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in behalf of themselves and their fellow-subjects.

I have too frequently been involved in the preceding calamities myself, and where every fellow-traveller has feelingly, at the time, exclaimed and wondered that some one had not taken


in order to expose the trespassers to the world; many have threatened to do it, but when they haye got home they have forgotten it, and, with an idle indifference, have been too apt to say, that “ everybody's business is nobody's business ;" and therefore an evil is too often con, tinued until it hath produced the most serious consequences.

If the public 'were to be more vigilant in these cases, they might often


secure more comfort to themselves,


many mortifications they are subject to in travelling.

and escape

The season for visiting Margate generally commences in June, and continues until the latter end of October, but is in its zenith about the time of the Canterbury Races. In respect to bathing in the sea, it will be found necessary mostly to prepare for it, as many have suffered from plunging incautiously into that acute element. I knew a very distinguished character, and a very free liver, about seventeen years ago, who, heated with wine, and filled with the choicest viands, went too precipitately to cool himself into the ocean, which brought upon him a confirmed gout, and he has been a martyr to it ever since.

Those Those also who have been in the habit of taking mercury are subject often to melancholy consequences from bathing in the sea; many have lost the use of their limbs and affected their brain by setting that subtle drug and the sal-mare at variance with each other.


BROADSTAIRS is another watering place of little extent, and not much note, lately shot up between Margate and Ramsgate. There is a good view of the sea, it is true, but it possesses no other attraction: it lies low, in a husky situation, with no diversity of object; and, being newly built, pictures to the traveller the idea of a brick

kiln, surrounded by unpleasant and stubble fields. In going to Broadstairs

you pass Kingsgate, the seat of the late Lord Holland, the simplicity and elegance of which causes every traveller to pause with admiration. It is situated in the dimple of a hill, commanding a view of the sea, in a manner which presents itself to you with a crescentine effect; its

арpendages, such as stabling and other out-houses, are whimsically and judi, ciously fancied; they encircle the house at a considerable distance, the whole comprising may

acres of ground. On leaving this beautiful scene for Broadstairs, which is in its neighbourhood, the latter perhaps suffers the more by comparison.“



RAMSGATE is much frequented, in the summer-season, by some of the first families; the principal street is very narrow, but well paved, and the old houses, many of which are built with flint, corniced and decorated with stone, are handsome, and kept remarkably clean and neåt by the inhabitants. There have been considerable additions made to Ramsgate in respect to building within these few years. Chapel and Albion Places are well built, both commanding an extensive view of the ocean, so far as the coast of France, which on a fair day may be perceived by the naked eye. The spirit of this place has been


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