Rendering unto Caesar: The Catholic Church and the State in Latin America

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University of Chicago Press, 15 apr. 2008 - 284 pagini
Nowhere has the relationship between state and church been more volatile in recent decades than in Latin America. Anthony Gill's controversial book not only explains why Catholic leaders in some countries came to oppose dictatorial rule but, equally important, why many did not. Using historical and statistical evidence from twelve countries, Gill for the first time uncovers the causal connection between religious competition and the rise of progressive Catholicism. In places where evangelical Protestantism and "spiritist" sects made inroads among poor Catholics, Church leaders championed the rights of the poor and turned against authoritarian regimes to retain parishioners. Where competition was minimal, bishops maintained good relations with military rulers. Applying economic reasoning to an entirely new setting, Rendering unto Caesar offers a new theory of religious competition that dramatically revises our understanding of church-state relations.

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ONE Introduction Caesar and the Church
TWO A Brief History of ChurchState Relations in Latin America
THREE An Economic Model of ChurchState Relations
FOUR Luthers Shadow Protestant Competition and the Catholic Response
FIVE Chile A Preferential Option for the Poor
SIX Argentina Complicity with the Devil
SEVEN The Institutional Limits of Catholic Progressivism
Appendix Rationality and Religion
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