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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1931
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Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Emergency construction of public works
Cruiser Galveston silver service to Rosenberg Library Galveston Tex 2106 Issuance of additional mailing receipts
Classifying certain official mail matter rel to franking privilege 2112 Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas
Use of Osage funds for attorneys fees
To accept site at Sunnyvale Calif for lighterthanair base 2115 Additional appropriation for agricultural marketing revolving fund 2116 Deficiency a...
Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas 2124 Disposition of useless papers in Executive Departments 2125 Emergency construction of ...
Bridge across Mississippi River in St Louis Mo 2143 Bridge across Red River at or near Moncla
Bridge across Red River at or near Alexandria
Bridge across Hudson River between Albany and Rensselaer N
Bridge across Hudson River at Troy N
Bridge across Potomac River at or near Dahlgren
Bridge across Rio Grande at or near San Benito Tex 2150 Bridge across Rio Grande at or near Rio Grande City Tex 2151 Bridge across Delaware Riv...
Bridge across Red River at or near Shreveport La 2158 Bridge across Red River at or near Coushatta La 2159 Bridge across Elk River near Kelso Ten...
Corrected print III
Bridge across Tombigbee River at or near Fulton Miss
Loans for relief of drainage districts 2175 Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas 2177 Exposition to be held at Paris France in 1931
First deficiency appropriation bill 1931
War Department appropriation bill 1932
Storehouse for ammunition at Fort Benjamin Harrison
Exchange of land at Randolph Field
Claim of Polish Government incident to deportation of insane alien 2184 Claim of owners of Danish ship Indien 2185 Claim for damages caused by ...
Bridge across Santa Rosa Sound at or near Grassy Point
Bridge across French Broad River Jefferson and Cocke counties Tenn 2205 Bridge across Missouri River at or near Randolph Mo 2206 Viaduct acros...
Attendance of Army Band at Confederate Veterans reunion 2213 Panama Canal retirement of employees
To amend organic act of Porto Rico 2 pts 2230 Changing name of island of Porto Rico to Puerto Rico 2231 To extend boundaries of Mount Rainier ...
Agricultural experiment station work in Porto Rico
Relief of Joseph B Lynch
To donate guns and mounts of Coast Guard cutter Bear to Oakland Calif 2250 To deliver silver service of U S S Florida to Florida 2251 Disposition ...
Retention by U S of Arlington Hotel site in Hot Springs National Park 2261 Sale of Chippewa Indian land to Minnesota
Relief of farmers in drought and storm stricken areas 2268 International Water Commission United States and Mexico
Cancellation of certain fee simple patents issued to Indians
Sell land to trustees of Howard University
Boundary line between Panama Canal Zone and Republic of Panama 2274 Additional per capita payments to Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians 2275 ...
To ratify leases between Seneca Indians and Henry A Walter 2279 To make permanent certain temporary judgeships
Relocation of Gen John A Rawlins statue in D C
To amend section 284 of judicial code relating to grand jury 2286 Exchange of lands within Craters of the Moon National Monument 2289 Add lan...
To amend act relating to Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations 2315 To adjust boundaries of Bryce Canyon National Park etc 2316 Dispos...
Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill 1932
Regulate exterior advertising in District of Columbia 2 pts 2337 To permit Gulf Refining Co to construct pipelines in D C
Regulation of loans of 300 or less in District of Columbia 2 pts 2366 Investigation of pay and allowances of personnel of Army etc 2367 To amend ...
To amend act rel to retirement of officers of the line of Navy 2395 Extend certain provisions of ClarkeMcNary act to Porto Rico 2396 Predatory and...
Establishment of Canyon de Chelly National Monument 2398 Providing for protection of forest lands from fires 2399 Construction of public works ...
Legislative appropriation bill 1932
Additional facilities for classification of cotton
George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission
Tablet in commemoration of Nancy Hart
Collection and publication of peanut statistics
Donate bronze cannons to Veterans Alliance Vallejo Calif
Bronze cannon to Maryland Society Daughters of American Revolution 2414 Resell undisposed of portion of Camp Taylor
Relieve restricted Indians in Five Civilized Tribes 2416 Loan of equipment to American Legion 2419 Bronze cannon to Benicia Calif 2421 Lease Go...
Appropriation for construction at Tucson Field Tucson Ariz
Use of land granted to Biloxi Miss by National Guard 2426 Interior Department appropriation bill 1932 with Senate amendments 2427 District of C...
Investigations of certain operations on cotton exchanges
Allow certain expenditures in War Department for shipment of baggage 2430 To defray expenses of Fourth Pan American Commercial Conference ...
To clarify definition of naturopathy in act rel to healing art in D C
Extend time for payment of charges on Blackfeet irrigation project 2451 Number of enlisted pilots in Navy and Marine Corps 2452 To amend Feder...
Construction of highschool building at Frazer Mont
Construction of highschool building at Poplar Mont 2476 Supplement act for relief of certain tribes of Indians in Montana etc 2477 Per capita payme...
Protection of fish in Alaska
To amend filled milk act 2482 Additional appropriations for national arboretum 2483 To assist in organization of agricultural credit corporations 24...
To legalize bridges across Staunton River at Brookneal and Clover Va 2500 Bridge across Chesapeake Bay 2501 Bridge across Pigeon River at Miner...
Bridge across Missouri River at or near Brownville Nebr 2503 Bridge across Missouri River at or near Decatur Nebr
Bridge across Ohio River between Owensboro Ky and Rockport
Bridge across Red River of the North between Halstad and Herberg
Bridge across Black River at or near Pocahontas
Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Baton Rouge
Bridge across Ohio and Licking rivers 2510 Bridge across St Francis River at or near Madison
Bridge across Missouri River at or near OHern street South Omaha Nebr
Bridge across St Clair River at or near Port Huron Mich
Bridge across Columbia River at or near The Dalles Oreg
Bridge across Connecticut River at or near Erving Mass
To legalize quay in Milburn Creek at Baldwin Harbor N Y 2516 Conduit across E and F streets sw in District of Columbia 2517 Pay for officers and ...
Amending second liberty bond
Monument to memory of Augustus SaintGaudens
Amendment to oleomargarine act 2537 Bill concerning oilshale lands
Authorization to sell Morton Nursery site in Nebraska
Fiscal business of Agriculture Department and Alaska Game Commission 2550 Interior Department appropriation bill 1932

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Pagina 9 - Interior is authorized to prescribe necessary and proper rules and regulations and to do any and all things necessary to carry out and accomplish the purposes of this act...
Pagina 9 - States and credited to miscellaneous receipts; for past production 70 per centum, and for future production 52}^ per centum of the amounts derived from such bonuses, royalties, and rentals shall be paid into, reserved, and appropriated as a part of the reclamation fund created by the Act of Congress, known as the Reclamation Act. approved June 17, 1902...
Pagina 7 - That deposits of coal, phosphate. sodium, oil, oil shale, or gas, and lands containing such deposits owned by the United States, including those in national forests, but excluding lands acquired under the Act known as the Appalachian Forest Act, approved March 1...
Pagina 10 - That, when the public interests will be benefited thereby, the Secretary of the Interior be, and hereby is, authorized in his discretion to...
Pagina 8 - That if any of the lands or deposits leased under the provisions of this act shall be subleased, trusteed, possessed, or controlled by any device permanently, temporarily, directly, indirectly, tacitly, or in any manner whatsoever...
Pagina 29 - That the death of any allottee of the Five Civilized Tribes shall operate to remove all restrictions upon the alienation of said allottee's land: Provided, That no conveyance of any interest of any fullblood Indian heir in such land shall be valid unless approved by the court having jurisdiction of the settlement of the estate of said deceased allottee...

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