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Pagina 64 - ... so that the elimination of competition by agreement between them would constitute a violation of any of the provisions of any of the antitrust laws.
Pagina 305 - It is in vain to say, that all mouths which the increase of mankind calls into existence bring with them hands. The new mouths require as much food as the old ones, and the hands do not produce as much.
Pagina 332 - States, who is returning from a temporary visit abroad ; (c) An immigrant who was born in the Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland, the Republic of Mexico, the Republic of Cuba, the Republic of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Canal Zone, or an independent country of Central or South America, and his wife, and his unmarried children under 18 years of age, if accompanying or following to join him...
Pagina 19 - That is, those oysters would bear a rate of $1 per hundred, and no more. Further, the railroad men found that if they could get every day a carload, or nearly a carload, at this rate, it would more than cover the expense of hauling an extra car by quick train back and forth every day, with the incidental expenses of interest and repairs. So they put the car on, and were disappointed to find that the local oyster-growers could only furnish oysters enough to fill the car about half full.
Pagina 19 - ... the business would become profitable and the railroad could be sure of regular shipments at that price. The railroad men looked into the matter. They found that the price of oysters in the Philadelphia market was such that the local oystermen could pay one dollar per hundred pounds to the railroad and still have a fair profit left.
Pagina 239 - ... life or at least through middle age is confidently expected. Marriage is delayed until late — often too late for full happiness. The wives are largely ornamental; they are not expected to do household work or even to undertake the full care of their children, but are given the aid of servants. The first three groups, including the manual laborers of all kinds, constitute a class by themselves, not only because the gradations of wages are continuous but because their members have the same point...
Pagina 20 - Philadelphia charged but seventy-five cents a hundred on oysters which came from Y, it could easily fill its car full. This was what they did. They then had half a carload of oysters grown at X, on which they charged a dollar, and half a carload from Y on which they charged seventy-five cents for exactly the same service. " Of course, there was a grand outcry at X. Their trade was discriminated against in the worst possible way — so they said — and they complained to the railroad. But the railroad...
Pagina 299 - In short, the essential characteristic of current income distributions is that the great bulk of incomes are massed together near the lower end of the income scale. This fact is significant for the following reason. There is clear evidence that the physical characters of human beings - and considerable evidence that their mental characters - are distributed on an altogether different plan. When, for instance, a curve is plotted out for the heights of any large group of men, the resulting picture...
Pagina 30 - Such rates, fares, charges, classifications, regulations, and practices shall be observed while in effect by the carriers parties to such proceeding affected thereby, the law of any State or the decision or order of any State authority to the contrary notwithstanding.
Pagina 65 - The several district courts of the United States are hereby invested with jurisdiction to prevent and restrain violations of this act; and it shall be the duty of the several district attorneys of the United States, in their respective districts, under the direction of the Attorney General, to institute proceedings in equity to prevent and restrain such violations.

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