620; Vol. III, p. 807
immigration laws, crime committed in scheme

to defeat; Vol. I, p. 525; Vol. II, pp. 486, 606
indecent exposure; Vol. II, p. 633
insanity, prior; Vol. II, p. 87; Vol. V, p. 101
Int. Sec. Act of 1950, sec. 6(a), effect upon earlier

orders granting advance applications for relief;

Vol. IV, p. 260
narcotics offense, conviction of; Vol. I, p. 293
naturalization frauds, perjury; Vol. I, p. 79;

Vol. II, pp. 593, 700, 712, 905; Vol. III, p. 343
neutral alien claiming exemption from military

service; Vol. II, p. 858; Vol. IV, p. 180
nunc pro tunc grant; Vol. I, p. 1
policy, generally; Vol. III, pp. 571, 767, 804
rape; Vol. III, p. 480
restitution of money to Government as con-

dition of grant; Vol. II, p. 486

relief upon; Vol. V, p. 146
subversive ground; Vol. III, pp. 784, 787; Vol.

IV, p. 260
suspension of deportation; ineligibility under

sec. 19(d), 1917 Act, effect of; Vol. I, p. 204;

Vol. II, pp. 459, 698; Vol. III, p. 571
war alien seaman in U.S. by reason of; Vol.

IV, p. 1
Single scheme of criminal misconduct, sec. 241(a)

(4), 1952 Act; see Deportation grounds: convicted
of two crimes: single scheme of criminal mis.

Skilled agriculturist; quota preference for child

following to join him; maintenance of status;

sec. 6(a)(1)(B), 1924 Act; Vol. III, p. 798
Smuggling aliens for gain; see Deportation

grounds: smuggling aliens for gain
Soviet Union; recognition by U.S.; Vol. II, p. 247
Special inquiry officer:
powers delegated by Attorney General:
authority in dep. proc. to determine alien's

eligibility at time of admission for exemption

under sec. 212(a)(28)(I); Vol. VIII, p. 554
determination of questions of law pursuant

to soc. 103(a), effect; Vol. VI, p. 388
question of fact; determination of credibility

of witnesses by; Vol. VII, p. 417
State Department; power to waive immigrant

visa requirement for returning resident; Vol.

III, p. 582
Status (see also Adjustment of status):
change to status of employee of official of des-

ignated international organization, notwith-
standing prior unlawful presence; sec. 3(7),

1924 Act; Vol. II, p. 773
change to status of treaty trader, 1952 Act; Vol.

VII, p. 426
failure to maintain; see Deportation grounds:

status, failure to maintain
nonimmigrant, change of, sec. 248:

agricultural laborer, eligibility; Vol. VIII,

affiliation with Communist Party; Vol. V, p. 112;

Vol. VI, p. 496
affiliation with Communist Party:
I.W.O.; administrative notice of; Vol. VI, P.

I.W.0., member; Vol. VI, p. 20
anarchist; evidence; Vol. VI, p. 726
armed forces, foreign, service in, as exclusion

ground; Vol. IV, pp. 336, 363
Canadian Tribune (Communist publication);

Vol. IV, p. 450; Vol. V, p. 500
Communist Party:

Canada; Vol. IV, p. 745; Vol. V, p. 49
Cuba (Partido Socialista Popular); Vol. V, p.

England; Vol. V, pp. 72, 505; Vol. VII, p. 186
Germany; Vol. III, p. 784; Vol. V, p. 202
U.S.A.; Vol. III, pp. 411, 736; Vol. IV, p. 475;

Vol. V, pp. 95, 112, 175, 484; Vol. VI, pp. 205,

Communist Political Association of U.S.A.; Vol.

V, p. 26
constitutionality of statutes; Vol. III, pp. 411,736
destruction of free enterprise, adherent of princi.

ples directed toward:
physician in Russian dispensary; Vol. IV, P.

school teacher in Russia; Vol. IV, p. 363
entry, date of, as factor; Vol. IV, pp. 596,745; Vol.

V, pp. 49, 202; Vol. VII, P. 186
Ethnikon Apeleftherotikon Matopom (National

Liberation Front), Greece; Vol. VI, p. 67
force and violence, proof of:
Communist Party, Great Britain; entry in

1947; sec. 241(a)(1), 1952 Act; Vol. VII, p. 186
Communist Party, U.S.A., 1925–1939; Vol. III,

P. 411

p. 419

exchange visitor, eligibility; Vol. VIII, p. 482

to status of treaty trader; Vol. VII, p. 426
nonquota; see Nonquota immigrant
Statutory construction:
expatriation laws strictly construed; Vol. II, pp.

309, 433
strict literal interpretation avoided in certain

cases; Vol. I, p. 420
Stealing; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Stipulations of fact; see Evidence: stipulations of

Stowaways; see Fine: stowaways
permission to accept employment:
change in economic situation as controlling

factor; Vol. VII, p. 661
practical training, for; graduate chemical engi.

neer; Vol. VII, p. 682
status of; effect of induction into armed forces;

Vol. IV, p. 630
Subpoena; hearing officer's authority to compel

production of Service records; Vol. V, p. 60
advocacy of doctrines of world Communism;

Vol. V, p. 509

Communist Party, U.S.A.; administrative

notice in lieu of proof; Vol. VI, p. 219; Vol.

VII, p. 186
Communist Party, U.S.A., 1933–1935; entry

in 1945; sec. 241(a)(1), 1952 Act; Vol. VI, P.

no longer required (Int. Sec. Act of 1950); Vol.

IV, pp. 167, 475, 745; Vol. V, pp. 49, 95; Vol.

VI, p. 219
International Workers Order; Vol. I, p. 450; Vol.

III, p. 411; Vol. IV, p. 578; Vol. VI, pp. 20, 597
killing, assaulting, officers of organized govern.

ment; motive as factor in determining whether

offense was “political"; Vol. IV, p. 108
Labor Progressive Party of Canada; Vol. III,

p. 777; Vol. V, pp. 451, 500
literature, proscribed; Vol. III, p. 440
membership in proscribed organization:
after original entry for permanent residence;

membership terminated prior last entry;

Vol. VIII, pp. 122, 577
evidence of:
alien registration form, statements in; Vol.

IV, p. 475
applicability of Rowaldt decision; Vol. VII,

p. 728; Vol. VIII, p. 122
refusal of alien to testify, as; Vol. V, p. 175;

Vol. VI, p. 246
reports of undercover agent; Vol. V, p. 484
statements, sworn, made before Service of-

ficer; Vol. V, p. 242; Vol. VI, p. 265

membership in proscribed organization-con.
evidence of-continued
statements of Government witnesses, credi-

bility; Vol. V, p. 312
testimony of former organization member;

Vol. V, p. 743; Vol. VI, p. 524
testimony of undercover agent; Vol. V, p.

484; Vol. VI, p. 524
exemption under sec. 212(a)(28)(I), 1952 Act;

determination of; Vol. VIII, pp. 302, 554
finding of, by court in denaturalization suit;

operation of doctrine of collateral estoppel in

dep. proc.; Vol. VIII, p. 577
inactive membership; Vol. VI, p. 524
legislative intent of Act of March 28, 1951; Vol.

V, p. 72
membership after entry, sec. 241(a)(6), 1952 Act:
multiple entries, selection of entry as factor;

Vol. VIII, pp. 122, 549, 577
membership terminated prior to 1947 entry for

permanent residence; deportability under
sec. 4(a), 1918 Act, as amended in 1950; Vol.

VIII, p. 282
nominal membership, effect of; Vol. V, p. 141;

Vol. VI, p. 524
past membership:
coexistence of alienage and membership as

factor in deportation proceedings; Vol. IV,

seventh proviso relief (sec. 3, 1917 Act):
former member Communist Party, Germany;

Vol. III, p. 784
former member Communist Party, U.S.;

Vol. III, p. 787
stipulation as to fact of membership, made

before enactment of Int. Sec. Act of 1950;

admissibility; Vol. IV, p. 561
suspension of deportation; see Suspension of

deportation: subversive
Workers' Party (U.S.); proscribed character;

Vol. IV, p. 341
Young Communist League of 0.8.; affiliation

with Communist Party; Vol. IV, p. 596
Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia); marriage and

divorce laws; Vol. III, p. 851
Suspension of deportation:
application filed after June 27, 1952; law appli-

cable; Vol. V, p. 467
application filed under 1917 Act, validity under

1952 Act; Vol. VI, p. 410
application, timeliness of; Vol. V, p. 472
availability of other relief, as factor; Vol. IV,

p. 412
confidential information as basis for determi.

nation; Vol. III, p. 714; Vol. V, pp. 491, 525
departed to evade service in U.S. armed forces;

Vol. V, p. 535
discretionary nature of relief notwithstanding

good moral character; Vol. I, p. 543; Vol. VI,

P. 569

p. 242

date of entry as factor in deportation pro-

ceedings; Vol. IV, pp. 596, 745; Vol. V, pp.

49, 202; Vol. VII, P. 186
generally; Vol. III, pp. 411, 736; Vol. IV, p.

596; Vol. V, pp. 26, 242
alleged avoidance of political activities; Vol.

V, p. 500
automatic character of membership (Italian

Fascist Party); Vol. IV, p. 517; (Soviet

Trade Union) Vol. IV, pp. 334, 365
career, joining Communist Party to further;

Vol. VI, p. 713
consciousness of organization's subversive

character; Vol. III, p. 736; Vol. IV, pp.
314, 341, 504, 675, 752; Vol. V, pp. 95, 505;

Vol. VI, p. 524
employment, joining Communist Party to

obtain; Vol. V, p. 95
Infatuation with Communist fiance; Vol.

V, p. 72
weight of uncontradicted testimony of

alien; Vol. IV, pp. 334, 365
National Federation of Labor Youth; Vol. V, p.

Nazi Party of Germany, membership; deport-

ability under 1952 Act, original chorge lodged

under 1918 Act, as amended; Vol. V, P. 255
ninth proviso (sec. 3, 1917 Act) relief, former

member British Communist Party; Vol. II,

economic detriment:
child, deportation of; detriment to parents;

child reached majority after applying for

suspension; Vol. III, p. 745
family group, alien parents; Vol. IV, p. 715
family group; wife/mother and two children

natives of U.S., remainder of family citizens

of Mexico; Vol. IV, p. 711
family group of six, including four citizens

of Canada; Vol. IV, p. 707
family group of five, including two citizens

of Mexico; Vol. IV, p. 729
family group of four, including three citizens

of Mexico; Vol. IV, p. 713
family group of four, parents citizens of Mex.

ico; Vol. IV, p. 709
husband/father, deportation of; detriment to

citizen wife and child; Vol. II, p. 627
husband/father, deportation of; spouses living

apart through circumstances beyond their

control; Vol. II, p. 775
husband, deportation of; wife's employment

and couple's low income as factors; Vol.

III, p. 833
husband, deportation of; wise, a permanent

resident alien, has assets in U.S. of about

$1,500,000; Vol. IV, p. 437
legal obligation to support; Vol. III, p. 711
measured on assumption alien is to be de-

ported; Vol. II, p. 679
mother, deportation of; detriment to citizen

child; latter's need of unbroken home and

joint parental care as factor; Vol. III, p. 707
mother/wife, deportation of; detriment to

citizen child and lawful permanent resident

husband; Vol. III, p. 707
enemy alien; Vol. III, p. 532

P. 466

prejudicial to interests of United States (mem.

bership in Labor Progressive Party of Canada);

temporary exclusion; Vol. III, p. 777
prejudicial to interests of United States (advocate

of pacifism), sec. 212(a) (27), 1952 Act; Vol.

V, p. 248
publication, Communist, subscription to as

deportation ground; Vol. IV, p. 450

Suspension of deportation-Continued
recently arrived; policy; Vol. I, pp. 259, 278;

Vol. III, p. 490; Vol. IV, p. 223
substantial and meritorious service during

war years; no close family ties in U.S.; Vol.

VI, p. 670
sec. 244(a)(3), 1952 Act, application under:
effect of deportability also within provisions

of para. (5) of sec. 244(a); Vol. VII, p. 400;

Vol. VIII, p. 57
sec. 244(a)(5), 1952 Act, application under:

deportable under prior law; Vol. VI, p. 285
effect of deportability also under para. (1), (2),

(3), or (4) of sec. 244(a); Vol. V, p. 285; Vol.

VII, p. 400
final order of deportation; effect; Vol. VII,

pp. 137, 457
stowaway, no dependents in U.S., merely meets

statutory requirements; Vol. VII, p. 348
student; effect on student status; Vol. III, p. 386
Communist Party membership, former, to

further career; Vol. VI, p. 713
Communist Party membership prior to 1941

entry; Vol. V, p. 202
donations to proscribed organization; Vol. V,

p. 509

E.A.M. member, former; Vol. VI, p. 67
former high-ranking official of Communist

Party; Vol. VI, p. 317
nominal membership in Communist Party;

Vol. V, p. 141
proof of opposition to Communism; Vol. VI.

p. 317

voluntary revelation of unlawful immigration

status; Vol. VII, p. 608
withdrawal (conditional) of final order of depor.

tation issued pursuant to 1952 Act, effect; Vol.
VII, p. 137


Suspension of deportation--Continued
entries, multiple; relief under sec. 244(a)(5),

1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 651
exceptional and extremely unusual hardship:

factors considered; Vol. V, p. 409
relief granted: Vol. V, pp. 413, 416, 419, 448,

relief not granted; Vol. V, pp. 421, 637, 651,

excluded allen, paroled into United States;

Vol. III, p. 541
good moral character (see also Good moral

adulterous relations; Vol. II, p. 892; Vol.

III, pp. 478, 567
false claim of U.S. citizenship; Vol. I, p. 543;

Vol. III, p. 180
misconduct during statutory period; Vol.

I, pp. 158, 611; Vol. II, pp. 492, 830, 892;

Vol. III, pp. 180, 833
single lapse, effect of; Vol. I, p. 611; Vol. V, p.

standards; Vol. II, p. 731; Vol. III, p. 833
Immigration law violations, numerous; Vol.

IV, p. 704
ineligibility to citizenship, not a bar under 1952

Act; Vol. V, p. 106
lack of outstanding equities or factors notwith-

standing statutory requirements met; sec.

244(a), 1952 Act; Vol. VII, p. 348
loyalty, doubt as to; Vol. II, pp. 838, 895; Vol.

III, p. 632
marriage to citizen after commencement of

deportation proceeding; Vol. IV, pp. 223, 589
Mexican agricultural laborer (1943 Act); Vol. II,

pp. 692, 751
neutral alien claiming exemption from military

service; Vol. II, p. 899; Vol. III, p. 249
nonsupport of children; Vol. III, p. 393
physical presence in United States, period of

(1952 Act):
brief absence from United States, effect of;

Vol. V, p. 220
computation pursuant to sec. 244(a)(5); Vol. V,

p. 261; Vol. VI, pp. 788, 795; Vol. VIII, p. 122
service abroad as member V.8. Armed Forces,

effect; Vol. VII, p. 105
service on American merchant vessels; Vol. V,

Telegraph operator, Canadian, coming to fill relief

job; immigrant status; Vol. III, p. 857
Temporary exclusion; entry prejudicial; Vol. III,

p. 777

p. 298

recent arrival; Cuban woman with citizen child,

but husband residing in Cuba; Vol. IV, p. 654
refusal of alien to testify; Vol. I, p. 543; Vol. V,

P. 261

reopening of proceeding to permit fling of appll-

cation for; Vol. III, p. 490; Vol. V, p. 472; Vol.

VII, p. 348
reopening of proceeding to permit filing of appli.

cation for; Communist Party member, former;

Vol. VI, p. 166
requisite documents; sec. 244(a), 1952 Act; Vol.

VII, p. 434
Bavings clauses of 1952 Act; see Savings clauses

(sec. 405, 1952 Act)
deserter of allied vessel in wartime; no close

family ties in U.S.; Vol. IV, p. 705; Vol. V, p. 214
no dependents or family ties in U.S.; Vol. V,

p. 222

Territory subject to jurisdiction of U.S., Supreme

Court definition; Vol. III, p. 679
Theft; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Trader; see Treaty merchant; Treaty trader
Treaty between United States, Germany, and

Great Britain by which the United States ac-

quired American Samoa; Vol. III, p. 729
Treaty merchant; continuance of exempt status

determined by treaty and not by 1924 Act; Vol.

I. P. 201
Treaty of Gheut; American Indians born in Can-

ada; Vol. I, p. 601; Vol. III, p. 191
Treaty trader:
amendment of record to show admission as re-

turning resident; Vol. II, p. 834
departure from 0.8., effect on status; Vol. VI,

P. 679

foreign organization or corporation, nationality

of; 22 CFR 41.71; Vol. VII, p. 426
substantial trade requirement; sec. 3(6), 1924

Act; Vol. III, p. 517
Treaty with Norway and Sweden; nationality;

Vol. III, p. 668

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