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PRICE FOUR SHILLINGS. Our Indian Empire : Its Rise and Growth. By the Rev.

· J. Shaw BANKS. Imperial 16mo. Thirty-five Illustrations and Map. Soology of the Bible. By HARLAND COultas. Preface

by the Rev. W. F. MOULTON, D.D. Imperial 16mo. 126 Illustrations. Missionary Anecdotes, Sketches, Facts, and Incidents.

By the Rev. WILLIAM MOISTER. Imperial 16mo. Eight Page Illustrations Northern Lights; or, Pen and Pencil Sketches of Nineteen

Modern Scottish Worthies. By the Rev. J. MARRAT. Crown 8vo. Portraits and Illustrations.


D.D. Imperial 16mo. Seventy Illustrations. • Land of the Mountain and the Flood': Scottish Scenes

and Scenery delineated. By the Rev. JABEZ Marrar. Imperial 16mo.

Map and Seventy-six Illustrations. Popery and Patronage. Biographical Illustrations of Scotch

Church History. Imperial 16mo. Ten Illustrations. Wycliffe to Wesley: Heroes and Martyrs of the Church in

Britain. Imperial 16mo. Twenty-four Portraits and Forty other Illustrations. John Lyon; or, From the Depths. By Ruth Elliott

Crown 8vo. Five Full-page Illustrations. Chronicles of Capstan Cabin; or, the Children's Hour. By

J. JACKSON WRAY. Imperial 16mo. Twenty-eight Illustrations. The Thorough Business Man: Memoir of Walter Powell,

Merchant. By Rev. B. GREGORY. Seventh Edtn. Crown 8vo., with Portrait. The Life of Gideon Ouseley. By the Rev. WILLIAM

ARTHUR, M.A. Eighth Thousand. Crown 8vo. With Portrait. Missionary Stories, Narratives, Scenes, and Incidents.

By the Rev. W. MOISTER. Crown 8vo. Eight Page Illustrations. Sunshine in the Kitchen; or, Chapters for Maid Servants.

Fourth Thousand. Crown 8vo. Numerous Illustrations. By Rev. B. Smith., Way-Marks: Placed by Royal Authority on the King's

Highway. Being One Hundred Scripture Proverbs, Enforced and Illustrated.

Crown 8vo. Eight Page Engravings. By Rev. B. SMITH. Gems Reset; or, the Wesleyan Catechisms Illustrated by

Imagery and Narrative. Crown 8vo. By Rev. B. SMITH. Vice-Royalty; or, A Royal Domain held for the King, and enriched by the King. Crown 8vo. Twelve page Illustns. By Rev. B. SMITH.

PRICE THREE SHILLINGS. Glimpses of India and Mission Life. By Mrs, HUTCHEON

Crown 8vo. Eight Page Illustrations. Cloth, gilt edges.

By F.



PRICE TWO SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE. Little Abe; or, the Bishop of The King's Messenger: A

Berry Brow. Being the Life of Story of Canadian Life. By the Rev. Abraham Lockwood, a quaint and W. H. WITHROW, M.A. Crown 8vo. popular Local Preacher in the Me- Old Daniel; or, Memoirs of thodist New Connexion.

a Converted Hindu. By the Rev. T. Jewell. Crown 8vo. Cloth, gilt

HODSON. Crown 8vo., gilt edges. edges. With Portrait.

The Story of a Peninsular Cecily: A Tale of the English

Veteran : Sergeant in the 43rd Light Reformation. By EMMA LESLIE.

Infantry during the Peninsular War. Crown 8vo. Five full-page Illustns.

Crown 8vo. 13 Illustrations. Glimpses of India and Mis

Rays from the Sun of Rightsion Life. By Mrs. HUTCHEON.

By the Rev. RICHARD Crown 8vo. Eight Page Illustns.

NEWTON, D.D. Crown 8vo. Eleven The Beloved Prince: A Me- Illustrations. Cloth, gilt edges.

moir of His Royal Highness, the In the Tropics; or, Scenes Prince Consort. By WilliaM and Incidents of West Indian Life. NICHOLS. Crown 8vo. With Por

By the Rev. JABEZ MARRAT. Crown trait and Nineteen Illustrations.

8vo., with Illustrations, &c. Cloth, gilt edges. Glenwood: A Story of School

Climbing : A Manual for the

Young who Desire to Rise in Both Life. By Julia K. BLOOMFIELD Worlds. By the Rev. BENJAMIN Crown 8vo. Seven Illustrations.

SMITH. Crown 8vo. Sixth Edition. Undeceived : Roman or An. Our Visit to Rome, with glican? A Story of English Ritual- Notes by the Way. By the Rev. ism. Crown 8vo.

JOHN RHODES. Royal ómo. Self-Culture and Self-Reli- Forty-five Illustrations. ance, under God the Means of Self- The Lancasters and their Elevation. By the Rev. W. UNS- Friends. A Tale of Methodist Life. WORTH. Crown 8vo.

By S. J. F. Crown 8vo. A Pledge that Redeemed Those Boys.

By FAYE Itself. By SARSON, Author of' Blind HUNTINGTON. Cr. 8vo. Illustrtd. Olive,' etc. Crown 8vo. Numerous Leaves from my Log of

Illustrations. Cloth, gilt edges. Pleasant Talks about Jesus.

Twenty-five years' Christian Work in

the Port of London. Crown 8vo. By John Colwell. Crown 8vo. Eight Illustrations.

MARK GUY PEARSE'S WORKS. Seven Volumes, Crown 8vo., Cloth, Gilt Edges. Price 2s.6d. each. 1.-Daniel Quorm, and his 4.—Mister Horn and his

Religious Notions. FIRST SERIES, Friends; or, Givers and Giving. 62,000.

17,000. 2.—Daniel Quorm, and his 5.-Short Stories, and other Religious Notions. Second Series.

Papers. 5,000. 17,000.

6.- Good Will’: Christmas 3.-Sermons for Children. Stories. 6,000. 15,000.

7.-Homely Talks. 5,000.

PRICE TWO SHILLINGS. Sir Walter Raleigh: Pioneer Homes and Home Life in of Anglo-American Colonisation. Bible Lands. By J. R. S. CLIFFORD. By CHARLES K. True, D.D. Foolscap 8vo. Eighty Illustrations. Foolscap 8vo. 16 Illustrations. Hid Treasures,

and the The Great Apostle; or, Search for Them : Lectures to Bible

Pictures from the Life of St. Paul. Classes. By the Rev. J. HARTLEY. By Rev. JABEZ MARRAT. Foolscap Foolscap 8vo. With Frontispiece. 8vo. 28 Illustrations and Map. Youthful Obligations. IllusMartin Luther, the Prophet trated by a large number of Approof Germany. By the Rev. J. Shaw priate Facts and Anecdotes. Fcap. Banks. Foolscap 8vo. 13 Illustns. 8vo. With Illustrations.


Eminent Christian Phil - The Prisoner's Friend: The

anthropists. Brief Biographical Life of Mr. James BUNDY, of BrisSketches, designed especially as tol. By his Grandson, the Rev. W. Studies for the Young. By the R. WILLIAMS. Foolscap 8vo. Rev. GEORGE MAUNDER. Fcap. 8vo. Nine Illustrations.

Female Heroism and Tales The Tower, the Temple, and of the Western World. By the Rev.

the Minster : Historical and Bio- H. BLEBY. Fcap 8vo. 4 Illustns. graphical Associations of the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral,

Capture of the Pirates : with and Westminster Abbey. By the

other Stories of the Western Seas. Rev.J.W.THOMAS. Second Edition. By the Rev. HENRY BLEBY. Fcap. Foolscap 8vo. 14 Illustrations.

8vo. Four Illustrations. The Stolen Children: Fcap.


Adelaide's Treasure, and 8vo. Six Illustrations.

How the Thief came Unawares, Peter Pengelly; or, “True

By SARSON, Author of 'A Pledge as the clock. By J. J. WRAY.

that Redeemed Itself,' etc. 4

Illstns. Crown 8vo. Forty Illustrations. My Coloured Schoolmaster: Coals and Colliers; or, How

and other Stories. By the Rev. we Get the Fuel for our Fires. Ву H. BLEBY. Fcap. 8vo. Five Illustns. S. J. FITZGERALD. Cr. 8vo. Illustns.


'Little Ray' Series. Royal 16mo. Little Ray and Her Friends, Ned's Motto; or, Little by

By Ruth Elliott. Five Illustns. Little. By the author of 'Faithful The Breakfast Half-Hour. and True," Tony Starr's Legacy.' Addresses on Religious and Moral

Six Page Illustrations. Topics. By the Rev. H. R. BURTON. A Year at Riverside Farm. Twenty-five Illustrations.

By E. H. MILLER. Royal 16mo. Gleanings in Natural His- Six Page Illustrations.

tory for Young People. Profusely The Royal Road to Riches., Illustrated.

By E. H. MILLER. Fifteen Illustns, Broken Purposes; or, the Maude Linden; or, Work

Good Time Coming. By LILLIE ing for Jesus. By LILLIE MONTMONTFORT. Five Page Illustrations. FORT Four Illustrations. The History of the Tea-Cup: Oscar's Boyhood; or, The

with a Descriptive Account of the Sailor's Son. By DÁNIEL WISE, Potter's Art. By the Rev. G. R. D.D. Six Illustrations.

WEDGWOOD. Profusely Illustrated. Summer Days at Kirkwood. The Cliftons, and their Play- By E. H. Miller. Four Illustns.

Hours. By Mrs. COSSLETT. Seven Holy-Days and Holidays; Page Illustrations.

or, Memories of the Calendar for The Lilyvale Club and its Young People. By J. R. S. Clif.

Doings. By Edwin A. JOHNSON, FORD. Numerous Illustrations. D.D. Royal 16mo. Seven Page

Talks with the Bairns about Illustrations.

Bairns. By Ruth ELLIOTT. Illus, The Bears' Den. By E. H. My First Class: and other MILLER. Six Page Illustrations. Stories. By Ruth ELLIOTT. Illus.

'Wee Donald' Series. Royal 16mo. An Old Sailor's Yarn: and Stories for Willing Ears. other Sketches from Daily Life.

For Girls. By T. S. E. The Stony Road: A Tale of Thirty Thousand Pounds: Humble Life,

and other Sketches from Daily Life. Stories for Willing Ears. "Wee Donald': Sequel to For Boys. By T. S. E.

'Stony Road.

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PRICE EIGHTEENPENCE. Foolscap 8vo. Series. Two Standard Bearers in Chequer Alley: A Story of

the East. Sketches of Dr. Duff and Successful Christian Work. By the Dr. Wilson. By Rev. J. MARRAT. Rev. F. W. BRIGGS, M.A. Eight Illustrations.

The Englishman's Bible : Three Indian Heroes: the How he Got it, and Why he keeps

Missionary; the Soldier; the States- it. By Rev. JOHN BOYES, M.A. man. By the Rev. J. Shaw BANKS. Thirteen Illustrations, Numerous Illustrations.

Home: and the Way to David Livingstone, Mission- Make Home Happy. By the Rev. ary and Discoverer. By the Rev. DAVID HAY. With Frontispiece. J. MARRAT. Fifteen Page Illustns.

Helen Leslie; or, Truth and In the Tropics; or, Scenes Error. By ADELINE. Frontispiece. and Incidents of West Indian Life.

Building Her House. By the Rev. J. MARRAT. Crown

Mrs. R. A. WATSON. Five Illus8vo. Illustrations and Map.

trations. Columbus; or, The Dis

Crabtree Fold: a Tale of the covery of America. By GEORGE

Lancashire Moors. Cueitt. Seventeen Illustrations.

By Mrs. A. Cortes; or, The Discovery Rays from the Sun of


WATSON. Five Illustrations. and Conquest of Mexico. GEORGE CUBITT. Nine Illustrations. eousness. By the Rev. R. NEWTON. Pizarro; or, The Discovery

Eleven Illustrations. and Conquest of Peru. By GEORGE A Methodist Pioneer : The Cubitt. Nine Illustrations,

Labours of John Smith. By C. H. Granada; or, The Expulsion CROOKSHANK, M.A.

of the Moors from Spain. By A Pledge that Redeemed GEORGE CUBITT. Seven Illustrations.

Itself. By SARSON. James Montgomery, Chris

Davy's Friend: and other tian Poet and Philanthropist. By

Stories. By JENNIE PERRETT. Rev. J. MARRAT. Eleven Illustns. The Father of Methodism.

Arthur Hunter's First The Life and Labours of the Rev. Shilling. By Mrs. CROWE. John Wesley, A.M. By Mrs. Coss- Hill Side Farm. By ANNA LETT. Forty-five Illustrations.

J. BUCKLAND. Old Truths in New Lights. The Boy Who Wondered

Illustrations of Scripture Truth for or, Jack and Minnchen. By Mrs. the Young. By W. H.S. Illustrated. GEORGE GLADSTONE. CHEAP EDITION OF MARK GUY PEARSE'S BOOKS.

Foolscap 8vo. Price Eighteenpence each. 1. Daniel Quorm, and His Religious Notions. IST Series, 2. Daniel Tuorm, and His Religious Notions. 2ND SERIES. 3. Sermons for Children. 4. Mister Horn and His Friends; or, Givers and Giving. 5. Short Stories : and other Papers. 6. • Good Will’: a Collection of Christmas Stories.

PRICE ONE SHILLING. Royal 16mo. Cloth, gilt lettered. Ancient Egypt: Its Monu- Margery's Christmas Box. ments, Worship, and People. By By Ruth ELLIOTT. Seven Illusts. the Rev. EDWARD LIGHTWOOD. No Gains without Pains: A Twenty- Illustrations.

True Life for the Boys. By H. C.

KNIGHT. Six Illustrations. Vignettes from English His- Peeps into the Far North :

tory. By the Rev. JAMES YEAMES. Chapters on Iceland, Lapland, and From the Norman Conqueror to Greenland. By S. E. SCHOLES. Henry IV. Twenty-three Illustns. Twenty-four Illustrations.

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Lessons from Noble Lives, The Tarnside Evangel.

and other Stories. 31 Illustrations. By M. A. H. Eight Illustrations. Stories of Love and Duty.

Rob Rat: A Story of Barge For Boys and Girls.

31 Illustas.


Numerous Illustrations.
The Railway Pioneers; or, The Unwelcome Baby,

The Story of the Stephensons,
Father and Son. By H.C. KNIGHT.

with other Stories of noble Lives Fifteen Illustrations.

early Consecrated. By S. ELLEN

GREGORY. Nine Illustrations.
The Royal Disciple: Louisa, Jane Hudson, the American

Queen of Prussia. By C. R. HURST
Six Illustrations.

Girl. Four Page Illustrations.

The Babes in the Basket ; Tiny Tim: A Story of Lon

or, Daph and her Charge. Four don Life. Founded on Fact. By Page Illustrations.

F. HORNER. Twenty-two Illustns. Insect Lights and Sounds. John Tregenoweth: His By J. R. S. CLIFFORD. Illustrated.

Mark. By MARK GUY PEARSE. Leaves from a Mission House Twenty-five Illustrations.

in India, By Mrs. HUTCHEON. I'll Try'; or, How the The Jew and His Tenants. Farmer's Son became a Captain.

By A.D. WALKER. Illust. Ten Illustrations.

The History of Joseph: for The Giants, and How to the Young. By the Rev. T. CHAMPFight Them. By Dr. RICHARD

Twelve Illustrations. NEWTON. Fifteen Illustrations. The Old Miller and His Mill. The Meadow Daisy. By By MARK GUY PEARSE. Twelve LILLIE MONTFORT. Numerous Illus- Illustrations. trations.

The First Year of My Life: Robert Dawson ; or, The a True Story for Young People. By Brave Spirit.

Four Page Illustns. ROSE CATHAY FRIEND. Gilbert Guestling; or, the Story of a Hymn Book.

By JAMES YEAMES. Illustrated. Foolscap 8vo. Uncle Dick's Legacy. By E. H. Miller, Author of 'Royal

Road to Riches,' etc., etc. Foolscap 8vo. Illustrated. Incidents in my Bible-class : Records of Successful Toil in

Senior Bible-class Teaching. By C. R. PARSONS. Foolscap 8vo. Price is. William the Silent, Prince of Orange. A Biographical

Sketch. By the Rev. J. W. THOMAS. Foolscap 8vo. With Portrait. Life on the Waves; or, Memorials of Captain George

LEONARD. By the Rev. A. LANGLEY. With Illustrations. 18mo.

PRICE NINEPENCE. Imperial 32mo, Cloth, Illuminated. 1. The Wonderful Lamp: and

6. Rosa's Christmas Invitations : other Stories. By Ruth ÊLLIOTT,

and other Stories. By LILLIE Five Illustrations.

MONTFORT. Six Illustrations. 2. Dick's Troubles : ard How He 7. Ragged Jim's Last Song : and Met Them. By RUTH ELLIOTT.

other Ballads. By EDWARD Six Illustrations.

BAILEY. Eight Illustrations. 3. The Chat in the Meadow: and 8. Pictures from Memory. Ву other Stories. By LILLIE MONT

ADELINE. Nine Illustrations, FORT. Six Illustrations.

9. The Story of the Wreck of the 4. John's Teachers : and other

• Maria' Mail Boat: with a Stories, By LILLIE MONTFORT.

Memoir of Mrs. Hincksman, the Six Illustrations.

only Survivor. Illustrated. 5. Nora Grayson's Dream: and 10. Passages from the Life of other Stories. By LILLIE MO T.

Heinrich Stilling. Five Page FORT. Seven Illustrations.




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