The Mysticism of Everyday

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Rowman & Littlefield, 1991 - 81 pagini
Much of the traditional literature and teaching on Christian mysticism focuses on that most special experience of God which the very rare individual enjoys. The current renewal of Christian mysticism, however, is being directed toward a more ordinary mysticism. The Mysticism of Everyday develops and encourages this more ordinary form. While not completely omitting a discussion of classical mysticism, it concentrates on that type of mysticism which many people experience. Indeed, some "ordinary mystics" are unaware of their own profound, mystical experiences. In Mysticism, Edward Carter guides us into recognizing and affirming the mystical experiences of everyday life. In doing so, he provides a needed complement to the long-standing, but limited tradition in classical Christian mysticism.

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The Mysticism of Everyday
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Edward Carter, S.J. is a professor of theology at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

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