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your name to a state of immortality, and the sapient God, placed on his bright Parnassian throne, wondering at what you had done, might have added another sister to the celestial NINE, and called her UNICA, for being so great a Mistress of the Phrygian art.

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If, at an hour of relaxation, you shall be pleased to think any of the following pages worthy your perusal, it will be the highest gratification to,

Your most humble

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And obedient Servant,





AS S the rage for visiting the different Wa

tering Places in this kingdom has every season become more and more general, I shall make no other Apology for my introducing this Balnearean system, than that it might have been better done by many others than myself, had the same idea come before them. There are partial accounts given of every place that I have spoken of, but they have been written by some inhabitant on the spot, or some hireling, who for his interest's sake has been obliged to say something handsome, should the situation be ever so ugly, and given the qualities of each place, like a fair piece of white paper, without a spot, and with one insipid sameness of perfection. Every one of the places in question has its beauties and defects; therefore, like a landscape, the best way is to give each its natural colouring, so that, where the defects

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are introduced in a dark or dingy ground, the beauties are always seen with a better effect, by being thrown judiciously in by the painter as a contrast in some advantageous situation, where the excellencies are heightened by comparison.

What I have ventured to give the Public is little more than a kind of chart, in which the Reader, looking over it by his fire-side in the winter, may bethink himself what place would be the most convenient for him to visit in the summer,

It may seem odd perhaps, and look like vanity in me, having obtruded two or three favorite bantlings of my humble Muse into the following pages; but, as many of them have been seen like poor wandering foundlings, thrown upon the world without their real parents' name being known, and none to tell to whom they belong, I thought it high time to declare myself the Father; especially when I have been so often told that the relationship has been given to another, and he must be an unnatural Father indeed who denies his own chil


dren; for the poorest mother and the humblest father, though their offspring should be ever so ragged or ever so plain, are generally tenacious of their being called by the name of any other family, and I have many of the same feature scattered about the world in a state of obscurity, and have often laughed when I have been asked to whom they belonged.

As I have never had interest, like the Authors of Fal de Ral Tit, the Little Farthing RushLight, and many other writers of such elegant and classical productions, to have my songs ushered from the stage, my poor disconsolate brats have seldom been seen or heard in public, but when they have been yelled through the loud discordant lungs of an itinerant balladsinger, where they have been more attended to from the incident than the music by the plebeian listeners in the streets of London, or sung, as Tom of Bedlam did his frantic scraps, “ at fairs, or wakes, or market-towns;” and my relatives hereafter, when I may be no more, though I may have done so little, may be glad, trifling as they are, that I have done so much, and be pleased with them because they were mine.



Sir Thomas A'Pryce, Bart. Berkley-street.
Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. M. P. Gower-street.
John Almutt, Esq. Marlow, Bucks,

Alexander, Esq. Craigs-court, Charing Cross.
T. Attwood, Esq. Pimlico.
James Bush, Esq. Doctors' Commons.

Baldwin, Esq. Jun. Bridge-street, Blackfriars.

Bristow, Esq. Rochester.
Mr. Becket, Sen. Great Queen-street.

Brand, Strand.
Captain Budworth, Sloane-street.
P. Wybrants Broadley, Southwark
Rey. C. Cookson, Stamford.
Ambrose Cookson, M. D. Lincoln.
Mr. Cockburn, Chichester, 2 Sets.

Collier, Worcester.
W. F. Collard, Cheapside.
Cox, Sen. Great Queen-street.
Cox, Jun.

John Clark, Leicester-square.
Captain Crane, Colchester.
Sir Edward Dryden, Bart. Canon's Ashby.
Lady Dryden, Canon's Ashby.
Miss Dryden, Grafton-street, Fitzroy-square.
Mr. Dyer, Cockerhill, Sussex.

Dashon, Threadneedle-street.
Dickinson, Esq. Long-Acre.
Dagley, Brompton.

David Davis, Cheapside.
Douse, Bridge-street, Surry.
R. Dobson, Kensington-place.
W. Daws, Bank of England.

Down, Drury-Lane Theatre.
Mrs. Ellison, Sudbrooke, Holme, Lincolnshire.
Miss Ellison, Lincoln.
Pierce Edgcumbe, Esq. Brompton, Kent.
Mr. John Evans, Old Change.

William Evans, Old Change.
Mrs. Egan, Covent-Garden Theatre.
Mr. T. Etherington, Rochester, 2 Sets.


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