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198, 759

Noncitizen national of United States; see National,

noncitizen of United States

adjustment of status; see Adjustment of status
change of status, sec. 248, 1952 Act; see Status:

nonimmigrant, change of
classification; see Immigrant: classification,

immigrant or nonimmigrant
fallure to maintain status; see Deportation

grounds: status, failure to maintain
private bill, introduction of; effect on status;

Vol. VI, p. 651
resident of Puerto Rico desiring to visit conti.

nental United States; Vol V, p. 441
student; see Student
treaty trader; see Treaty trader

vis'tor; see Visitor
Nonquota immigrant (see also Returning lawful

permanent resident alien):
child, adopted; sec. 101(b)(1), 1952 Act; Vol. V,

p. 289; Vol. VIII, pp. 118, 151. 242
child born abroad to accompanying lawful resi-

dent mother; Vol. III, pp. 215, 262
child born out of wedlock, classification as

stepchild, 1952 Act; Vol. V, pp. 120, 731; Vol.

VII, pp. 623, 685
child born out of wedlock in China, legitimate

as to mother; Vol. VI, p. 305
child born out of wedlock in France; acknow.

ledged by citizen husband of mother but not

natural father; Vol. VII, p. 338
child born out of wedlock in Italy; acknowledged

by mother; Vol. VII, p. 438
child born out of wedlock in Jamaica; legiti-

mation by natural father in Ohio; Vol. VII,

Nonquota immigrant--Continued
eligible orphan; sec. 4, 1957 Act--Continued
assurances (sec. 4(b)(2)(B)); approval factors;

Vol. VII, p. 657
living with mother and stepfather, eligibility;

Vol. VIII, p. 628
former citizen, sec. 101(a)(27)(E); arrival after

Dec. 24, 1953; Vol. VI, p. 172
marriage to U.S. citizen, contracted soley to

obtain quota exemption; Vol. VIII, p. 217
marriage to U.S. citizen, parties separated; Vol.

V, p. 305
marriage to U.S. citizen, prior marriage termi-

nated by Mexican “mall order" divorce; Vol.

VIII, p. 16
minister or professor, failure to actively carry

on vocation during required 2-year period;

Vol. I, p. 147; Vol. III, p. 162
minister of religious denomination, 1952 Act;

Catholic priest; duties, activities permitted;

Vol. V, p. 700
Salvation Army minister, within 1952 Act; Vol.

V, p. 173
sec. 6, Act of Sept. 22, 1959:
beneficiary spouse not related to petitioner at

time of entry to U.S.; Vol. VIII, p. 626
stepchild; adopted by alien parent prior to mar.

riage to U.S. citizen; Vol. VIII, p. 242
stepdaughter, adult, not within sec. 101(a)(27)

(A), 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 512
Nonsupport (see also Crines involving moral tur.

New York; Vol. II, p. 553

Ohio; Vol. II, p. 134
Non vult contendere, plea (New Jersey); effect;

Vol. III, p. 793
Northern Ireland; juvenile delinquency; Vol. III,

p. 772

p. 373

child born out of wedlock, mother subsequently

naturalized; Vol. V, p. 272
child, Chinese, of citizen veteran, Act of Aug.

19, 1950; Vol. IV, p. 388
child of foreign incestuous marriage; destined to

Pennsylvania; Vol. VI, p. 337
child, minor, accompanying mother, a native

of Western Hemisphere country, sec. 4(a),

1924 Act; Vol. II, p. 290
child, minor, entered into marriage after issuance

of viss under sec. 4(a), 1924 Act; Vol. III, p.

eligible orphan; sec. 4, 1957 Act:
adoption by divorced aunt; eligibility; Vol.

VIII, p. 628

citizenship treaty between U.S. and Norway;

Vol. III, p. 98
nationality; Vol. III, pp. 98, 597, 668
Notice to detain crewman (see also Fine):
appeal from notice or order to detain; Vol. I, p.

delegation of powers by Service officer in charge

to immigrant inspector; Vol. I, pp. 365, 470
duty to detain, absolute character of; Vol. I, pp.

370, 419
form of notice; Vol. I, p. 370
medical treatment, necessary, landing of crew.

man for; Vol. I, p. 555
validity of notice where crewman's names not

specified; Vol. I, p. 365
Nunc pro tunc relief:
permission to reapply for admission; Vol. I, p. 6;

Vol. VI, p. 73
sec. 3, seventh proviso, 1917 Act; Vol. I, p. 6; Vol.

III, p. 571
sec. 5, Act of Sept. 11, 1957; Vol. VII, p. 713; Vol.

VIII, p. 608
sec. 7, Act of Sept. 11, 1957; Vol. VIII, p. 608
sec. 211 (c) and (d), 1952 Act; Vol. VIII, p. 131
sec. 212(c), 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 598; Vol. VI, pp.

392, 405
sec. 212(d)(3), 1952 Act; Vol. VIII, pp. 285, 302
sec. 212(d)(4)(A), 1952 Act; Vol. VIII, p. 485

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Oath of allegiance, foreign (see also Citizenship-loss:

oath of allegiance to foreign state, by):
actual taking distinguished from mere written

subscription; Vol. I, p. 548
agreement to perform military duties distin.

guished from oath of allegiance; Vol. II, p. 305
Church of England, oath taken by priest upon

ordination; Vol. I, p. 598
employment by foreign government, Canada, in

connection with; Vol. II, p. 232
fealty, oath of, distinguished from oath of al-

legtance; Vol. I, p. 598
expatriative effect; confirmation upon reaching

majority; Vol. II, pp. 263, 789, 908; Vol. IV,

p. 22
State Department policy; Vol. II, p. 792
private concern, employment by; Vol. I, pp. 317,

reservations to retain United States citizenship;

Vol. I, p. 598
Royal Canadian Mounted Police and affiliated

law enforcement agencies; Vol. I, p. 674
voluntariness, foreign military service (Lithua-

nia); Vol. III, p. 701
war, while United States was at (World War I);

Vol. II, pp. 268, 792
power of immigration officers to administer; Vol.

IV, p. 415; Vol. V, p. 29
seaman's certificate of American citizenship (Re-

vised Statutes, sec. 4588), requirement of oath
under Treasury Department regulations; Vol.

I, p. 581
Obtaining money or property by false pretenses;

see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Organizations, subversive; exclusion and deporta-

tion grounds related to; see Subversive
Orphan, eligible; see Nonquota immigrant: eligi

ble orphan; sec. 4, 1957 Act
Other documentation; sec. 212(a)(19), 1952 Act; see

Documentation, other; sec. 212(a)(19)
Outlying possessions of the United States; Philip-

pines; Vol. IV, p. 575


expungement of conviction record, California,

Vol. IV, p. 265; Vol. V, p. 194; Vol. VIII, p. 429
foreign; effect on deportability; Vol. IV, p. 717;

Vol. V, p. 129
foreign; effect in exclusion proceedings; Vol. III,

p. 723; Vol. VII, p. 166
Hawaii, by Governor of; Vol. VI, p. 214
legislative; effect of repeal of Pennsylvania par-

don statute; Vol. II, pp. 588, 872; Vol. III, P.

legislative (Pennsylvania); not effective to pre-

vent deportation under 1952 Act; Vol. V, p.

612; Vol. VI, p. 444
mayor of first-class city (Neb.), by; Vol. VIII,

p. 59

offenses covered by; ambiguity present (Rhode

Island); Vol. III, p. 808
restoration of civil rights:

Illinois; Vol. III, p. 211
Nebraska; Vol. III, p. 209
Washington; Vol. V, p. 10

Wisconsin; Vol. IV, p. 73; Vol. VIII, p. 677
State board (supreme pardoning authority of

State), by; Vol. VII, p. 476
administrative device of long standing; extraor-

dinary remedy; Vol. III, p. 45
entry, distinguished from; Vol. II, p. 175; Vol.

III, p. 543
naturalization, former citizen (sec. 323, 1940

Act); Vol. I, p. 562
revocation of; right to hearing; 1952 Act; Vol.

VIII, p. 406
Passage paid by a society, ailen's; see Exclusion

grounds: assisted alien
Passenger manifest; fines in connection with;

see Fine
Passport Act of May 22, 1918:
application to immigrants under 1924 Act; Vol.

I, p. 368
effective period; Vol. VI, p. 540
Passport, issuance by Governor of Samoa or Guam,

not an adjudication of U.S. nationality; Vol.

III, p. 589
Passport, laborer's limited; Japanese or Koreans

who entered Hawaii with; right to come to

mainland; Vol. III, p. 565
Passport, obtained by fraud in Rumanja; moral

turpitude: Vol. I, p. 73
Paternity; blood tests as evidence of; Vol. V, pp.

149, 232, 351
Pauper; see Exclusion grounds; pauper
Pennsylvania, legislative pardon; see Pardon:

Perjury (see also Crimes involving moral turpi-

admission of commission (see also Crime, admis-

sion of commission):
assorted cases; Vol. I, pp. 14, 101 205; Vol. II,

pp. 206, 285, 353, 486, 831; Vol. III, p. 236
correction of misstatement (recantation); Vol.

III, p. 823
dismissal of criminal proceedings, effect; VOL

III, p. 623
board of special inquiry, before; Vol. I, p. 614
Civil Service Commission, before; Vol. II, p. 210
common law; Vol. I, p. 670; Vol. II, pp. 210, 359
consul of U.S., before; Vol. I, p. 614; Vol. II, p. 596

Pacifism, determination whether prejudicial to in-

terest of United States; Vol. V, p. 248
Pandering, distinguished from charge "assisting a

prostitute”; Vol. III, p. 290

act of grace and mercy; Vol. II, p. 590
character, whether absolute or conditional; Vol.

III, pp. 551, 810
conditional (“to avoid deportation"):

New York; Vol. VI, p. 355
Ohi Vol. V, p. 630

Vermont; Vol. III, p. 551
deportability; no effect upon, where evidence

exclusive of conviction record sustains ground;

Vol. III, p. 469
deportability under sec. 241(a)(1), 1952 Act; Vol.

VI, P. 90
deportability under sec. 241(a)(12); effect on,

where evidence exclusive of conviction record
insufficient to sustain charge; Vol. VII, p. 370

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correction of misstatement, timeliness; Vol. I,

p. 359; Vol. II, p. 494; Vol. III, p. 823
discretionary relief, bar to; Vol. I, p. 79; Vol. II,

pp. 492, 593, 700, 712, 905
draft board, before; Vol. II, p. 210
false swearing, distinguished from; Vol. I, p. 123
general, in; Vol. I, pp. 14, 101, 123, 204, 217, 359,

422, 450, 584; Vol. II, pp. 206, 285, 360, 498; Vol.

III, p. 664
homestead application, in; Vol. I, p. 583; Vol.

II, p. 210
juvenile, by; Federal Juvenile Delinquency Act

of June 18, 1938; Vol. I, p. 614; Vol. III, p. 69
Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 170; not essential; Vol.

I, p. 327; Vol. II, p. 819
criminal record; Vol. III, p. 641
employment, fact of; extension of stay; Vol.

IV, p. 696
marital status of accompanying woman; Vol.

I, p. 70
marital status; Vol. I, p. 217, Vol. II, p. 206
Michigan law, under; Vol. I, p. 669
name and identity; Vol. II, p. 638; Vol. III,

[ocr errors]

p. 823

past practice of prostitution; Vol. I, p. 376
prior residence in U.S.; Vol. I, p. 613; Vol. II,

p. 206

[ocr errors]

whereabouts of husband; Vol. I, p. 121
naturalization proceedings, in; Vol. I, p. 79;

Vol. II, pp. 593, 700, 712, 905
notarial officer appointed by State, before; Vol.

I, p. 666
reentry permit application; Vol. I, pp. 613, 666
Permission to reapply for admission (see also

Exclusion grounds: consent to reapply, no):
factors considered in passing upon application

for; Vol. V, p. 769
nunc pro tunc grant; Vol. VI, p. 73
past immigration record, as factor; Vol. VIII,

PP. 476, 566
Petty larceny or petty theft; see Crimes involving

moral turpitude
Petty offenses, Act of Sept, 3, 1954; see Exclusion

grounds: crime, admission or conviction
Philippine Independence Act of 1934:

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Place of deportation:
area controlled by U.S.S.R. as result of World

War II (including Poland); no showing that
U.S. has recognized division of Poland; Vol.

III, p. 575
country of citizenship (Philippines) thru mar-

riage; Vol. III, p. 404
deportation proceedings, authority of adminis.

trative officer and local field officer, respec-
tively; sec. 20, 1917 Act; as amended by sec. 23,

Int. Sec. Act of 1950; Vol. IV, p. 472
deportation proceedings; authority of hearing

officer and Board of Immigration Appeals;

Vol. V, pp. 29, 261, 589
exclusion and deportation proceedings; secs. 18

and 20, 1917 Act; distinguished; Vol. IV, p. 396
physical persecution, claim of; jurisdiction of

Board of Immigration Appeals; Vol. V, pp. 212,

place of embarkation in connection with last

entry, sec. 20, 1917 Act; Vol. III, p. 270
Plea of guilty; see Crime, admission of commission
Plea of nolo contendere; see Crime, Admission of

Plebiscite, voting in foreign; see Citizenship-loss:

voting in foreign election or plebiscite
Poland, deportation to ; Vol. III, p. 575
Polish nationality; Vol. II, p. 598
Political election, voting in foreign; see Citizen.

ship-loss: voting in foreign election or plebiscito
Political offense:
exception to criminal ground of exclusion; 2d

proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act; Vol. IV, p. 108
Jewish person in Germany in 1935; attempted

fraud; Vol. I, p. 47
Polygamy (see also Crimes involving moral tur-

distinguished from bigamy; Vol. VI, p. 9
Possession of stolen property; see Crimes involving

moral turpitude
Possessions of United States; noncitizen national;

Vol. III, pp. 589, 729
Preexamination (see also Discretionary relief,

Voluntary departure):
adjacent Island, defined; 8 CFR 142; Vol. III,

effective date; Vol. VI, p. 429; Vol. VII, p. 242

legislative history; Vol. II, p. 341; Vol. III, p. 402
Philippine Islands:
birth there in 1896 of Spanish parents, natives

of Puerto Rico; citizenship status; Vol. III,

p. 704

exceptionally meritorious; Vol. II, p. 709; Vol.

III, p. 704
Fascist Party, Italy, former member; Vol. II,

p. 587

good moral character requirement; Vol. VII,

p. 286

p. 726

citizenship laws; Vol. III, p. 404
deportation to; wife of native; Vol. III, p. 404
divorce, foreign, dissolving marriage contracted

in Philippines by former national; recognition

of; Vol. VIII, p. 177
outlying possession of U.S., sec. 201(e), Nat. Act

of 1940; Vol. IV, p. 575
persons from, in U.S.; status under immigration

entry occurred on May 1, 1934; Vol. VII, p. 242
last entry into U.S. before May 1, 1934; Vol.

III, pp. 155, 184, 396; Vol. IV, p. 569
last entry into U.S. after May 1, 1934; Vol. II,

p. 340; Vol. V, p. 668
termination of U.S. nationatity on July 4,
1946; Vol. VI, p. 182

562713-01 5S

ineligible to citizenship (alien's claim of exemp-

tion from military service); Vol. II, p. 549;

Vol. III, p. 249
internee, alien enemy; Vol. II, p. 587
marriage to U.S. citizen, divorced prior to Dec.

24, 1952; Vol. V, p. 542
marriage to U.S. citizen after commencement of

deportation proceedings; policy; Vol. V, p. 736
marriage to U.S. citizen subsequent to depor-

tation order; policy; Vol. IV, p. 589
perjury in naturalization proceeding, as factor;

Vol I, p. 79
presumption of validity of 2d marriage insuffi-

cient to establish eligibility when evidence of
termination of prior marriage unsatisfactory;
Vol. VII, p. 582


quota exhaustion as ground for denial; Vol. II,

P. 698

Vol. I, p.

seventh proviso relief (sec. 3, 1917 Act) in con-

nection with; Vol. I, p. 36; Vol. III, p. 784
Predjudicial to U.S. Interests; exclusion; see Sub-

Presumption of continuance of original citizenship;

Vol. II, p. 382
Presumption of loss of citizenship (sec. 2, 1907

generally; Vol. I, pp. 398, 429, 464, 563, 587
loss of citizenship through foreign residence; see

Citizenship-loss: residence abroad by natural-

ized citizen, through
Prevention of Crime Act (England); Vol. III,

p. 776

Previous deportation, see Exclusion grounds: con-

sent to reapply, no
Prison break; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Private bill:
introduction of; effect on nonimmigrant status;

Vol. VI, p. 651
status acquired thereby preserved under sec.

405(a), 1952 Act; Vol. VI, P. 287
Procurement of documentation; sec. 212(2)(19),

1952 Act; Vol. VII. p. 73
Professional chorus dancer, contract labor; Vol. I,

p. 594

Professional singer; contract labor; Vol. I, p. 682
Professor, sec. 4(d), 1924 Act: Vol. I, p. 149; Vol. III,

p. 162

Proof; see Burden of proof; Evidence
Commissioner General of Immigration, reports;

Vol. II, p. 666
compulsory, New York; Penal Law, sec. 2460;

Vol. I, pp. 217, 505
deportation or exclusion on grounds relating to;

see Deportation grounds; Exclusion grounds
Psychopathic inferiority; schizophrenic; Vol. II,

Quota nationality-Continued
sec. 12, Act of 1924, accompanying wise or child:
infant's quota nationality assimilated to that
of father who arrived one month earlier;

wife and child, quota nationality assimilated

to that of husband father who was excluded

under 8 CFR 175.57; Vol. III, p. 613
Quota preference:
Act of 1924:
child of skilled agriculturist arriving in U.S.

to join him after he abandoned his vocation;

sec. 6(a)(1)(B), 1924 Act; Vol. III, p. 798
Chinese persons, spouses or parents of U.S.

citizens; secs. 4(a) and 6(a)(1)(A), 1924 Act;

Vol. IV, p. 552
East Indian race, alien of; Vol. IV, p. 187
child, illegitimate; legitimation by proxy mar-

riage of parents in Italy; Vol. V, p. 698
sec. 203(a)(1), 1952 Act:
actress, not previously employed as such;

Vol. V, p. 454
arc welder; Vol. VIII, p. 595
automotive equipment, maintenance and

repair of; Vol. VII, p. 290
baker, supervision of specialty bakery; Vol.

VII, p. 283
beneficiary sole owner of petitioning corpora.

tion; Vol. VIII, p. 24
broommaker; Vol. VII, p. 637
cabinetmaker; Vol. VII, p. 93
domestic workers, without special skills; Vol.

VII, p. 292
electrical draftsman; Vol. VII, p. 688
employment, limitation on period; Vol. VII,

pp. 632, 634
employment, permanence not certain; Vol.

V, p. 454
export manager; Vol. V, p. 434
farmhand, experienced; Vol. V, p. 341
farm machinery operation and maintenance,

Vol. V, p. 321
gardener, shearing and care of ornamental

trees; Vol. V, p. 529
hair stylist; Vol. VII, p. 640
intern; Vol. VIII, p. 190
mechanical engineer; Vol. VII, p. 632
nurse, licensed in England; Vol. VII, p. 430
orchard ist, supervisory; Vol. VII, p. 721
spouse; marriage occurred after entry of

principal alien; Vol. VII, p. 731
spouse of principal alien arrived six weeks

later; Vol. V, p. 722
State and municipal occupational license or

permit requirements, effect; Vol. VII, p.

satutory standards:
combination of, as establishing eligibility;

Vol. VII, p. 286
high education; Vol. VII, P. 287
other considerations as denial basis, statu-

tory requirements met; Vol. VII, p. 632
qualification under any one, adequacy; Vol.

VII, p. 277
services, need in or benefit to U.S., as quali.

fying; Vol. VII, p. 292
skill, degree required; Vol. VII, p. 283
specialized experience; Vol. VII, pp. 93, 277,


p. 129

Public charge; see Deportation grounds: public

charge, became; Exclusion grounds: public

charge, likely to become
Public expense, institutionalized at (sec. 241(a)(3),

1952 Act); see Deportation grounds: public ex-

pense, Institutionalized at
Puerto Rico:
foreign country, for entry purposes to mainland,

1917 Act; Vol. III, p. 632
native (born 1895 to alien parents); eligibility

for naturalization under sec. 322, Nat. Act of

1940; Vol. IV, p. 29
Spanish parents born in; child born in Philip-

pines in 1896; citizenship status; Vol. III, p. 286


Quota Act of 1921, as amended; exemption 9 (re-

turning residents); Vol. III, p. 815
Quota nationality:
change of sovereignty not effective until is-

suance of Presidential proclamation authoriz-

ing quota revision; Vol. III, p. 712
nonquota alien child (sec. 101(a)(27)(C), 1952

Act); charged against quota of accompanying
parents to obtain benefits under sec. 245;
Vol. V, p. 750

Quota preference-Continued
sec. 203(a)(1), 1952 Act--Continued
statutory standards-continued
urgent need; Vol. VII, p. 637; Vol. VIII, p.

stewardess, flight; Vol. VII, p. 634
tailor; Vol. VII, pp. 206, 277, 423; Vol. VIII,

P. 509

teacher, no previous teaching experience; Vol.

VII, p. 37
teacher of religious subjects; Vol. VII, p. 286

weaver (reweaver), woolen mill; Vol. V, p. 527
sec. 203(a) (2), 1952 Act:
adopted child; foreign court waiver of residence

requirement, effect; Vol. VIII, p. 633
adopted son or daughter; eligibility; Vol.

VIII, p. 527
mother, marriage by religious ceremony but

not civil ceremony (Italy); Vol. VII, p. 492
sec. 203(a)(3), 1952 Act:

adopted child; Vol. V, p. 556
adopted son or daughter; eligibility; Vol.

VIII, p. 527
child of national (but not citizen) of U.S.;

Vol. VI, p. 555
spouse, marriage in U.S. by Japanese custom;

Vol. VII, p. 354
spouse, proxy marriage; Vol. V, p. 698
sec. 203(a)(4), 1952 Act:
adopted son; validity of adoption proceeding

in office of foreign consul in U.S.; Vol. V,

p. 733

adopted son or daughter; eligibility; Vol. V,

p. 438; Vol. VIII, p. 527
brot her of citizen, both born out of wedlock,

legitimated after reaching majority; Vol.

VI, p. 617
brother through adoption; Vol. VI, p. 180
death of resident alien parent before issuance

of visa; Vol. VI, p. 321
half-brother; Vol. VI, p. 325
half-brother born out of wedlock; Vol. V, p.

half-sister of citizen, born out of wedlock,

legitimated after reaching majority; Vol.

VII, p. 441
“sister" of citizen, both born out of wedlock;

Vol. VI, pp. 210, 786
son; proxy adoption; Vol. VI, p. 634
stepdaughter, adult; Vol. V, p. 512
stepdaughter, adult, married; Vol. VIII, p.


Recommendation against deportation:
crime for which alien was not convicted but

which was "part and parcel of the same pat-
tern", effect of recommendation; Vol. III,

P. 623

evidence exclusive of conviction record sufficient

to sustain ground of deportation; Vol. III,

P. 468

exclusion will not be based on crime as to which

court previously made timely recommenda-

tion against deportation; Vol. III, p. 236
limitation of, sec. 241(b), 1952 Act; Vol. VI,

p. 823

made at time of new trial and new sentence,

effect; Vol. VIII, p. 389
narcotics offense; recommendation made before

1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 343; Vol. VI, pp. 505, 579,

709; Vol. VIII, p. 94
narcotics offense; recommendation made before

1952 Act; effect in exclusion proceedings; Vol.

VI, p. 709
notice to Service, prior; sec. 241(b), 1952 Act;

Vol. VI, p. 426; Vol. VIII, p. 689
timeliness; sec. 241(b), 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 531;

Vol. VII, p. 227; Vol. VIII, pp. 389, 686, 689
Record of entry, amendment or correction; see

Entry record, amendment or creation, to show

admission for permanent residence
Reentry permit:
admission as servant of foreign government offi-

cial in 1919; not entitled to; Vol. III, p. 638
equivalent to nonquota immigrant visa under

sec. 405(a), 19 Act; Vol. V, p. 183
evidentiary value in establishing that alien's ab.

sence was temporary; Vol. IV, p. 143
forgery in application for; sec.22(a), 1924 Act; 18

U.S.C. 138; Vol. III, p. 126
inadvertently issued to alien not qualified to

receive; right to enter on basis of; Vol. IV,

P. 189

issuance to alien not domiciled in U.S.; Vol. III,

p. 519

Race; child born abroad while mother (a lawful

permanent resident) was temporarily absent
from U.S., admissible notwithstanding; Vol.

III, pp. 215, 262
Racial eligibility to citizenship; see Ineligibility

to citizenship
Racial test, not applicable to collective naturali-

zation through annexation of territory; Vol.

III, p. 733
Rape; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Readmission of returning resident alien; see Re-

turning lawful permanent resident alien
Receiving stolen property; see Crimes involving

moral turpitude

oath to application; authority of State notarial

officer to administer; Vol. I, p. 666
Refugee of German ethnic origin; sec. 12, D. P. Act

of 1948; Vol. III, p. 838
Regulations of Service, have force of law; Vol. I,

p. 636; Vol. III, pp. 716, 828
Relation back doctrine; applications:
annulment of marriage, New York; Vol. III,

pp. 25, 102
revocation of naturalization; Vol. III, p. 275;

Vol. IV, pp. 373, 702; Vol. V, pp. 678, 759
Religious denomination (sec. 101(a)(27)(F), 1952

Salesian Society, Catholic Church; Vol. V, p. 700

Salvation Army; Vol. V, p. 173
Remained longer; see Deportation grounds: re-

mained longer
Remained outside United States to evade military

service; see Citizenship-loss: evading service in

armed forces, departing U.S. or remaining out
Renunciation of United States citizenship; see

Repatriation by person who lost United States

citizenship; see Naturalization: repatriation

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