Warbeck of Wolfsteïn, Volumul 2

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Rodwell and Martin, 1820

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Pagina 20 - O God ! I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.
Pagina 141 - ... see the ambassadors of France disavowed, to witness the public breach of those engagements on which he had placed his principal reliance ; and he had even reason to suspect that the same hand which had signed the treaty with him, had at the same moment signed a convention with Gustavus Adolphus. He equally felt for the deception, and for the manner in which it was effected, under the guise of religious faith and private friendship ; and was frequently heard to exclaim, " A Capuchin friar has...
Pagina 197 - Cousin is indeed a French word, but from our national love of punning, it is not unlikely that it has in English been commonly pronounced like the verb to cozen ; — so, at least, it was in Shakspeare's time ; Hotspur exclaims, — " Why, what a deal of candied courtesy This fawning greyhound then did proffer me ! Look — ' When his infant fortune came to age' — And ' Gentle Harry Percy,' — and 'kind cousin' — The devil take such COZENERS !
Pagina 44 - Desmond." 45 beseech your Excellency. On my soul you shall not repent it!" He had risen as he spoke : his fine form was thus rendered conspicuous to the multitude, and his noble countenance, animated by the best feelings of man's nature, as he pleaded for a fellow-creature's life, attracted the love and admiration of all who looked upon him : — even the duke gazed on him with ill-concealed pride. " Be content, sir. — I grant you the life of Lieutenant Desmond ! The warrant for his release from...
Pagina 45 - An accla46 mation of thankfulness echoed through the apartment ; — the duke waved his hand, and all was again silence. The sister of Desmond, who had fainted on the stern reply her application encountered, had been borne from the room, and the subject of Desmond's danger laid at rest amongst the guests, who secretly rejoiced, while they marvelled, at the result of the young Count's interposition.
Pagina 27 - Lest the reader should be disposed to suspect the Romanciere of having drawn somewhat extravagantly on the sources of her imagination, she refers him to the authority of that excellent and indefatigable writer, Archdeacon Coxe, for a description of the almost incredible magnificence of this extraordinary man's retirement.
Pagina 48 - Be absolute for death ; or death or life Shall thereby be the sweeter !
Pagina 312 - ... man. — My father, is it too late? Will you not pause one moment ere you leap the gulf? — What is the stake for which you are about to sacrifice all that is precious to a noble spirit? The very utmost you can obtain, is a few short years of remorseful splendour — the very utmost, for I will...
Pagina 312 - ... assertions; but if he tells me I shall become a perfidious traitor, that I shall abuse the confidence of my sovereign, that I shall renounce all the principles which connect man with the Deity, and lend him courage to face all fortunes with an equal temper, I will never believe him...
Pagina 312 - According to the creed set forth in your epistle, vice and virtue, good and evil, are mere nominal existences, and the good and the wise of all times have. been wasting their breath in prating of chimeras. The astrologer may promise me success, or threaten me with ruin, and I cannot disprove...

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