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Now ready, price 6s. a New Edition of BABY MAY, AND OTHER POEMS.

From the WESTMINSTER REVIEW, One of the most popular of our poets. Let us say that every mother ought to learn “Baby May” and “ Baby's Shoes " off by heart.'


Of all writers, the one who has best understood, best painted, best felt infant nature, is Mr. Bennett. We see at once that it is not only a charming and richly-gifted poet who is describing childish beauty, but a young father writing from his heart.'

From the DAILY TELEGRAPH. * “ Baby's Shoes” is worthy to rank with “Baby May," which, from its completeness and finished charm as a picture of infancy, is one of the most exquisite among the whole of Mr. Bennett's productions.'

From the GUARDIAN. • Those readers who do not as yet know “ Baby May" should make her acquaintance forth with ; those who have that pleasure already will find her in good company.' SONGS FOR SAILORS.

SAILORS. Crown 8vo. with Steel Portr it and Illustrations, 3s. 6d.

A CHEAPER EDITION, in Illustrated Paper Covers, 1s. “The ballads descriptive of great naval engagements in this volume seem to us admirably suited to the taste of a forecastle audience, being spirited and dramatic narratives, full of incident and strongly.expressed sentiment, and having a simple, dashing, musical roll and movement that remind us of some songs that are favourites with all sailors, and the couches of humour he introduces are precisely of the kind that they will relish.'

EXAMINER. • We may fairly say that Dr. Bennett has taken up the mantle of Dibdin.'

GRAPHIC. Spirited, melodious, and vigorously graphic.'-MORNING POST. * Very spirited.'-DAILY NEWS.

Really admirable.'—PALL MALL GAZETTE. 'Sure of a wide popularity.'--MORNING ADVERTISER. Very successful.'-JOHN BULL.

Dr. Bennett's heart is thoroughly in his work...... all spirited and vigorous. There is a healthy, manly, fresh-air dash about them which ought to make them popular with the class for whose use and pleasure they are designed ’-SCOTSMAN.

* It seeks to quicken the pulses of our national life. It is to be hoped these spirit-stirring songs may be sung in all parts of the world by our gallant tars, north and south, east and west-wherever, in short, the Union Jack floats proudly over the sea. We heartily commend Dr. Bennett's “ Songs for Sailors” to the public at large.'-LITERARY WORLD.

Dr. Bennett has devoted his lyrical powers to a noble object in this comprehensive yet inexpensive work. This gem deserves to be patronised, not only by our entire Royal Navy, but by all our Sailors' Homes and all our Mercantile Marine Associations.'—LIVERPOOL MAIL.

• There is no one now-a-days who can compete with Dr. Bennett as a popular song-writer. In his volume of Sea Songs we find the qualities which must secure its success.' - LEEDS MERCURY,

‘Dr. Bennett is the most popular song-writer in England at the present time.' SUNDERLAND TIMES. * Well calculated to rouse the enthusiasm of a forecastle audience.'

FIGARO “He has done right well to describe, in ringing verse, our great naval fights.'-ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. * They are precisely the kind of songs that sailors most enjoy.'—ECRO.

HENRY S. KING & CO., London.

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