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Judge: I do not want any conditions. Under such circumstances, a war of aggression, would you object?

Answer: In all probability I would. I would first have to consider my duty to God and humanity.

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Judge: In other words, you can not subscribe under any and every condition to the doctrine, “My country, right or wrong"?

Answer: No. : Judge: Then you can not be admitted. What we want are citizens who are prepared to say: "My country, right or wrong, but my country.”

There is no beating about the bush here. The judge carries the case against pacifists one step farther than the Mackintosh case. Mr. King was willing to swear to_protect the Constitution and laws of our country by force if necessary. He refused to agree in advance to supporting an admitted war of aggression. He was openly asked completely to suppress the dictates of his conscience.

Those who want a Nation of wooden soldiers will want to leave the naturali. zation laws as they are. Those who want to make some place for reason, intelligence, and convictions will do well to support the Griffin bill. This will make such conduct on the part of Federal judges impossible in the future and will allow us to add citizens able and willing to think for themselves.


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Washington, D. C. DEAR SIR: In the Chicago Tribune I read about your bill concerning naturalization of aliens who are opposed to war by reasons of religion or other opinions.

It may be you are interested in the fact that in this country of liberty there are a number of aliens who want to become citizens of the United States but are debarred from citizenship because they are conscientious Christians and do not like to take part in war and kill other human individuals.

I am one of them to whom citizenship was denied. I am not a radical but only a noncombatant. The chief naturalization examiner asked me about the position I would take in time of war. I said I would serve the country in any capacity I could.

“Would you take up arms?”
“ Yes."
“Would you shoot?"

" Would you shoot to kill?"
" Whom?"
“ Your enemy.
“I, as a Christian, have no enemies to kill."
These were the questions and answers of my examination.

After counseling with other men, the chief examiner said to me, “ You can not become a citizen of the United States when you do not answer this question with “ Yes."

That was in the year 1924. Because of my loyalty to the teachings of Jesus Christ, citizenship is denied to me.

Hoping your bill will pass so that law-abiding, conscientious Christians may be granted citizenship, I remain Yours very truly,



Showing change in naturalization forms, to wit:
a. Letter of Assistant Secretary of Labor Robe Carl White.
b. Form 2214.
c. Form A 2214.

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JULY 11, 1931.

House of Representatives, Washington, D. O. MY DEAR MR. GRIFFIN : Please permit me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 7th instant to the Commissioner of Naturalization, requesting in. formation for one of your constituents as to when the question relating to willingness to bear arms in defense of this country was introduced into the form of application for certificate of arrival and preliminary form for petition for citizenship.

I have taken the matter up with the commissioner, who advises that this question was added to the form about eight years ago, as a result of the growing tendency on the part of many courts, after the World War, to ask this ques. tion of applicants for citizenship, in view of the requirement of law that the court shall be satisfied of the applicant's attachment to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and proper disposition to the good order and happiness of the same, during the five years immediately preceding the application. Cordially yours,

The Assistant Secretary.


(This form superseded by Form A-2214)

Form 2214.



This form is not a petition, but is used to obtain essential information, which must be furnished by the applicant before a petition may be filed,

NOTE FOR CLERK.-Hand this form to the alien so he may fill it in at his leisure.


(For use of officials searching immigration records)


Card index.

Clerk Index books.

Clerk Manifests_

ClerkAble to verify.

Name Date.

SS. Line

Clerk_ To the alien: Fill in all the blanks in this form. Be sure the information is correct. When completed, take or mail it to the Naturalization Examiner and he will furnish you instructions. Send your Declaration of Intention with this form. THE UNITED STATES NATURALIZATION EXAMINER: I desire to petition for naturalization in the

Court, at

The following information is furnished that (City) (County) (State) you may arrange for my preliminary examination and that the necessary papers may be sent to the clerk of court:

Mr. My full, true, and correct name is Mrs.

Miss) I have

used another name

(If you have ever used any other name write that name here)

(State why you used it) The name of my steamship ticket was

(Give name in full)

1. My present residence is My post-office address is

(Number and street) (City or town) (State) 2. My present occupation is 3. I was born on

at (Month (Day) (Year) (City or town) (Country) 4. (a) The place where I took the ship or train which landed me in the United States was


(Month) (Day) (Year) (6) I landed in the United States at on (Month)


(Year) (c) The name of the ship or railroad on which I came was. (d) If by ship: Name of steamship line was..

(1st cabin I came by 2d cabin

3d cabin (e) I arrived as (passenger, stowaway, deserting seamán, or otherwise)

(f) The person in the United States

was coming to was

(Give name in full) (9) The place in the United States I was going to was (h) The names of some of the persons or passengers I traveled with

were (i) I purchased the ticket on which I came to this country at

It was purchased by
If you came from or through Canada or Mexico, also fill in lines (A)
to (F), inclusive :

(A) The place in Canada where I landed was




(Year) (B) The place in

Canada (Mexico

from which I entered the United States was (C) On



(Year) (D) The place where I was examined for admission into the

United States was.--(E) If not examined, state why, and give the circumstances of your entry

SCanada (F) The place in


where I bought my railroad ticket to come to the United States was

(If you came to the United States on visit, not to stay, please so state, and give facts) 5. (a) The date of my Declaration (first paper) is

[blocks in formation]

(n){the } was born


at (Month) (Day) (Year) (City or town) (Country) (0) And now resides at

(Number and street) (City or town) (State) (d) The date of our marriage was

My 19--,

(Month) (Day) (Year)
wife arrived in the United States at

and the name on her steam(Month) (Day) (Year) ship ticket was (NOTE.--A certificate of arrival will be furnished for both husband and wife, so that separate requests are unnecessary.)






(e) I have

children. (In the following blanks write name, date and place of birth, and residence of each child.)


day of
resides at

day of

resides at

day of

resides at

day of

resides at
day of

19__, at

resides at (f) If not now, have you ever been married ?

divorced? 7. The foreign country of which I am now a subject or citizen is 8. I can

speak English. 9. (a) I have resided continuously in the United States since


Are you


(Year) (0) I have resided continuously in the State where I now live since -



(Year) 10. I have

previously made petition for naturalization (second paper). If so, it was made in the


(Title of Court) of

on (City or town)


(Month) (Day) (Year) and was not granted because 11. If you wish to have your name changed, give full name you

desire 12. Give names, occupations, and addresses of the two citizens you expect

to use as witnesses. (If either witnesses is foreign-born, he must
bring proof of citizenship.) These witnesses must have personal
knowledge of your residence in the State at least, and of your good

character, and must appear with you for examination.

(Residence address)

(Residence address) If applicant is a married woman, answer the following: My husband was naturalized on

(Month) (Day) (Year) at (City or town)

(State) 13. Sign your full and correct name in your own handwriting

Sign name you are now using 14. (a) In what place in the United States did you meet for the first time the first witness named?

(City or town) (County) (State) On what date?

(Month) (Day) (Year) (6) How often did you see this witness each month during the five years

just before the date of this statement?

At what places ? 15. (a) In what place in the United States did you meet for the first time the second witness named?

(City or town) (County) (State) On what date?

(Month) (Day) (Year) (0) How often did you see this witness each month during the five years

just before the date of this statement?

At what places? 16. (a) Have you been absent from the United States since the day you have (0) In what places in the United States have you resided since your last

before stated for your arrival?
If so, state month and year you left
Month and year you returned
To what country did you go?
What was your reason for going?

arrival? (Also give dates showing beginning and ending of


to (City or town) (State)

(Month and year)

(Month and year) From

to (City or town) (State)

(Month and year)

(Month and year) From

to (City or town) (State)

(Month and year)

(Month and year) From

to (City or town) (State)

(Month and year)

(Month and year) From

to (City or town) (State)

(Month and year)

(Month and year) 17. What were the names and addresses of your employers during the five

years prior to the date of this statement?

(Employer's name) (Date) (No. and street) (City) (State) (Employer's name) (Date) (No. and street) (City) (State) (Employer's name) (Date) (No. and street) (City) (State)

(Employer's name) (Date) (No. and street) (City) (State) 18. Do you understand the principles of government of the United

States? 19. Do you fully believe in the form of government of the United States?




Have you read the following oath of allegiance?

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely re-
nounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince,
potentate, state or sovereignty, and particularly to
of whom I have heretofore been a subject; that I will support and
defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America
against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and that I will bear true

faith and allegiance to the same."
Are you willing to take this oath in becoming a citizen?
Are you a believer in the practice of polygamy?

Are you a believer in anarchy?
Do you belong to any organization which teaches or advocates an-

archy or the overthrow of existing civil government in this

country? If necessary, are you willing to take up arms in defense of this

Did you file a questionnaire with a draft board during the war?

If so, answer the following Date filled in.
Address at that time
Address of draft board

Board division No.
Your order No.
Your serial No.

Class in
which you were placed.

Date of classification
Did you claim exemption because you were an alien ?
For any other reason?

Have you ever been arrested?

Have you ever been charged
with a violation of the prohibition law or any other law of the
United States, or State, or of any city ordinance?
give particulars



If so,

Have you ever been an inmate of an insane asylum?

Hare you ever been dependent upon public charity? 26. Did you yourself fill out this form?

If not, who filled out this form for you? I, the undersigned, having carefully read the questions herein, certify on honor that my answers thereto are true. (Sign name in full)

(Applicant) 192...

(Post-office address) (City) (State)


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