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An Apostle of Christ Jesus

By the will of God,
To the faithful and devoted followers of

Christ Jesus
Who are in Ephesus.
May favor be yours and peace,
From God our Father, and the Lord Jesus


Blessed be the God

And Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who blessed us once for all with every spiritual

blessing In heaven and in Christ, Just as he once for all chose us in him

Before the creation of the world, To be devoted to himself and blameless in his

sight. For, in his love, he had once for all determined That we should become his sons through Jesus Christ,


In fulfilment of the kindly purpose of his will,
And that we should win praise

For the majestic character of the favor
Which he kindly bestowed on us in his dear


It is in him and through his death we have de

liverance, That is, the putting away of our offences. This is in harmony with the wealth of the divine

favor Which God heaped on us,

With every kind of wisdom and prudence, When he once for all made known to us

The secret truth concerning his will. And it is also in harmony with the kindly pur

pose, Which God formed once for all in him, To bring everything together again in the


When the times are ripe for it, Everything in heaven and everything on earth : In the Christ, I say, in whom we became God's

possession, To which we had already been appointed, In the intention of him who does everything Just as the deliberate purpose of his will de


Ep. 1:12.



So that we, who have already hoped in the

Should win praise for the perfection of his


It is in him you also heard the message of the

The Good News of your

salvation. In him you also believed and were marked as his

By receiving the Holy Spirit as promised. And this is a foretaste and pledge of our in

heritance, Telling of the deliverance of God's own pos

session, And of praise for the perfection of his char

acter. For this reason, and because I have heard of the faith in the Lord Jesus which is among you, and of your faithfulness to all his devoted followers, I do not cease to give thanks for you and I keep mentioning you in my prayers. I keep asking the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father whose character is perfect majesty, to give you his Spirit as a source of wisdom and revelation in the real and true knowledge of himself. I keep asking that your spiritual vision may be made so clear that you may appreciate the hope which his divine call opens to us, the wealth and majestic character of


his inheritance among his devoted followers, and the surpassing greatness of his power which he is able to exercise for us who believe in him. It is the same mighty power as that which he exercised on the Christ when he raised him from the dead, and caused him to sit at his right hand in heaven, far above angelic beings of every rank, and everything else which has a name, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come. And God put everything in Christ's power, and gave him as head over everything to the Church, which is his body, the fulness of him who fills everything with everything it has.

Take, for instance, your own case again. You were dead because of your offences and sins. For you once lived in them after the fashion of this world, and under the influence of the ruler of the powers of the air, the spirit who is now working in the disobedient. And it was among these all of us also once lived, indulging the cravings of our carnal nature, carrying out the desires prompted by it and by our own thoughts. And by our very nature we were fit subjects of divine judgment like everybody else. But because of the great love he had for us, God was full of pity for us, and so while we were still dead because of our offences, he gave life to us in giving life to the Christ. It is by favor you have been saved.-And, in union with

EPH. 2: 6.



For we

Christ Jesus, God raised us with him and made us sit with him in heaven, so that by his kindness to us in Christ Jesus he might show to the coming ages the surpassing wealth of his favor. For it is because of the divine favor you have been saved through faith. It is not due to yourselves. It is the gift of God. It is not due to what you have done, so that none of you should boast. are God's work, created in Christ Jesus for generous deeds which he had already prepared so that we might devote our lives to them.

So remember that you yourselves were once heathen, as your bodies show, and are called “ The Uncircumcised ” by those who are called “The Circumcised," their circumcision being one made on the body by the hand of man. For at that time you were without Christ. You were alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the agreements founded on God's promise. You were in the world without hope and without God. But now, through your life in Christ Jesus, you, who were once far away, have, by the death of the Christ, been brought near. For it is he who is our peace. For he has made the two divisions of mankind one. He has torn down the dividing wall, and, in his human nature, he has brought to nothing the cause of enmity between them, that is, the law with its rules and regulations. And he has done this so as

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