Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook

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Elsevier Science, 7 dec. 2018 - 982 pagini

Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook, Second Edition, is a straight-talking and forward-thinking reference covering the design, specification, selection, use and integration of the machine elements that are fundamental to a wide range of engineering applications. This updated edition includes new material on tolerancing, alternative approaches to design, and robotics, as well as references to the latest ISO and US engineering regulations. Sections cover bearings, shafts, gears, seals, belts and chains, clutches and brakes, springs, fasteners, pneumatics and hydraulics, amongst other core mechanical elements. This practical handbook is an ideal shelf reference for those working in mechanical design across a variety of industries.

In addition, it is also a valuable learning resource for advanced students undertaking engineering design modules and projects as part of broader mechanical, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing programs.

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Despre autor (2018)

Peter Childs, FREng, is the Professorial Lead in Engineering Design and Innovation Design Engineering. He is Professor at Large, Co-Director of the Energy Futures Lab, and was Founding Head of the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London. His general interests include creativity, innovation, design, fluid flow and heat transfer, energy and robotics. Prior to his current post at Imperial, he was director of the Rolls-Royce supported University Technology Centre for Aero-Thermal Systems, director of InQbate and professor at the University of Sussex. He has contributed to over 200 refereed journal and conference papers, and several books including the Handbook on Mechanical Design Engineering (Elsevier, 2013, 2019) as well as temperature measurements and rotating flow. He has been principal or co-investigator on contracts totaling over £100 million. He is Editor of the Journal of Power and Energy, Professor of Excellence at MD-H, Berlin, and Chairperson at BladeBUG Ltd and Founder Director and Chairperson at QBot Ltd.

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