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Traduites de l'Italien, avec Préface et Appendice, par Cés. Tondini de Quarenghi. Société Bibliographique, Maurice, Paris ; Burns and Oates, London, 1882; 12mo, pp. viii., 104.

58. History of Love, drawn from the Holy Scriptures (Storia dell' Amore, cavata dalle divine Scritture). Feraboli, Cremona, 1834; Batelli, Naples ; in French, De Périsse, Paris and Lyons, 1839.

These three works appeared in one volume, entitled Ascetics (Ascetica). Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1840, 8vo, pp. 548.

59. Essay on Happiness (Saggio sopra la Felicità). Marchesani, Rovereto, 1822, 8vo, pp. 11; Florence, 1823, with the title Essay on Hope, in Opposition to certain Ideas of Ugo Foscolo's (Saggio sulla Speranza, contro alcune Idce of Ugo Foscolo). Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1828 ; Batelli, Naples.

60. Brief Exposition of the Philosophy of Melchior Gia (Breve Esposizione della Filosofia di Melchiorre Gioja). Printed in vol. ii. of the Opuscoli Filosofici, BoniardiPogliani, Milan, 1828.

61. Examination of the Fashionable Opinions of Melchior Gioja (Esame delle Opinioni de Melchiorre Gioja in Favore della Moda). In vol. vi. of the Memorie di Modena, 1824; in vol. ii. of the Opuscoli Filosofici, Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1828 ; Batelli, Naples.

This was an attempt to expose the Epicureanism of Gioja, who replied with considerable asperity, but is said to have died repentant. The work pleased Pope Pius VIII.

62. Essay on the Religious Teaching of 7. D. Romagnosi (Saggio sulla Dottrina Religiosa di G. D. Romagnosi). In the Annali delle Scienze religiose, Rome, 1837; Batelli, Naples.

63. Fragments of a History of Impiety (Frammenti di una Storia dell' Empietà). Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1834; Batelli, Naples. In French, with the title Fragment d'une Histoire de l'Impieté et Réfutation du Système religieux de Benjamin Constant. Pélagaud, Lesne et Crozet, Lyons, 1837, Svo, pp. 116.

These five works were published together in one volume, with the title of Apologetics (Apologetica). Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1839-40; Batelli, Naples ; Speirani, Turin, 1880. In the same volume were four letters, one to the Abbé Lammenais, On the Criterion of Certainty (Sul Criterio della Certezza); one to the Abbé Gustavo dei Conti Avogadro, On the Abbé Vincenzo Gioberti's Theory of the Supernatural (Sulla Teorica del Sopranaturale dell'Ab. Vincenzo Gioberti); one to Dr. L. Prejalmini, On the Phenomena of Artificial Somnambulism (Sui Fenomeni del Sonnambulismo Artificiale); and a second to the Abbé Lammenais. This last was originally printed in the Propagatore Religioso, Milan, 1837, and then in the Pragmatologia at Lucca, 1838.

64. On Christian Education (Della Educazione Cristiana, Libri III.). Battagia, Venice, 1823, 12mo, pp. 232; reproduced in the Poliantca of Milan after Rosmini's death.

The author wrote this book in 1822 for his sister Margaret, a nun and a person of much character. Her life has been written.

65. Addresses to the Clergy on Ecclesiastical Duties (Conferenze al Clero sui Doveri Ecclesiastici). Speirani, Turin, 1880, Svo, pp. 397.

66. The Rationalism threatening to insinuate itself in the Schools of Theology (Il Razionalismo che tenta insinuarsi nelle Scuole Teologiche, additato in varii recenti opuscoli anonimi). Monza, 1841. Withdrawn after a few sheets were printed; but now just published. Fratelli Bocca, Turin, etc., 1882 ; 8vo, PP. 310.

67. Exhortations to Young Men (Esortazioni tenute ai Giovani). Fifty-one in

Fifty-one in number (first three wanting). Only in manuscript.

68. Short Discourses on the Eucharist to Children at their First Communion (Discorsetti sull'Eucaristia a de' Fanciulli che fanno la prima Comunione). Two in number. Only in manuscript.

69. Elucidations of the Gospels (Spiegazioni Evangeliche). For Sundays and chief feasts of the year.

Written be. tween 1821 and 1835. Only in manuscript.

70. Brief Meditations (Brevi Meditazioni). On separate cards for the use of persons meditating alone. Only in manuscript

71. Praises of the Priesthood (Lodi del Sacerdozio). An unpublished juvenile work, written in 1813.

72. Praises of St. Philip Neri (Lodi di San Filippo Neri). Written in 1813. Battagia, Venice, 1821, small 8vo, pp. 62.



73. Day of Solitude (Giorno di Solitudine, di Simonino Ironta). This is the earliest of Rosmini's works, having been written in 1813. Its subject is the education of a poor outcast boy by Friendship, Philosophy, and Religion. It attempts to imitate the style of the trecentisti,

Simonino Ironta is an anagram for Antonio Rosmini.

74. Epistle to S. di Apollonia (Epistola a Scbastiano di Apollonia). In blank verse. Subject, Praise of country life and repose as a preparation for new duties. Bettoni, Padua, 1881.

75. Epistle to N. Tommaséo (Epistola a Nicolò Tommaséo). On Friendship ; in blank verse. Marchesani, Rovereto, 1820.

76. Letter to P. A. Paravia, on the Italian Language (Lettera a Pier Alessandro Paravia sulla Lingua Italiana). Bettoni, Padua, 1819; Valadini, Lugano, 1834, in the Prose, ossia diversi Opuscoli del Cav. Ant. Rosmini-Serbati.

77. On the Principles which a Writer ought to follow in regard to the Manner of expressing Himself (Dei Principii che deve seguire uno Scrittore circa la maniera di esprimersi). Unpublished.

78. The Idyll and the New Italian Literature (L'Idillio e la Nuova Letteratura Italiana). In vol. i. of the Opuscoli Filosofici, Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1827.

Treats of the three Laws of Art, Probability, Facility, and Beauty.

79. Discussion on Beauty (Ragionamento intorno alla Bellezza). See under 82.

80. Literary Amenity (Galateo dei Literati). Modena, 1826; Sartori, Ancona, 1830, 16mo, pp. 186, in vol. i. of the Opuscoli Filosofici, Boniardi-Pogliani, Milan, 1827; 8vo, pp. 187.

This work, which gave great pleasure to Pope Pius VIII., was written in reply to Gioja’s Galatio, and was an attempt to show how polemics ought to be conducted.

81. The Card of Excuse (La Carta di Scusa). A dialogue published in the Prose, ossia diversi Opuscoli del Cav. Ant. Rosmini-Serbati, Valadini, Lugano, 1834.

82. Preface to the Translation of the Life of St. Jerome (Prefazione al Volgarizzamento della Vita di S. Girolamo). Marchesani, Rovereto, 1824.

This translation was published under the title Volgarizzamento della Vita di S. Girolamo, testo di lingua emendato con varii MSS. Rosmini was the chief co-operator in the publication.

The above four works were published in one volume under the title of Literature and the Fine Arts (Letteratura e Arti Belle). Bertolotti, Intra, 1870, 8vo, pp. iv., 350. A second volume, edited by Father Perez, and made up of passages relating to literature and art from Rosmini’s various works, appeared in 1873, 8vo, pp. 830.

83. Various Treatises on Christian Marriage. Cellini, Florence, 1862, 16mo, pp. 567. This volume is made up of various treatises, most of them previously published. The most important is that on the Civil Laws relating to the Marriage of Christians (Sulle Leggi Civili che riguardano il Matrimonio de' Cristiani), consisting of a number of articles addressed to Bishop Moreno of Ivrea, and printed in the Armonia of Turin. Reproduced in book form at Turin, 1851.

84. On the Siccardi Law (Sulla Legge Siccardi). A series of articles in the Armonia of Turin, 1850.

85. Charity (La Carità, discorso). Casuccio, Casale, 1852.

86. Rules of the Institute of Charity (Regole dell'Istituto delle Carità). Latin and Italian. Marietti, Turin, 1837.

87. Constitutions of the Institute of Charity (Costituzioni dell'Istituto della Carità). In Latin. Printed in England, but not published or accessible. Quarto.

88. Rules of the Adscripts to the Institute of Charity (Regole degli Ascritti all'Istituto della Carità). Printed, along with No. 57, Ibertis, Novara, 1842.

89. Statute for the Missionaries of the Institute of Charity at the Sacra of St. Michael (Statuto pei Missionarii dell'Istituto della Carità). Marietti, Turin, 1847.

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