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And he searcheth after every green The quiver rattleth against him,
The glittering spear and the shield.
He swalloweth the ground with fierce-
ness and rage;


Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee,

Or abide by thy crib?

Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow?

Neither believeth he that it is the sound of the trumpet.

He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha! Or will he harrow the valleys after And he smelleth the battle afar off, The thunder of the captains, and the shouting.


Wilt thou trust him, because his strength is great?

Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, him? And stretch her wings toward the south? will Doth the eagle mount up at thy command,

Or wilt thou leave thy labor to
Wilt thou believe him, that he
bring home thy seed,
And gather it into thy barn?
Gavest thou the goodly wings
the peacocks?
Or wings and feathers unto

ostrich ?

And make her nest on high?

unto She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, Upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place.


From thence she seeketh the prey, Which leaveth her eggs in the earth, And her eyes behold afar off. And warmeth them in the dust, Her young ones also suck up blood: And forgetteth that the foot may And where the slain are, there is she.

crush them,

Or that the wild beast may break them.

She is hardened against her young


As though they were not hers:
Her labor is in vain without fear;
Because God hath deprived her


Neither hath he imparted to her


Wonderful Works of God.

Then answered the Lord unto Job
out of the whirlwind, and said,
Gird up thy loins now like a man:
I will demand of thee, and declare
thou unto me.

Wilt thou also disannul my judgment?
Wilt thou condemn me, that thou
mayest be righteous?
Hast thou an arm like God?

What time she lifteth up herself on Or canst thou thunder with a voice like him?,


The glory of his nostrils is terrible. He paweth in the valley, and rejoiceth in his strength:


She scorneth the horse and his rider. Deck thyself now with majesty and Hast thou given the horse strength? excellency;

Hast thou clothed his neck with And array thyself with glory and



Canst thou make him afraid as a Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath : And behold every one that is proud, and abase him.

Look on every one that is proud, and
bring him low;

He goeth on to meet the armed men.
He mocketh at fear, and is not

And tread down the wicked in their

Hide them in the dust together; Neither turneth he back from the And bind their faces in secret.


That_thine own right hand can save Shall thy companions make a banquet thee. of him?

Behold now behemoth, which I made Shall they part him among the merwith thee;


Canst thou fill his skin with barbed
irons ?

He eateth grass as an ox.
Lo now, his strength is in his loins,
And his force is in the navel of his

He moveth his tail like a cedar;
The sinews of his stones are wrapped

Or his head with fish-spears?
Lay thy hand upon him,
Remember the battle, do no more.
Behold, the hope of him is in vain:
Shall not one be cast down even at
the sight of him?
None is so fierce that dare stir him up:

His bones are as strong pieces of brass;
His bones are like bars of iron.
He is the chief of the ways of God: Who then is able to stand before me?

He that made him can make his His
sword to approach unto him.
Surely the mountains bring him forth By

scales are his pride, shut up
together as with a close seal.
his nessings a light doth shine,
And his eyes are like the eye-lids of
the morning.

Out of his mouth go burning lamps,
And sparks of fire leap out.
Out of his nostrils goeth smoke,
As out of a seething pot or caldron.
His breath kindleth coals,
And a flame goeth out of his mouth.

Behold, he drinketh up a river, and When he raiseth up himself, the

hasteth not:

mighty are afraid:

He trusteth that he can draw up By reason of breakings they purify
Jordan into his mouth.

He taketh it with his eyes:
His nose pierceth through snares.
Wonderful Works of God.


Where all the beasts of the field play.
He lieth under the shady trees,
In the covert of the reed, and fens.
The shady trees cover him with their


The willows of the brook compass

him about.


Canst thou draw out leviathan with a He esteemeth iron as straw,
And brass as rotten wood.

Or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?

The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold:

The spear, the dart, nor the haber

The arrow cannot make him flee:
Sling-stones are turned with him into

Canst thou put a hook into his nose? stubble.
Or bore his jaw through with a thorn? Darts are counted as stubble:

Will he make many supplications He laugheth at the shaking of a

unto thee?


Will he speak soft words unto thee? He maketh the deep to boil like a Will he make a covenant with thee?


Wilt thou take him for a servant for He maketh the sea like a pot of ointment.


Or wilt thou bind him for thy

maidens ?

Wilt thou play with him as with a He maketh a path to shine after him; bird? One would think the deep to be


Upon earth there is not his like,

Who is made without fear.

Therefore have I uttered that I understood not;

He beholdeth all high things:

He is a king over all the children of Things too wonderful for me, which


I knew not.

God accepteth and blesseth Job. I know that thou canst do every thing,

And that no thought can be withholden from thee.

Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge?

Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me.


have heard of thee by the hearing
of the ear:

But now mine eye seeth thee:
Wherefore I abhor myself,
And repent in dust and ashes.


I WILL sing unto the Lord, for he hath The floods stood upright as an heap, And the depths were congealed in the heart of the sea.

triumphed gloriously:

The horse and his rider hath he
thrown into the sea.

The Lord is my strength and song,
And he is become my salvation:
He is my God, and I will prepare
him an habitation;

My father's God, and I will exalt

The Lord is a man of war:
The Lord is his name.
Pharaoh's chariots and his host hath
he cast into the sea:
His chosen captains also are drowned
in the Red sea.

The depths have covered them:
They sank into the bottom as

The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake,

I will divide the spoil;

My lust shall be satisfied upon them;
I will draw my sword,
My hand shall destroy them.
Thou didst blow with thy wind,
The sea covered them:

They sank as lead in the mighty


Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods?

Who is like thee, glorious in holiness, Fearful in praises, doing wonders? a Thou stretchedst out thy right hand, The earth swallowed them. Thou in thy mercy hast led forth the people


Thy right hand, O Lord, is become
glorious in power:

Thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed
in pieces the enemy.
And in the greatness of thine excel-

Which thou hast redeemed:
Thou hast guided them in thy

Unto thy holy habitation.

Thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee:

The people shall hear, and be afraid;
Sorrow shall take hold on the inhabi-
tants of Palestina.

Thou sentest forth thy wrath,
Which consumed them as stubble.
And with the blast of thy nostrils
The waters were gathered toge-The mighty men of Moab, trembling,

Then the dukes of Edom shall be

All the inhabitants of Canaan shall Thou shalt bring them in,

melt away.

Fear and dread shall fall upon them;
By the greatness of thine arm they In
shall be as still as a stone;
Till thy people pass over, O Lord,
Till the people pass over, which thou
hast purchased.


When the people willingly themselves.

PRAISE ye the Lord for the avenging That offered themselves willingly of Israel,

And plant them in the mountain of thine inheritance,

Hear, O ye kings;
Give ear, O ye princes:
I, even I, will sing unto the Lord;
I will sing praise to the Lord God of

Lord, when thou wentest out of

When thou marchedst out of the field
of Edom,

among the people. offered Bless ye the Lord.

The earth trembled, and the heavens

The clouds also dropped water.
The mountains melted from before
the Lord,

the place, O Lord, which thou hast made for thee to dwell in, the Sanctuary, O Lord, which thy hands have established. The Lord shall reign for ever and ever!



In the days of Jael,

The highways were unoccupied,
And the travellers walked through


The inhabitants of the villages ceased,
They ceased in Israel,
Until that I Deborah arose,
That I arose a mother in Israel.
They chose new gods;
Then was war in the gates:
Was there a shield or spear seen
among forty thousand in Israel?
My heart is toward the governors of

Speak, ye that ride on white asses, Ye that sit in judgment, and walk by the way.

They that are delivered from the noise of archers

In the places of drawing water, There shall they rehearse the righteous acts of the Lord,

Even the righteous act toward the in

Even that Sinai from before the Lord
God of Israel.

In the days of Shamgar the son of Then he made him that remaineth have dominion over the nobles among the people:

The Lord made me have dominion

habitants of his villages in Israel; Then shall the people of the Lord go down to the gates. |Awake, awake, Deborah: Awake, awake, utter a song: Arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity


Thou son of Abinoam.

over the mighty.

Out of Ephraim was there a root of
them against Amalek;
After thee, Benjamin, among thy

Out of Machir came down governors,
And out of Zebulun they that handle
the pen of the writer.

And the princes of Issachar were with

Even Issachar, and also Barak:
He was sent on foot into the valley.

the tent.

For the divisions of Reuben there Blessed shall she be above women in were great thoughts of heart. Why abodest thou among the sheep- He asked water and she gave him folds, milk:

She brought forth butter in a lordly

To hear the bleatings of the flocks?
For the divisions of Reuben there
were great searchings of heart.
Gilead abode beyond Jordan:
And why did Dan remain in ships?
Asher continued on the sea-shore,
And abode in his breaches.
Zebulun and Naphtali were a people She smote off his head,

that jeoparded their lives unto When she had pierced and stricken
the death

through his temples. At her feet he bowed, he fell, he lay down:

In the high places of the field.

The kings came and fought,
Then fought the kings of Canaan in At her feet he bowed, he fell:
Taanach by the waters of Where he bowed, there he fell down



They took no gain of money.
They fought from heaven;
The stars in their courses fought
against Sisera.

The river of Kishon swept them


She put her hand to the nail,

And her right hand to the workman's

And with the hammer she smote

The mother of Sisera looked out at a window,

Why tarry the wheels of his chariots? That ancient river, the river Kishon. Her wise ladies answered her,

Curse ye bitterly the inhabitants
Because they came not to the help
of the Lord,

To the help of the Lord against the

And cried through the lattice,
Why is his chariot so long in com-

O my soul, thou hast trodden down Yea, she returned answer to herself, Have they not sped?


Then were the horse-hoofs broken by Have they not divided the prey:
the means of the prancings, To every man a damsel or two;
The prancings of their mighty To Sisera a prey of divers colors,
A prey of divers colors of needle-

Blessed above women shall Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite be,


Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of work,

the Lord,

Of divers colors of needle-work on both sides,

Meet for the necks of them that take
the spoil?

So let all thine enemies perish, O

But let them that love him be as the


When he goeth forth in his might.

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