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Government official, servant of; admission in 1919,

not for permanent residence; Vol. III, p. 638
Grand theft; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Gross indecency; see Crimes involving moral turpi.

Guam, nationality status of, inhabitants; Vol. III,

pp. 589, 729
Guam, presumption of lawful admission for per-

manent residence under 8 CFR 4.20 (now 101.1

(1)]; Vol. VIII, p. 371
Guam, presumption of lawful admission for per.

manent residence under 8 CFR 101,16); Vol.

VIII, pp. 313, 421
Guam, readmission to, of permanent resident crew.

man; effect of temporary employment ashore in

Saipan between sailings; Vol. VII, p. 314
Guardian of incompetent citizen; right to file visa

petition in name of ward; Vol. V, p. 721


Harrison Narcotic Act, violation; deportation

ground (sce also Deportation grounds: narcotics);

Vol. II, p. 602; Vol. III, p. 460
entry to mainland, from; under 1917 Act, as dis

tinguished from 1924 Act; Vol. VII, p. 201
Japanese or Koreans who entered with laborers'

limited passports; admissibility to mainland;

Vol. III, p. 565
residents, before acquisition by U.S., citizenship

status; Vol. III, p. 206
Head tax:
child accompanying m her on first return to

U.S.; Vol. III, pp. 215, 264
debt in favor of U.S.; Vol. II, p. 251
Health and Safety Code of California:
planting and cultivating marihuana, sec. 11530;

Vol. V, p. 309
sale of substance in lieu of narcotic; sec. 11502;

Vol. VII, p. 100
deportation proceeding; se Deportation; Falr

exclusion proceeding; see Exclusion; Fair Hearing
High seas, birth on American vessel; whether birth

in U S.; Vol. III, p. 677
Housebreaking; see Crimes involving moral tur-

House of prostitution, distinguished from house of

assignation; Vol. III, p. 199


Good moral character (see also Discretionary relief;

Preexamination; Seventh proviso, sec. 3, 1917
Act; Suspension of deportation; Voluntary de-

adulterous relationship; Vol. II, pp. 840, 876, 892;

Vol. IV, p. 480; Vol. V, p. 522; Vol. VI, p. 801;

Vol. VII, pp. 156, 365
determination of; applicability of criminal test;

Vol. VI, pp. 660, 801
ignorance of marital status; Vol. VI, pp. 463,

801; Vol. VII, pp. 96, 380
Illinois; Vol. VI, p. 675
marital status, adjustment; Vol. VI, pp. 675,

801; Vol. VII, p. 365
Minnesota; Vol. VI, p. 660
New Jersey; Vol. VII, p. 376
New York; Vol. VI, p. 801; Vol. VII, p. 156

Texas; Vol. VII, p. 175
confinement to penal institution; sec. 101(1)(7),

1952 Act:
effect of pardon for conviction resulting in;

Vol. VII, p. 249
United States citizen, while a; Vol. VII, p. 405
defined; Vol. I, pp. 158, 611; Vol. II, pp. 145, 831;

Vol. III, p. 571
distinguished from moral excellence; Vol. I, p.

false testimony; sec. 101(1)(6), 1952 Act:
false claim to U.S. citizenship in visa petition;

Vol. VII, p. 706
false information given orally in application for

certificate of citizenship; Vol. VIII, p. 403
false statement in application for extension of

stay; Vol. V, p. 514; Vol. VI, p. 268
false statement in application for U.S. pass-

port; Vol. VIII, p. 399
false testimony in obtaining citizen's identif.

cation card; Vol. VII, p. 486
"testimony" construed; Vol. VIII, p. 399
gambling activities, income derived from; sec.

101(1)(4), 1952 Act; Vol. VIII, p. 185
gambling offenses, sec. 101()(5), 1952 Act; Vol.

VI, p. 242
illicit relationship; Vol. VII, p. 247
marital status, irregularities; Vol. II, p. 842; Vol.

III, pp. 478, 833
naturalization cases, standards applicable to;

Vol. II, pp. 161, 334, 848
nonsupport; Vol. II, p. 161; Vol. III, p. 393
period required to qualify for preexamination;

Vol. VII, p. 726
perjury within 5-year period, suspension of de-

portation; Vol. II, pp. 492, 830
perjury within 5-year period; voluntary depar-

ture and seventh proviso relief; Vol. II, p. 606
prostitution; Vol. V, p. 559
record of conviction, expungement of, effect

(Calif.); Vol. VI, p. 619
sec. 101(1)(3), 1952 Act:
convicted of "petty offense" within statutory

period; Vol. VII, p. 147
single lapse, effect of; Vol. I, p. 611; Vol. II, p. 614;

Vol. V, p. 708
voluntary departure, standards same as for sus-

pension; Vol. II, p. 731
Government official, member of family of; failure

to maintain status; deportation; Vol. IV, p. 36

Illegal entry into Canada; sce Crimes involving

moral turpitude
Illegitimate child; acquisition of citizenship at

birth abroad; see Citizenship-acquisition at birth
by child born abroad; see also Citizenship-deri-

vation (after birth) by child born abroad
Illiteracy; see Exclusion grounds: illiterate
Immigrant (see also Nonquota immigrant):
classification, immigrant or nonimmigrant:

agricultural laborer; Vol. VI, p. 491
annual crosser, bringing Christmas trees to

sell; Vol. VI, p. 533
crime, alien coming to commit; Vol. II, p. 43;

Vol. III, p. 407

Ineligibility to citizenship-Continued
alien claiming exemption from military service-

Swiss national, filing application because of

misapprehension induced by Swiss legation;
Vol. IV, p. 500; Vol. V,

pp. 206, 625
visitor; Vol. IV, p. 5
armed forces deserter in wartime, within sec.

101(a)(19); Vol. VI, pp. 698, 756

Afghans; Vol. II, p. 253
Arabs; Vol. I, p. 174; Vol. II, p. 253
Armenians; Vol. II, p. 258; Vol. IV, pp. 106,

Hindus; Vol. II, p. 253
Kalmuks; Vol. IV, p. 275
Parsees; Vol. II, p. 253
Siamese, mixed blood; Vol. III, p. 304

Tartars; Vol. IV, p. 104
returning resident, admissibility as; Vol. VII,

p. 229

Information from Service records:

racial d iscrimination, to prove; Vol. VI, p. 573
Injuring war material in wartime; see Crimes in-

volving moral turpitude
Insanity, prior attack; see Exclusion grounds
Inspection; aliens in transit without transship-

ment from vessel; Vol. VI, p. 362
Inspection; all persons on vessels arriving from

foreign; Vol. I, p. 370
Inspection; crew of vessel arriving for bunkers;

Vol. V, p. 296
Institutionalized at public expense (sec. 241(a)(3));
see Deportation grounds: public expense, insti.

tutionalized at
Insular possession; entry into continental U.S.

from; Vol. III, p. 632; Vol. VII, p. 201

crime; common law; essential element; Vol. II,

p. 203

crime; statutory requirement; Vol. III, p. 195
defraud U.S., to; moral turpitude; Vol. I, p. 395;

Vol. III, P. 236
evade tax payment, to; Canada; Vol. I, p. 436
evade tax payment, to; U.8.; Vol. I, p. 437
extort, to; Canada; moral turpitude; Vol. III,

p. 361

International Workers Order (see also Subversive):
subversive character; Vol. I, p. 450; Vol. III,

p. 411; Vol. IV, p. 578
Involuntary return of excluded seaman as arrival

in U.S.; Vol. VII, p. 1
Italy; nationality; Vol. III, pp. 558, 671, 761


Immigrant (see also Nonquota immigrant)--Con.
classification, immigrant or nonimmigrant-Con.
daily crosser, to collect scrap to be sold in

Mexico; Vol. IV, p. 217
daily crosser, to work in automobile plant;

Vol. VI, p. 255
farmers, coming to sell produce in U.S. mar.

kets; Vol. VI, p. 827
intern; Vol. VIII, p. 460
salesman, to solicit orders; Vol. VIII, p. 206
seaman, inadmissible because previously de-

ported; Vol. III, p. 83
truck driver, coming to deliver meat; Vol. VI,

p. 711

truck driver, daily crosser, coming to deliver

fish to U.S. employer; Vol. VI, p. 832
visitor (see also Visitor):
bona fide, but inadmissible under 1917 Act;

Vol. II, p. 12
doubtful (intent to take up residence); Vol.

III, p. 379
effect of previously expressed desire to enter

as immigrant; Vol. VII, p. 651
work of permanent nature, coming to perform;

Vol. II, p. 240; Vol. III, P. 857; Vol. VIII,

p. 460
commuter; see Commuter
head tax, nonpayment; effect on status; Vol.

II, p. 250
Immoral purpose, entry for; see Exclusion grounds
Imprisonment; see Sentenced to imprisonment
Incest; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Indecent assault; see Crimes involving moral tur-

Indecent exposure; see Crimes involving moral

Indians, American, born in Canada; see American

Indians born in Canada
Ineligibility to citizenship:
alien claiming exemption from military service:
Act of 1924, as amended, secs. 13(c) and 28(c);

Vol. II, pp. 545, 858, 899, 914; Vol. III, p. 249
alien enemy's "objection" to service; Vol. VI,

P. 342

called for service after his country became co.

belligerent but found physically unfit; Vol.

II, p. 545; Vol. III, p. 249
later willingness to serve but found physically

unfit; Vol. IV, p. 130
medical student; Vol. V, p. 106
Mexican, filed DSS 301 after his country be.

came cobelligerent; sec. 315, 1952 Act; Vol.

VI, p. 766
nonliability because of age; Vol. V, p. 593
nonliability because of nonresidence; Vol. VI,

p. 176

Palestinian, filed DSS 301, June 16, 1943; Vol.

V, p. 301
permanent resident, U.M.T.S.A. of 1951; Vol.

VI, p. 140
residing in U.S. illegally; Vol. IV, p. 130
returning resident, admissibility as; Vol. IV,

Jamaica, B.W.I.; adjacent island; preexamination;

8 CFR 142; Vol. III, p. 704
Japanese or Koreans who entered Hawail with

laborers' limited passports; admissibility to

mainland; Vol. III, p. 565
Jay Treaty of 1794 affecting American Indians; sec

American Indians born in Canada
Joy riding; 8ce Crimes involving moral turpitude
Judgment of denaturalization void on its face be-

cause of indication that summons never served;

Vol. VI, p. 366
Jus sanguinis; Vol. III, p. 589
Jus soli; Vol. II, p. 183; Vol. III, P. 589

P. 180

seaman in U.S., before expiration of 3-month

grace period; Vol. IV, p. 348
Swiss citizen, filed application after having it

explained to him and being made aware of
consequences; Vol. VII, P. 561

[blocks in formation]

Lawful permanent resident under 8 CFR 176.

101(n); Vol. III, p. 519
Lawfully admitted to the United States; sec. 13(b),

1924 Act; Vol. II, p. 252; VOL. III, p. 160
Legal separation, definition and application, sec.

314(c), 1940 Act; Vol. III, pp. 742, 850
Legislative pardon; see Pardon
Legitimation (see also Child):
applicability of sec. 205, 1940 Act; Vol. I, p. 301;

Vol. III, pp. 226, 794; Vol. IV, P. 440

adoption distinguished from; Vol. VI, p. 161
California, Civil Code, sec. 230, by natural father

while maintaining illlict relationship; Vol.

VI, p. 325
California; Civil Code, sec. 230; by natural father;

effect on citizenship acquisition:
Revised Statutes, sec. 1993; Vol. IV, p. 354

sec. 314(c), 1940 Act; Vol. III, p. 742
China; in relation to mother only; Vol. VI, p. 305
decree of State court (Tenn.) as to relationship,

collateral attack by Service upon; Vol. III,

P. 327

Washingron; Vol. II, p. 117
„Juvenile Delinquency Act (18 U.S.C 021-929

(1940 ed.)):
application of statute; Vol. IV, p. 726
offenses committed before effective date, June

16, 1938; Vol. I, p. 614; Vol. III, p. 69


P. 657

Keeping house of ill fame or prostitution; see

Crimes involving moral turpitude
Koreans or Japanese who entered Hawall with

laborers' limited passports; admissibility to

mainland; Vol. III, p. 565
Kwajalein, as foreign place within meaning of im.

migration laws; Vol. VII, p. 128

France; Vol. VII, p. 338
Italy; acknowledgment or recognition, as; Vol.

VII, p. 438
Italy; child begotten of one married and one

unmarried parent; Vol. VII, P. 441
Italy; proxy marriage of parents, by; Vol. V,


p. 698

loss of citizenship acquired through mother, upon

mother's subsequent marriage to allen father;

Vol. III, p. 485
Ohio; Vol. VII, p. 373
Pennsylvania; child of foreign incestuous mar.

riage; Vol. VI, p. 337
Poland; Vol. VIII, p. 73
Portugal; Vol. VII, P. 448
Rhode Island: Vol. V, p. 689
rights of legitimated child retroactive to date of

birth; Vol. III, p. 225
“Lesiones" (assault and battery, Mexico); moral

turpitude; Vol. II, p. 54
Lewdness, offenses involving; see Crimes involving

moral turpitude
Likely to become a public charge; see Exclusion

grounds: public charge, likely to become
Literacy, unable to read; see Exclusion grounds:

Lithuania, acquisition of nationality; Vol. II, p.

Lithuania, nationality treaty with U.S., 1938;

Vol. IV, p. 321
Loss of citizenship; see Citizenship-loss
Loss of rights of citizenship, distinguished from

loss of citizenship; Vol. II, p. 397


Labor, contract; see Exclusion grounds: contract

Labor Progressive Party of Canada; see Subversive
Landing alien without permission; see Fine: pre-

vent unauthorized landing, failure to
Larceny; see Crimes involving moral turpitude
Lawful admission to the United States for perma.

nent residence:
admitted as member armed forces; falled meet

requirements Act of June 30, 1950, as amended;

Vol. VIII, p. 21
admitted as naturalized citizen In 1952, followed

by revocation of naturalization based on actual

fraud; Vol. V, p. 759
"Barred Zone" native, admitted for study in

1920; subsequent continuous maintenance of

exempt status; Vol. III, p. 304
child, born abroad while citizen mother on visit;

accompanied mother on first return; no visa;

Vol. VII, p. 311
citizen at birth under R.S. 1993, admitted to U.S.

in 1948, parent's naturalization previously
cancelled for presumptive fraud, 1906 Act;

Vol. V, pp. 218, 517
excludable at time of entry, 1927, on criminal

ground although in possession of immigration

visa; Vol. II, p. 178
foreign government official, servant of; admitted

1919; Vol. III, P. 638
presumption of, pursuant to 8 CFR 4.2() (now

101.1(1)]; Vol. VIII, p. 371
presumption of, pursuant 8 CFR 101.1(j); Vol.

VIII, pp. 313, 421
sec. 14, Act of 1924; child erroneously admitted

as returning resident in Feb. 1924; Vol. III,

p. 815
Virgin Islands, entry to, prior to July 1, 1938;

Vol. I, p. 414

Mail, offenses connected with misuse; sce Crimes

involving moral turpitude
Manifests; crew and passengers, fines in connec-

tion with; see Fine
Manslaughter; see Crimes involving moral turpi-

Marihuana; see Deportation grounds: narcotics;

Exclusion grounds: narcotics; Narcotics

annulment (see also Annulment):

California; foreign marriage; Vol. VI, p. 153
deportation basis; see Deportation grounds:

fraudulent marriage
exclusion basis; Vol. VII, p. 565
Mexico; marriage performed in Texas; Vol.

VII, p. 182
New York; foreign marriage; Vol. III, pp. 25,

Pennsylvania; foreign marriage; Vol. II, p. 354

"relation back” doctrine; Vol. VII, p. 182
Texas; when ab initio; Vol. III, p. 528

Washington, D.C.; not ab initio; Vol. IV, p. 345
between uncle and niece:

Calif., intended cohabitation in; Vol. IV,

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[blocks in formation]

p. 465

Italy; dispensation by king; Vol. II, p. 619
Minnesota, intended cohabitation in; Vol.

III, p. 466
Pennsylvania; foreign marriage; Vol. VI,

p. 337; VIII, p. 529
Pennsylvania; intended cohabitation in; Vol.

IV, p. 632
Poland (as to Hebrews); Vol. II, p. 618
Portugal; Vol. IV, p. 239
Rhode Island; Vol. II, p. 619; Vol. IV, p. 632
Rumania; Vol. II, p. 619
Russia (as to Hebrews); Vol. II, p. 618
Washington; Vol. II, p. 618
Wisconsin; intended cohabitation in; Vol.

III, p. 466
citizenship based upon marriage to U.S. citizen;

Vol. III, p. 870
common law:

Canada; Vol. V, p. 185
conflict of laws, Texas and Mexico; Vol. I, p.

Czechoslovakia; Vol. V, p. 757
England; Vol. V, p. 185
New York; Vol. I, p. 608; Vol. V, p. 163; Vol.

VIII, p. 562
Texas; Vol. IV, p. 405
divorce; see Divorce
England; requirement of court decree to es-

tablish death of former spouse; Vol. VI, p. 440
expatriative effect (marriage to alien), 1907 Act;

Vol. II, p. 780
Japanese ceremony in U.S., subsequent

registration when both parties in Japan

followed by cohabitation; Vol. VII, p. 354
Japanese or Christian ceremony, registered in

accordance with Japanese law, citizen
spouse not in Japan at time of registration;

Vol. IV, p. 622
registration, necessity; Vol. VI, p. 522
registration at time citizen husband was in

U.S. and wife in Japan, but preceded by
Japanese ceremony and cohabitation in

Japan; Vol. VI, p. 278
registration at time citizen husband was in

U.S. and wife in Japan, not preceded by
Japanese or Christian ceremony; Vol. IV, pp.

650, 699
Macao, Portuguese China, by Chinese custom;

validity; Vol. VII, p. 587

Mexico; validity; Vol. I, p. 301; Vol. III, p. 485;

Vol. IV, p. 405
miscegenation, as ground of invalidity; Vol. III,

p. 480; Vol. VII. p. 108
Missouri; contracted before divorce (Okla.)

became final; Vol. I, p. 627
New York; presumption of death of spouse;

Vol. VII, p. 156
presumption of validity:

California; Vol. VII, p. 469
England; Vol. VI, p. 440

New York; Vol. I, p. 606; Vol. V, p. 163
proxy; validity; Vol. IV, p. 209; Vol. V, p. 698
religious, foreign; validity, generally; Vol. III,

pp. 485, 487; Vol. VII, p. 492
religious marriage ceremony, Mexico; Vol. IV, p.

remarried, after Mexican divorce; Vol. III,

pp. 33, 227; Vol. IV, p. 610
separation of spouses; effect upon nonquota

status, 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 305
Married minor child of citizen veteran; admissi-

bility under Act of Dec. 28 1945; Vol. III, p. 40
Medical certificate in exclusion proceedings; Vol.

III, p. 47
Member (membership) proscribed organization

exclusion or deportation ground; see Subversive
agreement with U.s., in World War II, as to

service of their nationals in the armed forces of

either country; Vol. II, p. 244
bigamy; Vol. I, p. 525; Vol. III, pp. 14, 136

divorces; see Divorce; Marriage
Military prisoner, return to U.S. not deemed en-

try; Vol. III, p. 536
Minister of religion, classification, 1924 Act, sec.

4(d); Vol. I, p. 147; Vol. III, p. 162
Minister or religious denominution, 1952 Act; see

Nonquota immigrant
abandonment (see also Crimes involving moral

California; Vol. I, p. 459
Canada; Vol. I, p. 459

Missouri; Vol. I, p. 459
capacity to commit crime; Vol. I, p. 613
competency to expatriate; Vol. I, p. 330; Vol. II,

p. 397; Vol. III, p. 470
dual nationals, election to retain U.S. nation.

ality; see Dual national
expatriation; see Citizenship-loss
juvenile delinquency; see Juvenile delinquency
marriage after issuance of visa; effect on non-

quota status, sec. 4(a), 1924 Act; Vol. III,

[blocks in formation]

Moral turpitude (see also Crimes involving moral

attempt to commit crime; rule for determining

turpitude; Vol. II, p. 141; Vol. III, p. 56
charges of prosecuting authorities to proceed to

conviction, as factor; Vol. VII, p. 342
convicted of lesser crimo (burglary, New York);

Vol. IV, p. 241
criteria adopted by the courts; Vol. I, pp. 55,

76, 190, 447, 511; Vol. II, pp. 121, 140, 145, 164,
227, 236, 334, 357, 361, 479, 544, 556, 566, 611, 634,

726, 744; Vol. III, p. 274; Vol. VII, p. 616
definition, Solicitor of Department of Labor;

Vol. II, p. 141
disbarment proceedings, Calif., determination

in; Vol. II, p. 739
drunk, offense committed while; Vol. II, p. 737
foreign crime; Vol. II, pp. 320, 519, 869; Vol. III,

p. 56; Vol. IV, p. 17; Vol. V, pp. 87, 129
indictment containing allegations not necessary

for conviction; Vol. VI, p. 98
indictment (one count) charging several acts;

Vol. VI, P. 444
indictment; use, to determine; Vol. VI, P. 795
juvenile delinquency; see Juvenile delinquency
juvenile offense committed in foreign jurisdic.

tion; U.S. standards; Vol. II, p. 319
name of offense as factor; Vol. II, p. 22; Vol. III,

p. 3
obliquity of offense as distinguished from obliq.

uity of individual; Vol. II, p. 145
probation officer's report; use, to determine; Vol.

I, p. 137
record of conviction; use, to determine; Vol. V,

p. 642

separable statutes; Vol. II, pp. 217, 357; Vol. IV,

p. 490; Vol. V, p. 65; Vol. VI, p. 444
Multiple charges; see Deportation grounds: multi-
ple charges


National, noncitixen, of United States-Con.
birth abroad before Jan. 13, 1941, to noncitizen

national parents; Vol. V, p. 380
Guam, natives and inhabitants of; Vol. III,

p. 589

marriage of American woman to racially ineligie

ble alien in 1929, effect upon her nationality
status; Vol. II, p. 778
Philippines, citizens of; termination of U.S.

nationality on July 4, 1946; Vol. VI, p. 182
Philippines, natives of, residing in U.S. since

before May 1, 1934; deportability; Vol. III,

pp. 155, 184, 396
racial requirements for acquisition of noncitizen

nationality; Vol. III, p. 729
Native-born citizen:
evidence, burden of proof, application for admis-

sion to the United States; Vol. III, P 680
loss of citizenship; see Citizenship-loss
wife of, amicted with disease; exemption under

sec. 22, 1917 Act; Vol. II, p. 183
Naturalization (see also Citizenship-derivation

(after birth) by child born abroad):
absence abroad, sec. 307(b), 1940 Act; timeliness

of application; "empoyed" construed; Vol.

IV, p. 196
absence abroad; sec. 308, 1940 Act; missionary,

clergyman, nun; Vol. III, p. 649
absence abroad; sec. 316(b), 1952 Act:

foreign employment, only part time; Vol. V,

p. 332

Napanoch, New York, Institution for Male De-

fective Delinquents; commitment to, not deem-

ed sentence to imprisonment; Vol. III, p. 48
Narcotics (see also Crimes involving moral turpi.

tude: narcotics, offenses relating to; Deporta-
tion grounds: narcotic drug addict; Deporta.
tion grounds: narcotics, offenses relating to;
Exclusion grounds: narcotics, offenses relating


definition; Vol. II, pp. 73, 474; Vol. VI, P. 374
distinguished from user; Vol. II, pp. 73, 474;

Vol. III, p. 620; Vol. VIII, p. 108
evidence; hospital records; Vol. VIII, p. 523
evidence, sufficiency of alien's admission

which was later repudiated; Vol. VIII,

one-day visit to Canada; Vol. VII, p. 710
study abroad under Public Health Service

fellowship; Vol. VIII, p. 520
absence abroad; sec. 317, 1952 Act:
ciergyman sent abroad by private corporation;

Vol. VIII, p. 533
cancellation of; see Citizenship-loss: revocation

of naturalization
defined; Vol. III, p. 676
deportation proceedings; termination of, to

permit filing petition under sec. 313(c) for;

Vol. VI, p. 713
doubt as to loss of citizenship, to remove; Vol.

II, p. 274
draft dodgers, ineligibility; Vol. II, p. 390; see

also Ineligibility to citizenship: alien claiming

exemption from military service
Puerto Rico, native, born to alien parents;

eligibility under sec. 322, 1940 Act; Vol. IV,

p. 29
Act of June 25, 1936; woman who had lost

citizenship through marriage; Vol. I, pp.

127, 283; Vol. IV, p. 723
sec. 323, 1940 Act, as amended by Act of Aug.

7, 1946; repatriation not deemed "naturali-

zation"; Vol. IV, p. 248
sec. 323, 1940 Act, not affected by provisions

of sec. 329 (as amended by sec. 27 of Internal

Security Act of 1950); Vol. V,
Naval personnel, foreign; inspection of; Vol. II,

p. 108

evidence, where alien sentenced to narcotics

farm or hospital for treatment; Vol. II, p. 473
legislative history of Act of Feb. 18, 1931; Vol. I,

p. 23

p. 160

P. 293

National, noncitizen, of United States:
acquisition and loss of nationality; see also Citi.

American Samoa, Swains Island; natives born

prior to 1952; Vol. III, pp. 589, 729; Vol. V,
P. 144

New York:
annulment of foreign marriage; effect on persons

admitted by virtue of marital status; Vol.

III, pp. 25, 102
conflict of laws, New York and Nevada; divorce;

custody of child; Vol. III, pp. 228, 848

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