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Crimes involving moral turpitude-Continued forgery:

common law; Vol. III, p. 126
declaration of intention; Vol. III. p. 126
Mexico, State of Guanajuato; Vol. III, p. 350
narcotic proscription, Callfornia; Vol. VI, p.

passport application; Vol. III, p. 76

reentry permit; Vol. III, p. 126 fornication; Vol. VI, p. 444 "fraud" per se not a crime; Vol I, p. 118 fraudulent check, Indiana; Vol. IV, p. 297 gambling, New York; Vol. I, p. 59 gasoline ratlon coupons, Illegal transfer; Vol. V,

P. 582

grand larceny, New York; Vol. III, p. 632 grand theft, California; Vol. II, p. 214 gross Indecency, Canada; Vol. II, p. 316; Vol.

VII, p. 359 gross indecency, Michigan; Vol. V, pp. 576, 578;

Vol. VIII, p. 409 highway robbery; Vol. III, p. 544 housebreaking, Ohio; Vol. II, p. 134 housebreaking and larceny, England and North

ern Ireland; Vol. III, p. 772 ilegal entry into Canada, Canadian offense;

Vol. I, p. 73 impersonating a Federal officer; Vol. I, p. 509;

Vol. III, p. 270 incest:

Arizona; Vol. III, p. 544
common law; Vol. II, p. 618
Indiana; Vol. III, p. 544
Massachusetts; Vol. III, p. 544
Mexico; Vol. I, p. 525
Ohio; Vol. III, p. 544

Washingon; Vol. II, p. 617 indecent assault:

Canada; Vol. II, p. 317; Vol. III, pp. 1, 562

Connecticut; Vol. VII, p. 253 indecent exposure, discussion; Vol. II, pp. 117,

533, 610 Indecent exposure, Michigan; Vol. II, p. 633;

Vol. VII, p. 301 Injuring war material in war time; Vol. II, p. 629 Internal Revenue stamps for distilled spirits,

counterfeited, acquiring and possessing (26

U.S.C. 2803(g)); Vol. VII, p. 114 “joy riding" in Canada; Vol. II, pp. 681, 887 juvenile delinquency; see Juvenile delinquency kidnapping; Vol. V, p. 444 larceny (see also Theft under this mainline title): Art. 121. Uniform Code of Military Justice; In

violation of; Vol. VII, p. 356
Australia; Vol. IV, p. 548
Connecticut; Vol. II, p. 202
Cuba, attempted theft; Vol. IV, p. 717
England; Vol. III, p. 641
Italy; Vol. V, p. 129
Massachusetts; Vol. II, p. 530
Michigan; Vol. IV, p. 252

Northern Ireland; Vol. III, p. 772 lascivious carriage, Conn.; Vol. VII, p. 616 " lesiones" (assault and battery), Mexico; Vol.

II, p. 54 lewd, vagrancy, California: Vol. V, p. 18 lewd, wanton, lascivious person, Mass.; VOL. III,

Crimes involving moral turpitude--Continued

Massachusetts; Vol. II, p. 635
New Jersey; Vol. III, p. 790
Washington; Vol. II, p. 634

Wisconsin; Vol. III, p. 792 lewdness and lasciviousness:

Massachusetts; Vol. I, p. 530

Rhode Island; Vol. V, p. 198 liquor dealer, doing business as,

thout pay. ment of tax; Vol. I, p. 394 liquor, unlawful sale to Indian, 25 U.S.C. 241;

Vol. II, p. 99 mail, sending threatening letters with Intent to

extort; Vol. IV, p. 446 mailing obscene letter; Vol. I, p. 190 malicious destruction of property, Penna.; Vol.

V, p. 612 malicious injury to property, Oregon; Vol. III,

p. 272 malicious mischief; Vol. II, pp. 469, 630; Vol.

VIII, p. 466 Mann Act (18 U.S.C. 2421) violation; Vol. VI,

p. 444 manslaughter:

Arizona; Vol. I, p. 181
California, involuntary; Vol. II, p. 748; Vol.

IV, p. 742
England; Vol. V, p. 463
Florida; Vol. II, p. 480
Minnesota; Vol. I, p. 519
New Jersey; Vol. III, p. 51; Vol. IV, p. 493
New York; Vol. II, pp. 141, 479, 743
Ohio; Vol. II, pp. 560, 570; Vol. III, p. 53
Poland; premeditated; Vol. IV, p. 108

Texas, voluntary; Vol. II, p. 568 molds of U.S. coins, making or possession of; Vol.

VII, p. 178
murder, Ohio, second-degree; Vol. II, p. 560
narcotics, offenses relating to:

Canada; Vol. II, p. 604
fraudulent prescription; Vol. V, p. 52
Harrison Anti-Narcotic Law of Dec. 17, 1914;

Vol. I, p. 395
Narcotics Drug Import and Export Act; Vol.

I, p. 293; Vol. III, p. 387
Washington State, Cr. Code, ch, 249 (8. S.

300); Vol. IV, p. 644 National Prohibition Act violation; Vol. I, p. 62 nonsupport, Ohio, sec. 13008; Vol. II, p. 134 obtaining money under false pretenses:

Canada; Vol. II, p. 836

Ohio; Vol. V, p. 728 obtaining property by false pretenses, Canada;

Vol. III, p. 56 obtaining passport, Rumanian, by fraud; Vol. I,

p. 73 pandering, California; Vol. III, P. 396 passing bad checks, France; Vol. III, p. 278 passing counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes, 18

U.S.C. 472; Vol. VI, p. 795 perjury (see also Perjury): before I. & N. officer by alien under 18 years of

age; Vol. IV, p. 726 Canada; Vol. I, p. 324 materiality; Vol. I, pp. 70, 121; Vol. II, p. 208 Michigan; Vol. I, p. 669 18 U.S.C. 231; Vol. I, p. 581; Vol. II, p. 206 1917 Act, sec. 3; Vol. II, pp. 285, 819

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p. 168

Crimes involving moral turpitude-Continued

"suspicious person"; Vol. VI, p. 444
tax evasion:

U.S., 26 U.S.C. 145(b); Vol. V, p. 759
U.S., unlawful carrying on of retail liquor busi-

ness without paying tax; Vol. I, p. 394
Canada, Excise Tax Act; Vol. V, p. 649
England; Vol. V, P. 87

Germany; Vol. IV, p. 176 theft:

California, petty; Vol. II, p. 345
Canada, of automobile; Vol. II, p. 864
Canada, generally; Vol. II, p. 22
Canada, form the person; Vol. II, pp. 517, 686
Canada, permanent taking as factor; Voi

II, p. 686
Canada, sec. 347, Cr. Code; Vol. II, p. 795
Canada, sec. 355(1), Cr, Code; Vol. III, p. 725
Canada, sec. 386, Cr. Code; Vol. II, p. 517
Canada, servant, as a ; Vol. III, p. 723
Cuba, attempted theft; Vol. IV, p. 717
France; Vol. V, p. 552
Italy; Vol. I, p. 33; Vol. V, p. 129
mall, stealing from (18 U.S.C. 317); VOL. III,

p. 270

mail, taking from authorized depository (18

U.S.C. 317); Vol. III, p. 66 mail, taking letter from (18 U.S.O. 1708);

Vol. VII, p. 386 Texas, by bailee; Vol. IV, p. 446 United States passport, improper use, intent

to defraud; Vol. III, p. 236 "unlawful compulsion," Germany, Cr. Code,

sec. 240; Vol. IV, p. 490 unnatural and lascivious act, Mass. Gen. Laws,

ch, 272, sec. 35; Vol. II, p. 533 usury; Vol. VI, P. 98 uttering counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes (18

U.S.C. 472); Vol. VI, p. 795 vagrancy, Canada; Vol. II, p. 703 vagrancy, lewd, California; Vol. V, p. 18 vessel, tampering with power of, 18 U.8.C.

502; Vol. IV, p. 409 Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland), dissolution of

marriage; Vol. III, p. 851


Crimes involving moral turpitude-Continued perjury-continued

1917 Act, sec. 16; Vol. II, p. 206

1924 Act, sec. 10(a); Vol. I, pp. 613, 666 petty larceny; Vol. I, p. 541 petty theft, California; Vol. II, p. 345; Vol. III,

P. 571

political offense (Jewish person, Germany), at

tempted fraud; Vol. I, p. 47 political offense within meaning of 1917 Act,

sec. 3, 2d proviso; Vol. IV, p. 108 polygamy (see also Bigamy):

distinguished from bigamy; Vol. VI, p. 9

Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 272, sec. 15; Vol. I, p. 314 possession of burglary tools (Canada); Vol. VI,

p. 769

possession of stolen property, Germany; Vol. II,

P. 90

prison break:

Massachusetts; Vol. V, p. 538
New Jersey; Vol. I, p. 235; Vol. II, p. 871

New York; Vol. I, p. 236 prostitution:

California, pandering; Vol. III, p. 396
Mann Act (18 U.S.C. 2421); Vol. VI, P. 444
Massachusetts, keeping house of ill fame; Vol.

III, p. 168
New Jersey, keeping place of; Vol. III, P. 790
New York, compulsory prostitution; manag-

ing house of; Vol. I, pp. 217, 505
Washington (Seattle), city ordinance; Vol. IV,

P. 401

publishing counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes (18

U.S.C. 472); Vol. VI, p. 795
publishing defamatory letter; Vol. I, p. 191

attempted; Vol. II, p. 630
Canada; carnal knowledge; Vol. III, p. 562
generally; Vol. V, p. 538
Illinois; Vol. II, p. 612
Nebraska, Vol. II, p. 17
North Dakota; Vol. III, P. 480

Pennsylvania; Vol. II, p. 553
receiving stolen goods; Vol. II, p. 237; Vol. III,

P. 575; Vol. VI, p. 772; Vol. VII, p. 253 receiving stolen goods (“ricettazione"), Italy;

Vol. VII, p. 626 retaining stolen property, Canada; Vol. II, p. 235 riot, Germany; Vol. IV, p. 301 robbery:

California; Vol. II, p. 733

Canada; Vol. II, p. 716 selling oleomargarine not properly labeled, un

lawfully (21 U.S.C. 331, 333(b)); Vol. VI, p. 795 sending threatening letter through the mail (18

U.S.C. 338 (a), (b)); Vol. II, p. 196; Vol. IV,

Dealer in narcotics, defined; Vol. II, p. 473
Declaration of intention; nutive of Puerto

Rico, doubt as to citizenship, right to flle under

Nat. Act of 1940; Vol. IV, P. 29 de Coll case (37 Op. Atty Gen. 90 (1933)); theory

of resumption and derivation, 1907 Act; Vol. II,

p. 536

P. 446

Defector status; see Subversive: membership in

proscribed organization: exemption under sec.

212(a)(28)(I), 1952 Act
Defraud, Canadian customs duties, conspiracy;

Vol. II, pp. 512, 754
Defraud, the United States, alcohol tax; Vol.

I, p. 395

setting up unregistered rectifying plant for pro

duction distilled spirits (26 U.S.C. 2812); Vol.

VII, p. 114 sexual intercourse with feebleminded woman,

Nebraska; Vol. II, p. 18 sodomy, and solicitation for; Vol. III, p. 575 soliciting prostitution; Vol. III, P. 397 stealing; see Larceny; Theft under this mainline


Defrauding the United States, meaning: Vol.

II, p. 227
Delinquency (see Crimes involving moral turpl-

tude: contributing to delinquency of minor;
Juvenile delinquency)

Delivery bond: breach; failure to surrender, expulsion pro

ceedings; demand served on surety after alien's

departure from U.S.; Vol. IV, p. 34 breach; failure to surrender, expulsion pro

ceedings; service of demand upon alien im. possible because of his disappearence; Vol.

III, p. 813 breach; failure to surrender, expulsion pro

ceedings, untimely surrender and invalidity of deportation order as defenses; Vol. III, p.

862 Denaturalization; see Citizenship-loss: revocation

of naturalization Departing to evade military service; see Exclusion

grounds; see also Citizenship-loss: evading service in armed forces, departing U.S. or remaining

out Deportation (see also Deportation grounds): adjournment of hearing to consider adjustment

of status; Vol. V, p. 622 Administrative Procedure Act: Act of Sept. 27, 1950, granting exemption

from, effect; Vol. IV, pp. 433, 475 hearing de noro, right tn, under Şung decision;

Vol. III, p. 818; Vol. V, p. 29 hearing in conformity with sec. 242(h), 1952

Act, meets standards of procedural due

process; Vol. V, pp. 392, 589, 651
proceedings begun before Sept. 11, 1946; Vol.

IV, p. 123
Sec. 242(b), 1952 Act, exclusive procedure;

Vol. V, pp. 281, 630
special inquiry officer, sec. 5, A.P.A., Inap.

plicable; Vol. V, p. 589 administrative rellel, duty of hearing officer

to advise alien; Vol. V, p. 630 appeals, administrative; see Appeal applicant for admission to U.S., deportation

hearing not proper for determining admissi

hility; Vol. V, p. 312 burden of proof; see Burden of proof Canadian Indian, on grounds other than those

arising after entry; Vol. III, p. 300 citizenship revoked, retroactive effect; Vol. V,

evidence of deportability-Continued
preliminary sworn statement, sole; necessity

of identification where alien stands mute;

Vol. VII, pp. 133, 308 refusal of alien to testify, effect; Vol. VII, P.

271 exclusion ground (narcotics conviction) waived,

sec. 212(c); deportability thereafter on same

conviction; Vol. VII, P. 274

entry before May 1, 1934; Vol. VI, p. 398
entry before May 1, 1934, but reentered as

returning resident after July 4, 1946; Vol.

V, p. 668 entry before May 1, 1934, and thereafter sen.

tenced more than once to imprisonment; Vol.

III, p. 396 entry before May 1, 1934; when date of entry

not necessary element; Vol. III, pp. 155, 184,

396; Vol. IV, p. 569 entry from Hawaii subsequent May 1, 1934;

Vol. VII, P. 201 entry occurred on May 1, 1934; Vol. VII, p. 242 grounds; see Deportation grounds hearing (see also Fair hearing) held after Sept.

23, 1950, at election of alien; bound by new

regulations; Vol. IV, p. 556 hearing in absentia; Vol. VII, p. 528 hearing, refusal of naturalized citizen to appear

for; "reasonable cause”, sec. 242(b); Vol. VII,

P. 529 hearing officer: authority to issue subpoena to compel produc

tion of Service records; Vol. V, p. 60 substitution, propriety; Vol. IV, P. 596; Vol.

V, p. 743 illicit relationship, adjournment to permit ad.

justment; Vol. II, p. 876
lodging of additional charges; sec. 242(1) proceed.

ings; Vol. VIII, p. 276
lodging of charge under Act of Sept. 23, 1950, in

hearing commenced prior thereto; Vol. IV, p.

lodging of charge under 1952 Act; warrant of

arrest issued prior thereto; Vol. VI, p. 540
lodging of charge; 8 CFR 242.16(d); necessity of

factual allegations; Vol. VII, p. 443
oath, power of immigration officer to administer;

Vol. IV, p. 415
place to which deportable; see Place of depor.

reasonable cause, sec. 242(b), 1952 Act; Vol. VII,

p. 529
recommendation of court against; see Recom-

mendation against deportation
reentry after deportation, unlawful; sec. 242(1),

1952 Act; Vol. VI, p. 461
reopening of hearing:
authority, discretionary nature of; Vol. III,

P. 490; Vol. V, p. 472
authority, discretionary relief under sec. 244(a)

(5), 1952 Act, Communist Party member;

Vol. V, p. 141
authority of special inquiry officer to recon.

sider his order denying voluntary departure;
Vol. V, p. 557

P. 405

citizenship revoked; warrant of arrest issued

before alien's naturalization; Vol. IV, p. 327 commitment as defective delinquent; effect

under sec. 241(a), 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 538 court dismissed sec. 503, 1940 Act, suit without

entry of final order; effect in subsequent de

portation proceedings; Vol. VIII, p. 244 executed order; collateral attack on; Vol. VIII,

pp. 276, 611 deferment of action to permit completion of

probation and application for extinction of

sentence; Vol. VII, p. 242 deported alien; effect of reinterpretation of law,

permission to reapply; Vol. III, pp. 83, 605,

818 effect of Sung decision on bearings held after

enactment of Acts of Sept. 23, 1950, and Sept.

27, 1950; Vol. IV, p. 433 entry; use of any, as basis for charge; Vol. VI,

p. 684 evidence of deportability:

necessity of introduction at hearing; Vol. I,

P. 411

Deportation-Continued reopening of hearing-continued authority, solely to permit belated appeal;

Vol. V, p. 520 finality of hearing officer's denial when no ex.

ceptions taken to deportation order; Vol.

IV, p. 733 proof of U.S. birth; Vol. VI, p. 415 repeal of statutory ground for; Vol. V, p. 463 retroactive statutory provisions, validity; Vol.

V, pp. 261, 392; Vol. VI, p. 540 savings clauses of 1952 Act; see Savings clauses

(sec. 405, 1952 Act) seamen, of; procedure, 1917 Act; Vol. I, pp. 290,

689; Vol. II, p. 404 seamen, of; procedure, 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 127 termination of proceedings to permit filing peti.

tion for naturalization; Vol. VI, p. 713 warrant of deportation, period of validity; Vol.

IV, p. 338 Deportation grounds (for deportation ground based

upon a cause existing at time of entry, see also

Exclusion grounds): commercialized vice after entry; Vol. VI, pp. 98,

540 convicted after entry of conspiracy which began

before entry; Vol. II, pp. 46, 95 convicted of crime before 1917; Vol. V, p. 370 convicted of crime (sec. 241(a)(4), 1952 Act): applicability of "petty offense" exemption;

Vol. VIII, p. 658 commuted sentence, effect; Vol. VI, p. 562 conviction need not be in U.S.; Vol. VII, p.

356 conviction not within 5-year period; Vol. VI,

Deportation grounds-Continued convicted of two crimes-continued

subsequent to prior entry; Vol. V, pp. 370, 728 crime; see also Conviction of crime; and Crime displaced person; misrepresentation to gain ad

mission to U.S., Act of June 25, 1948; Vol. IV,

pp. 663, 748 entry at other than designated port; Vol. I, p.

617; Vol. II, p. 214 entry by false and misleading statements:

false claim of birth in U.S.; Vol. VI, p. 275 false claim of U.S. citizenship; Vol. I, p. 385;

Vol. V, pp. 220, 642 impersonation of U.S. citizen; continuity of

ground following departure and reentry;

Vol. VIII, p. 128 entry without inspection: by falsely claiming citizenship; applicability

of sec. 7, 1957 Act; Vol. VIII, p. 143 distinguished from entry at other than desig

nated port; Vol. I, p. 617 entry as naturalized citizen but naturalization

later cancelled for reasons other than fraud;

Vol. VII, p. 103 failure to volunteer information; Vol. I, p. 345 naval personnel, foreign; Vol. II, p. 293 physically present for inspection as factor;

Vol. I, pp. 90, 386; Vol. III, p. 136 record of child's entry nonexistent, effect;

Vol. V, p. 181 seaman, applicability to; Vol. I, p. 403 sec. 241(a)(2), 1952 Act, retroactive; Vol. V,

p. 642; Vol. VI, pp. 242, 540 sec. 405(a), 1952 Act, effect upon prior nonde

portable status; Vol. VI, p. 242 within city limits where port of entry is lo

cated; Vol. I, p. 617; Vol. II, p. 214 failure to furnish notification of address: continuity of ground following departure and

and reentry; Vol. VII, p. 536; Vol. VIII,

p. 684

conviction of an offense under sec. 722(8), N.Y.

Penal Law, as; Vol. VII, p. 520 coram nobis action vacating conviction record,

effect; Vol. VIII, p. 611 entry; use of any, as basis for charge; Vol. VI,

p. 128

P. 684

new order imposing sentence 4 years after sus

pension of imposition of sentence with pro

bation; Vol. VIII, p. 504 sentence revoked and complaint dismissed,

effect; Vol. VII, p. 171 suspended sentence, effect; Vol. VI, p. 346 suspension of imposition of sentence; Vol. VII,

general; Vol. V, pp. 216, 692 Foreign Agents Registration Act, conviction for

violating; Vol. III, p. 310; Vol. IV, p. 269 fraudulent marriage ("Gigolo" Act of May 14,

1937): annulment, California; Vol. III, p. 73; Vol.

VI, p. 153 annulment, New York; Vol. III, pp. 25, 102 failure to fulfill marital agreement; applica

bility of sec. 7, Act of Sept. 11, 1957; Vol. VII,

p. 577

p. 715

convicted of "petty offense": prior to entry and before Sept. 3, 1954; Vol.

VI, pp. 331, 435 subsequent to entry; Vol. VII, p. 147; Vol.

VIII, p. 658 convicted of two crimes: final conviction, sec. 241(a)(4); Vol. VII, p.

539 length of sentence or confinement as factor

(sec. 241(a)(4)); Vol. VIII, p. 424 number of charges in warrant; Vol. II, p. 629 one crime a "petty offense"; Vol. VI, p. 614 single scheme of criminal misconduct, 1952

Act; Vol. V, pp. 470, 728; Vol. VI, pp. 167, .382; Vol. VII, p. 144; Vol. VIII, pp. 170, 236, 447

fraudulent marriage (1952 Act):

burden of proof; Vol. VII, pp. 417, 460, 601 failure to fulfill marital agreement, respondent

not at fault; Vol. VII, p. 601 head tax, failure to pay; Vol. II, p. 250 insanity, excludable at entry because of prior

attack; see Exclusion grounds multiple charges (not nonquota immigrant and

visa procured by fraud); Vol. IV, p. 684 narcotic drug addict:

addict distinguished from mere user; Vol. III,

P. 620

conviction under sec. 11721, Calif. Health &

Safety Code; Vol. VI, p. 374 evidence of addiction, sufficiency; sec. 241 (a)

(11); Vol. VIII, p. 108

Deportation grounds-Continued narcotics, offenses relating to (see also Exclusion

grounds: narcotics, offenses relating to): charge of conviction for illicit traffic not re

pugnant to charge of conviction of violating

narcotics tax law; Vol. V, p. 261 conspiracy to violate narcotics law; Vol. VI,

p. 357


convicted in 1925, one count under sec. 2(c) of

Narcotic Drugs Import and Export Act; sentenced to imprisonment for 15 months

generally on three counts; Vol. III, p. 460 convicted in 1928 for violation of Narcotic

Drugs Import and Export Act; sentenced to imprisonment for 15 mos.; reentered U.S.

thereafter; Vol. II, p. 406 convicted in 1935 for violation of Narcotic

Drugs Import and Export Act; sentence

suspended; Vol. III, p. 387 convicted in 1938 for violation of Act of Aug. 2,

1937, 26 U.S.C. 2591 (Marihuana Tax Act); deportability under sec. 241(a)(11), 1952 Act;

Vol. V, p. 261 convicted in Dec. 1940 of being transferee of

marihuana, in violation of Marihuana Tax

Act, 26 U.S.C. 2593; Vol. I, p. 160 convicted in 1916 and 1948, for unlawful pos


Deportation grounds-Continued prostitution: Assisting a prostitute: also receiving, sharing or deriving benefit

from earnings, and found managing house;

Vol. II, p. 659
distinguished from pandering charge; Vol.

III, p. 290
Filipino, former national of U.S., who last

entered as national; Vol. III, p. 155 husband of prostitutė not sharing her earn.

ings; Vol. I, p. 408 benefiting from prostitute's earnings; mother

accepting money from her prostitute daugh

ter; Vol. I, p. 29 commercial element as factor; Vol. I, p. 606 committed under duress; Vol. VII, p. 251 employed as nurse at house of; Vol. VII, p. 432 employed at place frequented by prostitutes;

Vol. II, p. 50 engaged in, after entry; Vol. VI, p. 743 engaged in, before entry; nunc pro tunc exer

session of marihuana; Vol. III, p. 502 convicted in 1947, for concealment of fraudu

lently imported opium, in violation of 21

U.S.C. 174; Vol. III, p. 620 conviction before or after entry, sec. 241(a)(11),

1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 651 conviction, finality of; Vol. VII, pp. 580, 670;

Vol. VIII, pp. 269, 429 conviction in 1917; inadmissibility waived sec.

212(c); deportability thereafter sec. 241(a)(11);

Vol. VII, p. 274 expungement of conviction record by State,

effect; Vol. VIII, p. 429 facts outside record of conviction; Vol. V,

cise sec, 5, Act of Sept', 11, 1957; Vol. VII, p.

713 engaging in; single act; Vol. VI, p. 474 inmate of house; Vol. III, P. 155 maintaining house; Vol. III, p. 168 management of house, connected with; Vol.

III, p. 20 managing house, found; Vol. II, pp. 659, 767;

Vol. III, p. 20 managing house, found; conviction of keeping

disorderly house as evidence; Vol. I, p. 217 managing house, found; house of assignation

distinguished; city ordinances, Tampa, Fla.;

Vol. III, p. 199 pardon for offense; effect, where evidence exclusive of conviction record insufficient

to sustain charge; Vol. VII, p. 370 past practice of, 1952 Act; Vol. V, p. 559 practicing; single act for gain; Vol. II, p. 50 previously deported in connection with; Vol.

III, P. 820 procuring male persons for purpose of; sec.

241(a)(12), 1952 Act; Vol. VII, p. 392 sharing prostitute's earnings; Vol. II, pp. 659,

767 timely service of warrent of arrest; Vol. II, pp.

324, 659, 767; Vol. III, p. 20
psychopathic personality, afflicted with, at

homosexual; Vol. VII, p. 258; Vol. VIII, P. 409
temporary illness due to wartime experiences;

Vol. VIII, p. 646
public charge, becama, within five years after

entry: demand for payment, necessity for; Vol. II,

pp. 538, 694 demand for payment not made within ive

years; Vol. VI, p. 349 Illinois State Hospital; Vol. II, p. 78; Vol.

III, p. 323 insane person, penal institution; Vol. IV, p.

565; Vol. V, p. 725 psychosis, development, not conclusive; Vol.

V. p. 682 “war bride", P. L. 271, Dec. 28, 1945, mentally

defective; Vol, V, p. 209

P. 179

planting and cultivating, Health & Safety

Code of California, sec. 11530; Vol. V, p. 309 possession, attempted, with intent to sell;

Vol. VI, p. 353 possession, unlawful; 1952 Act; Vol. V, pp. 461,

479; Vol. VII, p. 571; Vol. VIII, p. 397 possession, unlawful (N.Y.); nature of un.

specified drug ascertained from police affi.

davit & laboratory report; Vol. VIII, p. 670 recommendation against deportation; see

Recommendation against deportation: nar

cotics offense reentry after conviction, effect; Vol. III, p. 460 sale of substance in lieu of narcotic after agree

ing to sell narcotic, Health & Safety Code of

Calif., sec. 11502; Vol. VII, p. 100 sec. 241(a)(11), 1942 Act, as amended by Act

of July 18, 1956; retroactive application; Vol.

VII, p. 571 transfer, unlawful; Vol. V, p. 461 transferee of marihuana; Vol. I, p. 571; Vol. V,

p. 476

use, unlawful (addiction to); Calif. Health &

Safety Code, sec. 11721; Vol. VII, P. 533

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