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71st Congress, 3d Session

(December 1, 1930 - March 4, 1931)


VOL, 1




Note.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of House private


2068. Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill, 1932.

2072. Postage charge for directory service.

2073. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1932.

2074. Preliminary examination of Tittabawassee and Chippewa rivers, Mich.

2075. Preliminary examination of Mohican River, Ohio, for flood control.

2076. Preliminary examination of Hocking River, Ohio, for flood control.

2077. Preliminary examination of Mokelumne River, Calif., for flood control.

2078. Preliminary examination of Waccamaw River for flood control.

2079. Preliminary examination of French Broad River for flood control.

2080. Preliminary examination of Fox River, Wis., for flood control.

2081. Preliminary examination of Yellow Creek, Ky., for flood control.

2082. Relief of farmers in drought-stricken areas.

2083. To extend laws relating to vocational education to Porto Rico.

2084. Emergency construction appropriations, 1931.

2086. To expedite construction of public buildings and works outside of D. C.

2088. To accept donations to institutions conducted for benefit of Indians.

2091. Sale of isolated tracts in former Crow Indian Reservation.

2092. Loan of tents, etc., for use at encampment of Confederate Veterans.

2093. To expedite work on Federal building program.

2094. Conveying lands to Alabama for vocational or other educational uses.

2095. To establish Needles Rocks Wild Life Refuge.

2103. Agricultural appropriation bill, 1932.

2104. Emergency construction of public works.

2105. Cruiser Galveston silver service to Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.

2106. Issuance of additional mailing receipts.

2107. Classifying certain official mail matter rel. to franking privilege.

2112. Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas.

2113. Use of Osage funds for attorney's fees.

2114. To accept site at Sunnyvale, Calif., for lighter-than-air base.

2115. Additional appropriation for agricultural marketing revolving fund.

2116. Deficiency appropriation for contingent fund of House.

2118. Disposition of unplatted portions of town sites on irrigation projects.

2119. Site for locks and dam no. 4, Monongahela River, Pa.

2123. Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas.*

2124. Disposition of useless papers in Executive Departments.

2125. Emergency construction of public works.

2126. Medal in commemoration of surrender of British Army at Yorktown, Va.

2141. Bridge across Ohio River at Sistersville, W. Va.

2142. Bridge across Mississippi River in St. Louis, Mo.

2143. Bridge across Red River at or near Moncla, La.

2144. Bridge across Red River at or near Alexandria, La.

2145. Bridge across Hudson River between Albany and Rensselaer, N. Y.

2146. Bridge across Hudson River at Troy, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]

2147. Bridge across Atchafalaya River at or near Krotz Springs, La

2148. Bridge across Potomac River at or near Dahlgren, Va.

2149. Bridge across Rio Grande at or near San Benito, Tex.

2150. Bridge across Rio Grande at or near Rio Grande City, Tex

2151. Bridge across Delaware River near Trenton, N. J.

2152. Bridge across Ouachita River at or near Harrisonburg, La.

2153. Bridge across Quachita River at or near Monroe, La.

2154. Bridge across Black River at or near Jonesville, La.

2155. Bridge across Quachita River at or near Sterlington, La.

2156. Bridge across Atchafalaya River at or near Morgan City, La.

2157. Bridge across Red River at or near Shreveport, La.

2158. Bridge across Red River at or near Coushatta, La.

2159. Bridge across Elk River near Kelso, Tenn.

2160. Dam across Mahoning River in Warren, Ohio.

2161. Bridge across Tennessee River between Rhea and Meigs counties, Tenn.

2162. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Prairie du Chien, Wis.

2163. Bridge across St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, N. Y.

2164. Bridge across Ohio River at or near New Martinsville, W. Va.

2165. Bridge across Columbia River at or near Arlington, Oreg.

2166. Bridge across Kankakee River between Laporte and Starke counties, Ind.

2167. Bridge across Ohio River at Cairo, Ill.

2168. Bridge across Tombigbee River at or near Fulton, Miss.

2169. Loans for relief of drainage districts.

2175. Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas.

2177. Exposition to be held at Paris, France, in 1931.*

2178. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1931.

2179. War Department appropriation bill, 1932.

2180. Storehouse for ammunition at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind.

2181. Exchange of land at Randolph Field, Tex.

2183. Claim of Polish Government incident to deportation of insane alien.

2184. Claim of owners of Danish ship Indien.

2185. Claim for damages caused by detention of Norwegian steamer Tampen.

2187. Additional land for Temecula and Pechanga Indian Reservation.

2188. Interest of restricted heirs of members of Five Civilized Tribes.

2192. Additional land for use of Walter Reed Army General Hospital.

2193. Relinquishment of lands to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

2201. Authorize one Department to furnish materials and do work for another. *

2202. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near McGregor, Iowa.*

2203. Bridge across Santa Rosa Sound at or near Grassy Point, Fla.

2204. Bridge across French Broad River, Jefferson and Cocke counties, Tenn.

2205. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Randolph, Mo.

2206. Viaduct across Mahoning River at or near Niles, Ohio.

2207. Bridge across Escatawpa River at or near Wilmer, Ala., and Latonia, Miss.

2208. Bridge across Mississippi River near Bemidji, Minn.

2209. Bridge across Little Calumet River in Cook County, Ill.

2210. Bridge across Fox River at Algonquin, Ill.

2211. Special assessments for paving of roadways in D. C.

2212. Attendance of Army Band at Confederate Veterans' reunion.

2213. Panama Canal, retirement of employees.

2229. To amend organic act of Porto Rico. 2 pts.

2230. Changing name of island of Porto Rico to Puerto Rico.

2231. To extend boundaries of Mount Rainier National Park.

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2233. Recreational areas in San Bernardino and Cleveland national forests.

2234. Agricultural experiment station work in Porto Rico.

2246. Relief of Joseph B. Lynch.

2249. To donate guns and mounts of Coast Guard cutter Bear to Oakland, Calif.

2250. To deliver silver service of U. S. S. Florida to Florida.

2251. Disposition of asphalt, etc., on public domain in Utah.

2255. State, Justice, Commerce, and Labor Departments appropriation bill, 1932.

2256. Reserve for public use rocks, etc., along coast of Orange County, Calif.

2257. Disposition of useless papers in Post Office Department.

2259. Providing for uniform administration of national parks.

2260. Retention by U. S. of Arlington Hotel site in Hot Springs National Park.

2261. Sale of Chippewa Indian land to Minnesota.

2262. Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas.

2268. International Water Commission, United States and Mexico.

2269. Cancellation of certain fee simple patents issued to Indians.

2270. Sell land to trustees of Howard University.

2271. Boundary line between Panama Canal Zone and Republic of Panama.

2274. Additional per capita payments to Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians.

2275. Per capita payments to Chippewa Indians of Minnesota.

2276. Acceptance of land adjoining Hot Springs National Park.

2278. To ratify leases between Seneca Indians and Henry A. Walter.

2279. To make permanent certain temporary judgeships.

2280. Relocation of Gen. John A. Rawlins statue in D. C.

2281. Amendment of act providing for memorial to Theodore Roosevelt.

2282. To amend section 284 of judicial code relating to grand jury.

2286. Exchange of lands within Craters of the Moon National Monument.

2289. Add lands to Ashley National Forest.

2291. To authorize construction of certain naval vessels, etc.

2300. Establishment of Everglades National Park.

2301. Pay of Government employees removed for breach of contract.*

2302. Disposition of effects of persons dying in military services of U. S.

2303. Addition of lands to Mesa Verde National Park.

2304. Travel pay for certain soldiers discharged in Philippines.

2311. Attendance of Marine Band at Spanish War Veterans' convention.

2312. To deliver to Utah silver service of U. S. S. Utah.

2313. Protection of watershed for Los Angeles, Calif.

2314. To amend act relating to Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations.

2315. To adjust boundaries of Bryce Canyon National Park, etc.

2316. Disposition of useless papers in Civil Service Commission,

2317. Exchange of lands within Chaco Canyon National Monument.

2318. To permit development of certain valuable mineral lands in Wyoming.

2320. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1932.

2321. Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill, 1932.

2322. Participation by United States in Interparliamentary Union.

2323. To amend traffic acts of District of Columbia.

2324. To amend act for construction of certain public buildings.

2325. Convey land to Asheville, N. C.

2326. Proceed with public works at Naval War College, Newport, R. I.

2327. Amend act rel. to restricted lands of members of Five Civilized Tribes.

2328. Amend act rel. to retirement of officers of the line of Navy.

2333. To exchange lands with Rosslyn Connecting Railroad Co.

2334. Construction of public works for prevention of unemployment.

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