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are bound to investigate every proposed scheme of PROLOGUE.

social reform, and to follow it out at any cost, if it TO-DAY we stand in the grey dawn of a new

would have met the commendation of the Poor Man era. The shadows are lifting, and the mountain of Nazareth.” To the Radical, the Democrat, and peaks above us are golden in the first gleam of day. I the Socialist we say, with the deepest sympathy A sincere belief that inquiry will elicit the truth, with their motives and their aims, that no legislawhich alone can make us free, has brought about tive reform, no equalisation of voting power, no rethe growth of tolerance in the minds of Christian distribution of wealth will effect the results they Englishmen, and the misery and despair which are

desire. Can the world be made happy by Acts of directly paralysing millions, and indirectly sadden Parliament alone? Will those who now will not ing thousands of lives in all classes, are slowly but stir a finger to get votes use their electoral power surely bearing their fruit in the conviction that truly well? Would the Socialist's object be really wrongdoing and injustice are at the root of our

gained if every man in England were as wealthy as social anarchy. The creed that little can be done

an alderman or an archbishop? We wish to go by man to lighten the burden of suffering of his deeper into the heart of the matter than that.

We shall find in dealing with matters of present

. before an andience in London, a professed political interest that one political party may be more often

on our side than the other; we shall find ourselves economist said that “it is now apparent to all that the long and bitter controversy between economists probably obliged to speak against the crimes and and human beings has ended in the conversion of follies of certain strata of society nearly as strongly

as the Christian communists of eighteen centuries the economists.” In another part of this issue will

ago. be found striking confirmation of this view, drawn

But we disclaim any political bins; we declare

that class hatreds and class prejudices shall be exfrom contemporary literature. Signs are not wanting to show that social dis

cluded from our pages, and that to us “class” grier

ances have no mea ruption or social reform must shortly take place.

heaning, for“ Bitter voices say it, voices of battle and of famine

"Labouring man and labouring woman through all the world, which must be heard some

Have one sorrow and one shame. day, who ever keeps silence." We declare for

Everything that's done inhuman

Injures all of them the same." social reform. Who is on our side? To professing Christians we say,

“You are bound to follow in your The belief that not hate but love is the law of life social life the commands you acknowledge in your will cleanse our most vehement protests from the private life. As men of business, and as citizens, bitter personalities and disgraceful imputations of whatever your shade of belief, you are bound to motive that too often supply the place of argument remember to Do justice and judgment.' Yon 'and patient discussion. If we believe our opinions

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are based on truth, which is great and must prevail,

UNCONSIDERED TRIFLES. we shall be able to advance them with a force that will gain from calm strength of conviction much

“The Conservative party have lately started a more than it will lose by the absence of the energy magazine and a big club. No doubt they expect great of despair. If we think that the faults and vices things to result from this exhibition of energy, but they

are doomed to disappointment. They are merely adding of our poorer or more ignorant brothers are almost a dab of fresh paint to a rotten structure." These are the

words of Lord Dunraven. Not the least remarkable wholly the result of vicious conditions of life, our feature, however, in the formation of the new club is its belief in the absolute equality and brotherhood of It professes to be “constitutional,” and yet the

names which guarantee that quality are the names of men rich and poor, of wise and weak, will force us to ex

who have for three years succeeded in violating the first tend pity to the peer whose pride ruins a province, principles of the Constitution by sheer physical force,

depriving a large constituency of its electoral rights, and as well as to the peasant whose folly desolates a

degrading the House of Representatives to the level of a home. In separating the sinner from the sin, our love for the man will not make our voice tremble

The outrage at Monte Carlo, which occasioned so much in the denunciation of his crime, nor in the exposure excitement, has many parallels in London and other large of its hideous consequences. The Enthusiasm of

towns. The desire of the conspirators at Monte Carlo was

to create a panic, during which the tables would be IIumanity that shrinks from resolute thinking and deserted, and they could help themselves to the money. plain speaking in these days is a guilty and hypo- is to cause a similar panic, during which stocks (whether

The desire of those who “operate ” on the various markets critical sentiment.

of money or goods) are deserted, and the conspirators help

themselves to the difference between the panic sale price We, at any rate, are not afraid to take the name

and the amount which they demand for restoring the of which Maurice and Kingsley were proud, with stock. all the broadened meaning of the term brought out

The Liberty and Property Defence League has issued a by the lives and teachings of our predecessors in circular to Members of Parliament in opposition to Mr. the title “ Christian Socialist," and with all the added that it interferes with “ freedom of contract.” Those who

Staveley Hill's Agricultural Holdings Bill, on the ground significance which Socialism has derived from 35 have studied the modern notions of " freedom of contract " yeur's of patient economic investigations. We are

can form a very good idea of how misleading is the title of

this League. We shall hope later on to further explain convinced that the fulfilment of the wish to give to its objects. For the present, it may be sufficient to point the labourer the fruits of his labour, as well as the out that the “liberty” it defends is the liberty of the rich

to oppress the poor, and its notion of defending property performance of the command that “if any would is not very different from that which a pirate entertains not work neither should he eat,” should be the aim after he has accumulated all he requires. of those who are the disciples of Him who saw- We are told, and truly, that "Relief” degrades the The sin and sorrow in the world, the stream

recipient. But do we ever search deeper, and inquire into Of evil gathering on from age to age,

the real cause of the degradation?. If owners of capital With all its rocks and all its wrecks of life;

engage in business with owners of labour only, the former And men's hearts hardened, and the tender lips

expect the latter to replace both the capital and the

labour, but with this difference, that the capital is to Of women loud in laughter, and the sobs

take to its owners the whole of the increased wealth Or children helpless, and the sighs of slaves, And priests with dead lies for the living truth,

which is produced over and above what is necessary for And kings whose rights were in their people's wrong.

the aforesaid replacement. When the partnership ceases And looking, the miraculous tender eyes,

the owners of capital withdraw the equivalent of their Upon these perishing and gone astray,

original property, and live on the increase. The owners Lifteil the hands of help, alone, unarined,

of labour withdraw the equivalent of their original property, Struck singly out and dashed upon the rocks :

so many arms, legs, heads, &c., and live on-“Relief.” It And in that shock did meet His huinan doom

is degrading to receive as charity that which your own Of suffering, and took it for a crown;

exertion has produced. So that for ever since in minds of men By some true instinct this life has survived

Lord Randolph Churchill is trying to make the best use In a religious, immemorial light,

of the few remaining years in which it may reasonably Pre-eminent in one thing most of all

be expected that pocket-boroughs like Woodstock will The Man of Sorrows-and the Cross of Christ

be allowed a representative in Parliament. The course

to which his fear has driven him is, however, scarcely a Is more to us than all His miracles.

wise one. To attempt to disfranchise a large constituency

is not the best way of distracting attention from the fact THE ORIGIN OF A LANDED GENTRY.—“What we call that in another constituency less than one-seventh of the real estate--the solid ground to build a house on--is the number of electors return a representative to Parliament. broad foundation on which nearly all the guilt of this world rests. A man will commit almost any wrong-he Mr. H. Villiers Stuart, in his report on the condition of will heap up an immense pile of wickedness, as hard as Egypt, says that, “in one small village the Greek had 200 granite, and which will weigh as heavily on his soul to acres, and no other inhabitant had more than a few acres eternal ages-only to build a great, gloomy, dark-chambered | left. The Greek's estate had been carved out of theirs, mansion for himself to die in, and for his posterity to be and the little community had been reduced by this means miserable in."-NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE,

from prosperity to poverty.'


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