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For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington, D.C. 20402

(September 1974 to date)

Hon. William B. Saxbe 1
Hon. Edward H. Levi 2
Hon. Griffin B. Bell 3
Hon. Benjamin R. Civiletti -


(September 1974 to date)

Chairman, Maurice A. Roberts 5
Chairman, David L. Milhollan 6


Louisa Wilson ?
Warren R. Torrington 8
Louis P. Maniatis 9
Irving A. Appleman 10
Mary P. Maguire 11
Ralph Farb 12

'Appointed Jan. 4, 1974; Resigned Feb. 3, 1975 * Appointed Feb. 7, 1975; Resigned Jan. 20, 1977 * Appointed Jan. 25, 1977; Resigned Aug. 16, 1979 • Appointed Aug. 16, 1979 * Appointed Aug. 19, 1968; Resigned Nov. 2, 1974 * Appointed Feb. 2, 1975 * Appointed Oct. 16, 1942; Resigned Jan. 27, 1978 • Appointed Dec. 8, 1969; Resigned May 15, 1977 • Appointed Dec. 7, 1971 19 Appointed Feb. 2, 1975 " Appointed May 8, 1977 Appointed Feb. 26, 1978



The Immigration and Naturalization Service presents Volume 15 of the administrative decisions under the immigration and nationality laws. The decisions have been selected and designated as precedents in accordance with Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, $$ 3.1(g) and 103.3(e). Volume 15 covers the period from July 1974 through July 1976 and includes Interim Decisions Nos. 2301 to 2525 inclusive, with the exception of Interim Decision Nos. 2442 and 2503 which were cancelled. There is a gap in the pagination as a result of the cancellation of Interim Decision No. 2503.

The decisions are arranged in numerical sequence according to interim decision number. The “Notice” reflecting reported administrative decisions affected by subsequent reported administrative or judicial decisions has been extended to include the decisions in this volume. The cumulative index covers all 15 volumes.

The Service has made and will continue to make available current interim decisions and the bound volumes of selected administrative decisions at its principal field offices where the public may examine them. Prior to publication in volume form, the current decisions are obtainable on a single copy or a yearly subscription basis from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

DAVID CROSLAND Active Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization.

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