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II. Little and Wise: The Ants, 16. Sketches from my Schoolroom,

The Coneys, The Locusts, and Four Illustrations.
The Spiders. By the Rev. W.W. 17. Mary Ashton : a True Story
NEWTON. Twelve Illustrations.

of Eighty Years Ago. Four 12. Spoiling the Vines, and For.

Illustrations, tune Telling. By the Rev. W.

18. The Little Prisoner: or, the W.NEWTON. Eight Illustrations. Story of the Dauphin of France.

Five Illustrations. 13. The Kingly Breaker, Concerning Play, and Sowing the Seed.

19. The Story of an ApprenticeBy the Rev. W. W. NEWTON.

ship. Ey the Rev. A. LANGLEY.

20. Mona Bell; or, Faithful in 14. The Fatherly Guide, Rhoda,

Little Things: and Fire in the Soul. By the Rev. 21. Minnie Neilson's Summer W.W. NEWTON. Twelve Illustns.

Holidays, and What Came of 15. Short Sermons for Little Peo

ple. By the Rev. T. CHAMPNESS. 22. Alfred May.

The whole of the Twenty-two Ninepenny books (see above) are sold in

Limp Cloth at Eightpence each.

The following are all in Cloth, gilt edges. Precious Seed, and Little Sowers. Death of the Eldest Son. By

18mo. Four Illustrations. Giltedges. CÆSAR MALAN. Janie : A Flower_from South Emily's Lessons; or, Chapters

Africa. By the Rev.R. LAMPLOUGH. in the Life of a Young Christian. 18mo. With Portrait.

Fragments for Young People. Freddie Cleminson: The Brief History of Joseph. By AGNES

Story of a Blessed Life. By the BULMER.
Rev. T. M'CULLAGH. 18mo. With Jonathan Saville's Life. By the
Portrait, etc.

Rev. F. A. WEST.
Soon and Safe: A Word to the The Sunday Scholar's Guide. By

Young Folks. By the Rev. SIMPSON the Rev. J. T. BARR.
CRUMP. 18mo. Illustrations. Ancass, the Slave Preacher.
Christianity Compared with

Bernard Palissy, the Huguenot Popery : A Lecture.


Cloth, Illuminated, and Coloured Frontispiece. 1. A Kiss for a Blow: Stories 17. The Children on the Plains. about Peace and War.

18. The Babes in the Basket. 2. Louis Henrie; or, The Sister's 19. Richard Harvey; or, Taking Promise.

a Stand. 3. The Giants,

and How to Fight 20. Kitty King: Lessons for Little Them. By Dr. R. NEWTON

Girls. 4. Robert Dawson; or, the Brave 21. Nettie's Mission. Spirit.

22. Little Margery. 5. Jane Hudson, the American

23. Margery's City Home. Girl.

24. The Crossing Sweeper. 6. The Jewish Twins.

25. Rosy Conroy's Lessons. 7. The Book of Beasts. Illust. 26. Ned Dolan's Garret. 8. The Book of Birds. Illust.

27. Little Henry and his Bearer. 9. Proud in Spirit.

28. Little Woodman and his 10. Althea Norton.

Dog Cæsar. II. Gertrude's Bible Lesson.

29. Johnny : Lessons for Little 12. The Rose in the Desert.

Boys. 13. The Little Black Hen.

30. Pictures and Stories for the 14. Martha's Hymn.

Little Ones. 15. Nettie Mathieson.

31. A Story of the Sea : and other 16. The Prince in Disguise.

The above are sold in Ornamental Stiff Covers at FOURPENCE each,


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